Saturday, 30 November 2013

Sillly Satdee

Wonka here.  did it turn into a nice day, sunny and calm to make up for that sharp wind on Fridee.  So prising Owner out of bed not too tricky and only went back to sleep once that I can remember.  Once down below it was action stations.  no Ruggles for breakfast as he will quite rightly think that turning up then may mean capturing like it did last satdee.  but what you say, about turning up at teatime as he was captured then too.  Well folks, he may have sorted this puzzle out by not turning up until supper time!  when capturing anyone is not on the cards.

Fresh para to make a list.  What is top of the to do list you say?  Well teeth are jostling with cars for first up, closely followed by hair and Christmas.  Teeth you say.  let's move on to the car thing as it will include talk of the dentist.  First though a nice photoshoot to get us in the mood for the good season ahead.
Now what is that you ask, and I say you should be asking who!!  that hat lit up and played a song at the same time.  Owner was entranced, and this was spotted at the Christmas fayre last Satdee when Owner did visit aged sibling.  I can only hope she ordered my present while she was there.
Fresh possibly final para but we will see.  back to the matter at hand and that is the car puzzle folks.  Nothing further was heard from the nice man who was selling a car with alloy wheels.  nothing.  BE CAREFUL Owner I advised, buying privately and online!  Now last night although said was exhausted Owner did have another look online and this time folks spotted a car at a car dealers.  yes, I did say be careful again, but she has now progressed this enquiry into a full on enquiry and may even go and see it in the metal!!  She had a nice chat with the nice car dealer and we can only hope and pray yes pray to all the chariot gods, that this car might be the new stroke second hand stroke used car.  After Owner had spoken to this nice salesman, she took it upon herself to call into the good dentist as yet another disaster has befallen (I do love that word befallen, as that is what the tooth did, it befell) but wait for this...the dentist place was shut well the good door was open with a nice sign on the door saying closed due to a FLOOD.  Oh! said Owner to the two good workmen, and when will it be a dentist again?  Tuesdee they reported.  Owner has taken this one on the chin as can only deal with one fret at a time and the car must take precedence (OOOOH). 
Real final para!  tonight you will know we are glued to the dancing and may glimpse Pasha but are rooting for Mark still and Abi.  then we will support the failing show on the other side, where all are singing their hearts out especially the one who has everything going for her except being able to focus on the lyrics. (Owner said.).  We hope to spy Ruggles later on or this will cause Owner to fret (my new fave word).  Our hearts go out to Glasgow tonight as they had a disaster strike them last night.  We love Glasgow and Owner once lived there due to a marriage she says.  Now do go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  big Love Wonka x 

Friday, 29 November 2013

Frazzler Fridee

Wonka here.  Yes we did get up!  Yes it was windy and cold like the good forecast cast!  But good folks out there, Owner was in party mode as birthdays on the agenda.  Even Ruggles not being on the good doorstep did not phase.  I said quite loudly, are you PHASED Owner?  She said she would not worry as thought Rug would be round for tea.  Told me to be good.  Me?  I don't know how to be anything else!  and a whole day to myself whilst Owner sped round the countryside.  I love it.

Fresh para and a small photoshoot of a birthday table.
We love that chimp it does make us smile.  and the cake was truly scrumptious reports Owner.

final para as rather late now.  Owner rolled back in at 7pm folks which I said to her I said, I am starving and Ruggles is too!  he was waiting like we thought he would.  he does like chicken.  Snap.  he does not eat real fish.  not snap.  I do like it.  His tail you ask and his general wellbeing?  Owner reports he scoffed his teatime and popped back out into the wilds.  One day he may move in.  In the meantime. I am enjoying being top cat. Now Owner is now free to move onto other things on the worry list.  and the thing that has now moved up to No 1 is....yes, the new stroke second hand car.  The nice man who owner spoke to (twice) is yet to finalise arrangements (phew) so Owner now thinks all over bar the counting (her expression not mine).  I am having to watch Enders and the storyline it is on is the big black kidney transplant man as it turns out he may have lied his way into the transplant.  yes.  Then onto corrie time allowing.  it is the weekend yet again folks and we have had a big big week.  go steady out there wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bring him home Thursdee

Wonka here.  Deep sleep this morning folks.  Somehow and it wasn't me the alarm snoozle button was turned off and did we slumber on awhile.  Described on good Radio 2 as a dull day we decided to make the most of it and stay positive.  Long phone calls with the new vet about Ruggles kept Owner's nerves nerve wracked.  DON'T FRET Owner I said.

New and needful para.  I am just having to ask Owner why we are watching most haunted.  it is very annoying as all they say all the time is (and I quote)'is there anyone here?' and 'did you see stroke hear that' and all this folks is interspersed (blimey) with little beeping and someone talking us through the unexciting, unthrilling events.  Owner says it is calming her down.  I beg, beg to differ!!  Back to our main story:  a phone call later on meant a dash to the vets and even less money for us to live on.  Are we living on minus funds I said to Owner (from the living room whilst she was in the kitchen and could not hear me).  But dear teddy bear Ruggles has come home!  he still has a little stump for a tail though.  And Owner said did he rub up against her with his big fat head as if to say thankyou adopter stroke rescuer person.  yes he is back outside and yes Owner is fretting!  Calming photoshoot:
Now I often sit on this book it is just the right level for me to prop on, Owner does use it to flatten things as it is nice and heavy and anyway we just love it our very own good book.

Fresh and final para.  so there we are folks, Ruggles is out there somewhere and I do know this he will have been dying for a wee as the good new vets said he did not go in the cat litter.  Well I love my litter tray as you know and cannot imagine going anywhere else but Ruggles must do whatever makes him feel like Ruggles.  Now other news of the day is that Owner paid a small visit to aged parent who did not notice her black eye but demanded news of her outing instead.  The eye cannot be missed it is a proper shiner and the caretaker did notice it and said (astonished) (quote) 'a cat did that!!' hats off to Ruggles I say! Now when Owner returned with nerves only half adrift, she said she had a secret box which she took straight upstairs and put in the bottom drawer.  I am wondering folks if it might be a little something for me.  And I promise not to try and look.  Now we happen to know that some of you may be celebrating your little holiday called THANKSGIVING so we want to wish you a good one too.  Now tonight to settle Owner down is a bout of Enders and we think they will concentrate on a mixed up wedding storyline to do with alfie and cat and if it isn't that it could be any number of storylines with people who are not in love with the right ones.  Then we can relaxevous with masterchef.  And checking for Ruggles.  We love him.  now go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

go with the flow Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Owner finally got up after a bit of prompting from me (gentle dabbing with a paw bearing in mind she looks like a horror show) and the good alarm on snooze for about half a century.  She is on about a balanced heart and mind.  I said what about the bank balance?  Naturally I whispered this from another room just as she went out of the door.  Where to you wonder?  And what about teddy bear Ruggles?

New para to keep you in suspense.  First off.  in fact let me do my list.  1..  Ruggles passed a peaceful night, yes all the reports say he was goodly, had all he should have in the way of injections without killing any of the nurses.  he must have spent his anxieties on Owner (poor brave Owner).  He is now minus a tail but it was a very poor tail which was letting him down.  a lot.  he is also minus the other thing.  This Ruggles, we share in common.  Now as well he may have had something for any mites living on him or in him!  Owner dare not ask for the bill as yet.  But the credit card is shivering in its pocket! 2. Owner's face is a train wreck and people have given her a wide (wider) birth (? unsure of this word but will use it anyway what the heck let's live a little.)  Her eye is black and she has a lump by her nose.  3.  She is hoping to see a car at the weekend.  it is red with some alloy wheels I said what is that Owner, and she says not sure.  it all comes down to does she like it or not (the car).
Thought you would like this photoshoot across the playing fields of a super cloud formation just prior to a cracking sunset folks.

Final winding up para.  Now good teddy bear Rug will stop at the hotel vets for another night thereby wracking up the bill.  We love him.  Then he will come home and probably immediately head off out.  At last said Owner we have done our best for him.  me? thanks for asking, had a fairish day helped by Owner being out of it.  means I can relax and get a bit of a hook on things, like which cat food to knock over with my paw to indicate I'm starving.  Owner has hinted of a delux Christmas present and I do hope she is not teasing me.  Visit to aged sibling and phone calls about aged parent have taken place without any undue sobbing or poor language, and we have a birthday to look out for on Friday.  A family one.  with a cake. Now tonight to keep the balance going, we will watch corrie if it is on to see if the bullygirl is to be outed!  and if the wedding between Carla and Pete the onetime alcoholic of the soap, will be scuppered by at a loose end Tina.  This is to be topped off by Masterchef and we are rooting for Adam.  We think he is called Adam and if he isn't he should be.  Greg and Monica and Michel, we love them!  Now do go steady out there wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Thriller Tuesdee!!

Wonka here.  We got up and we got on with it.  It has gone freezing by the way, with a slight frost.  But big news of the day is that Owner has a black eye, a swollen cheek and a small round red mark above her eyebrow.  I nearly ran away in fright when I saw it, but this took awhile due to the total BLACKOUT we went through!  so you can see what an exciting day we had here!!

Fresh para to annoy you as you want to know the nitty gritty.  the upshot is folks, that our main story, RUGGLESES TAIL is now the top story, ahead of Owner's search for a new car, ahead of not having a job and going to starve, ahead of dentist's bills and trips to the dentist, infact why talk of anything else you say, we want to hear about Ruggles.  Well Owner nervously waited for him to turn up this afternoon as was ready to corner him!  had the carrier ready, the phone to ring the vets with ready, and yes did he turn up.  I said to Owner I said, are you going to do it Owner?  Are you going to get him in the carrier even though he might battle and fight and scratch?  And Owner, once more, was very very brave.  then it happened.  What you say?  the power cut happened and all the lights went out!  Just as Owner was phoning the good vets to say I cannot do this!!
That folks, is the light we had to guide us, once the lights failed.  It is a little shrine thing that Owner lights up every evening, and tonight did it come in extra handy.

Final para.  I do like a cliffhanger don't you??  Owner will tell me off if I don't finish the tale (sorry).  So there they were, Owner and a crouching leopard stroke tiger stroke Ruggles up against the good kitchen to dining room door.  I am on the other side fearing for Owner's life.  She goes (and I quote) 'please get into the carrier Ruggles'.  I think this is when he lunged at her face and why she is was briefly looking like something out of Carrie.  After she had cleaned up her face and daubed it with this green ointment, she tried again.  This folks, is when the hand of God stroke St Francis came down and pushed ruggles into the carrier.  Still in the dark, Owner managed to shut it and bar it and trap Ruggles in it!  In a whirl she drove to the good vets and he is now captured and ready for his operation.  And the rest.  The credit card is poised folks poised.  As I say, when the lights came back on and I saw Owner's face I nearly ran under the bed in fright.  Luckily Owner could not see the damage by candlelight and may not notice even now.  Says it hurts a little bit.  But we are happy that Rug will be looked after now.  yes he is to come home and be set free.  we will let you know.  Now after all that, we are just watching nice holby city and there is a new doctor person who looks very like the villain from corrie but we love it.  Go steady out there wherever you are in the world.  Big Love Wonka x

Monday, 25 November 2013

Gripping Mundee

Wonka here.  Up and at em we did this morning.  fair to middling day in my opinion weatherwise I mean, with regard to motivation Owner did struggle.  I said come on Owner! look Lively!!  I was half way down stairs as I said it and just kept on going really.  Now once we were both downstairs and I had been offered several different types of pouches (we do believe in choices here) plus an array of biscuits, well Owner paused in her domestics to look out of the window into the yard and guess who was sitting on the step with his big fat teddy bear face?  yes RUGGLES!!

Fresh para in honour of his return.  was he alright you ask?  the thing is, he turned up, had lots of real chicken (sorry chicken!) and did come a tiny way into the kitchen.  Now Owner faced with fresh dilemma said what do I do now.  My advice as ever folks was to let sleeping dogs lie.  Where is the sleeping dog in all of this you wonder.  if there was a dog, it would be sleeping believe me.  so for now, we are letting Ruggles be.  The nice Vets are on our side and waiting for another visit when Rug and Owner ready to GO FOR IT.

Small photoshoot once more to remind us all of good cousin Demi, who went into the twilight zone and skittled off to meet St Francis.  It is only a week since she left us.(for the next room|)
When Owner took this she did the usual thing and had it set to video.  So this snapshot folks is the result of hours of work by Owner turning a one second video into a photoshoot..I ask you.  But you can see what a beauty cat Demi was.  We love you Demi! hankies away now.
final para as I'm worn out really.  why you say?  I had a two minute warning re the hoover this morning and had to rush upstairs away from the monster coming to get me.  it did come upstairs near to where I was but I was brave and stayed very quiet on the bed.  Shortly after, Owner did go out.  Said was searching for the next car but I didn't see her come in with anything when she came back.  Just the usual cartloads of food for me and Ruggles.  Said had enough of phone calls to the dentist, from the dentist and how's your father.  also had phone calls with daughter and aged parent, the latter Owner reports whilst sat in the car park outside our best supermarket.  Said got to grips with all of it and still got shopping.  We love it.  Now last night a shock result on the dancing as the one who all are admiring for muscles and such has gone leaving an actor stroke nimble on feet (Mark) still in the running.  All are aghast except Owner who roots for Mark.  Over with the singing, the one that can belt out a song left and the one who has poor memory loss stayed in.  Again we are loving it.  And Dermot we love Dermot.  Now in the excitement of Sundee goings on we forgot to report that our best song in the whole world.....Scarborough Fair! had a play on nice and our most favourite presenter (now) clare balding on good morning sundee. Owner very happy, but it will not last take it from me.  now tonight we are back to back with soaps.  Can it get anymore confusing, we hope so.  the storyline in corrie continues to keep all foxed over who is the real bully when could it bee any plainer said Owner.  not to the cast of corrie it seems.  In Enders, we can only hope that someone is in love with the right one.  And Shirley has grown a sister.  Now to our horror folks we just realised my ending is not on the ending!!  shock horror.  here it is as ever.  Please go steady out there wherever you are in the world.  Big extra love Wonka x

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Hopeful Sundee

Wonka here.  first thought on waking up for Owner was is Ruggles in the shed?  Me? checked the weather and I can do this by perching on the bedroom windysill, by sitting nicely on the sideboard or the front bay.  I had noted it was a pretty grim looking day.  Once Owner had sorted me out with a full range of biscuits and pouches, she rushed out to the shed.  but no Ruggles.  there were signs of activity.  What you ask? food had been eaten.  We are praying hard to St Francis that Ruggles is coping, and Owner been ON EDGE all day. 

New para.  to cheer Owner on I reminded her of when I arrived back in the day as that silly expression goes infact we don't like it why did we use it? I meant to say, a few years ago, when I came in the good back door and stayed to be your chief adviser and friend, well I am even more so now Owner!!  Owner suggested a small photoshoot stroke sketch by herself of course, to show you how little and lovable I was at that point in time (a much better phrase I will use that one again).  Now instead of the usual, where the nice picture is below and then I tell you about it we have done it back to front.  Blame Owner's frayed nerves!  yes so there I am as a kitwit under my best sunlamp.  No wonder Owner loves me you say.

Fresh possibly final para.  to take our minds off  Ruggles, who has steered clear all day long but Owner checking every two mins, we are watching some strange Christmassy films on Channel 5.  That should tell you all about them.  suffice to say, Owner kept repeating the name of the first one, as if questioning the very essence of film making.  Noel? Noel?  she kept saying.  and (I quote) 'is that Robin willliams?  is that Susan Sarendon thingy?).  This film has now morphed (love it) into another strange film also pretending to be about Christmas.  Last night we did watch the dancing and Owner says it was lacklustre, and then we were probably the only ones in the whole world not watching Dr Who instead we tuned in to support good Dermot O leary who is holding the fort with the Hex Factor.  We did enjoy it too even the moment when the girl from the girl group forgot some words from 'impossible'.  Owner thinks it is down to age, nerves, song choice (Jonah on), mentor (Nicole thingy)pressure, and poor memory.  Tonight we find out who is to go home.  At least they have one, not like dear teddy Ruggles.  I have learnt to like him you see as once I was a wandering kitwit myself.  Owner did go out today, to view another car.  Reports did not like it as soon as saw it.  End of.  Cannot worry she says.  I beg to differ Owner!  Now don't forget you can look at some lovely gifts at our new wonka and mousey gifts at  I only say this to stop us from starving.  Now do go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  big Love Wonka x

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Manic Satdee

Wonka here.  there does follow a normal weather report to calm our nerves well Owner's nerves then.  We rose up to greet the day in a very civilised fashion, me racing on ahead as usual to then wait ten minutes for breakfast to be served.  no matter.  It seemed a fine day, not freezing and not raining.  nor windy which Owner hates and says whips everyone up (just you I think Owner but I said nothing).  Then what you say?

Fresh calming down para.  Then in between negotiating about a new stroke used car ( I nearly put in the middle of negotiations we broke down as that is a song I think by the beatles.  we love it) did Owner notice Ruggles' poor tail was even more of a poor tail.  And this folks is when she made the decision.  to take Rug to the vet you ask?  yes.  was it a nightmare you ask? yes.  Owner only scratched once by this deranged creature battling to get out of a cat carrier which took two yes two strong healthy vets to get out and hold down.  BRAVE owner.
 What is this you wonder, it is our only photoshoot of tinkers, to the left and good ruggles to the right slightly obscured by the steps.  You may recall these very steps shielded the good tomato plant and in fact still do. You cannot see Ruggles' big teddy bear head which the nice receptionist at the vet remarked on.  ooh she said.  Now Ruggles had two tiny jabs to help him until Mundee morning.  If by a second miracle Owner can trap Ruggles into thinking it is good idea to trot into the cat carrier to go a ride in the skylark (he will be the last rider in Owner's beloved car) to then have a giant operation.  We are praying on it and ask you good folks out there to add to it.  Every little helps as our fave supermarket of the moment says.  the other supermarket that has turned itself into a cavern, we have given it the thumbs down.

Final extra calming para.  ~After that excitement Owner's brains in a twirl.  Rug is out there somewhere and even I want him to come back for tea.  We will keep you posted.  ~We love him.  Now on the box there is choice.  there is the dancing and we miss Pasha a lot but glimpsed him on the little show in the week with good zoe balls.  There is Dr Who beamed all round the world it seems and there is of course the show which has been given horrid reviews, joked about, and mainly been snobbish about and this is the fallen ratings hex factor.  Well Owner as you know does love an underdog and in this show we have a lot.  We do like Dermot, he is game.  Owner is more calm and going to look at another car tomro.  Will it be the new one?  Now do go steady out there in the world wherever you are in it.  Big love Wonka x

Friday, 22 November 2013

Failed MOT Fridee

Wonka here.  You will all be saying that I've got my work cut out for me but NO!  for some inexplicable (worn me out spelling that) reason Owner is upbeat.  Even worse is going to get rid of the skylark.  I may shed a tear if she doesn't.  Why you say?  because good folks, that car aka the Skylark has carried Diva dog, Golli, me and Baba too.  yes.  it even escorted my twilight cousin Demi, as you know, to be despatched to St Francis sanctuary in the sky.  and to think that now the skylark is to be dismantled (professionally by proper dismantlers) due to failed this that and plenty of the other.  Will Owner crash down to the depths you wonder or can I cheer her on?  this is a long first para dedicated to a dying car but also to a very BRAVE Owner.

Fresh needful para:  of course we have a cheerful photoshoot for you as it is Fridee:
It is a creation from daughter and grandson and I may have jumped up to scratch it once or twice in my youth.  So Owner must seek a new chariot out and somehow folks stay stress free.

Final para.  ruggles you want to know?  safe in the shed until Owner rushes out to feed and comfort him whether he wants that or not.  Me?  I am on a new catfood, no I did not say I wanted to be, but Owner decided I did.  So far on I have eaten half of it.  is it very very expensive you ask?  In keeping with our straightened circumstances (that really wore me out and I meant we are near to skint and starving) Owner bought one of the higher end boxes of succulent fish sachets.  It is alright folks just down to the endless guilt trip she is on.  Now to try and avoid thinking any further about (list) 1.  no work 2. no money 3.  no car there will be a 4 but let's leave that for now, we are looking forward to endless soaps, back to back Corrie, Enders, Corrie, and hoping for some funny storylines in amongst the failed romance, future failed romance and manipulative friends oh and lying partners.  yes we may be in the jungle later.  yes Owner will listen to Scarborough Fair too.  Now no weather report except Owner came up with a Salvador Dali sky.  the blue she said.  She has sky on the brain.  It is the weekend, so I want you all to go steady wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tense Thursdee

Wonka here.  the trick is to keep going even when your life (Owner's) is on pause or worse still, at a full stop.  DON'T CRY Owner I said later on during a horrid phone call about money.  What else can I do returned Owner?  Just deal with it, I said back.  And I admit my voice may have echoed a bit from under the bed.

Fresh slightly worn out para.  I usually begin with the weather report and here it is.  cold, cold and cold.  Owner?  said felt very ugly.  Oh no I said, from near to the under the bed.  However, I can report that once Owner fled out to the wide world on a shopping spree and returned much later with some alright things, that this did turn a poor situation back round.  What then went on to spoil it you ask?  that was when, and I will do my list 1) a letter was on the mat by the good front door 2) Owner opened it as it said THIS IS NOT a circular on it 3) read it and immediately make a horrid phone call that was sposed to help.  Ring this number for Help it said.  (should that be point 4).  The thing is folks it all took a nosedive from then.  Photoshoot to cheer us up:
You will know it is me and Mousey!!  we love it.

Final yes final para.  after the bad phone call all about a bad dentist scenario Owner did slowly recover by playing her favourite yes it was ~Scarborough Fair!  no surprises there folks.  Now she did cheer up a tad by watching something new called Backchat or something very similar to that and it had a nice young man called Jack Whitehall and his Dad in it.  They interview people and talk to each other and on the couch was Mr Paxman that nice man from University Challenge and then did this new cockney type person sit on the settee to be talked to and it turns out he is to star in Enders!!! gossip for Owner.  so Owner has new crush she says.  What about the others I said?  Who, she said.  Now tonight to try and keep Owner's spirits high, there is Enders with many a confusing storyline and even some new characters when we have hardly caught up with the last ones (Bianca's extended family ones) but then folks it is Masterchef!  surely that will make Owner smile you say and if not there is nice Joey from Essex stillinthejungle.  Those bush tucker trials with nice Ant and Dec.  Now Ruggles is fed and watered and been in his shed mostly.  He did pop in but showed signs of wanting to go straight back out.  he is now out.  me?  coping with Owner that's me!  now go steady out there wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wonka's Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Listen to this.  Dingy and dark morning, wanted to hibernate but didn't.  I did have to give Owner the teensiest weensiest dab with a claw out but guess what, I found an unguarded part of her arm!!  missed the bottom lip completely!  gave myself a big WELL DONE for that one.  Now once we got up and noted bad weather out there we took stock.

New para and bit of story to tell.  Owner decided today was the day to just go for it.  ~go for what you ask? Well we did report yesterday about an online shop without a name.  Of course it has a name and it is Wonka and Mousey!  What else?
It is this site called, and Owner says to look for wonka and mousey gifts to come across things mostly to do with me.  some of the things are to do with Owner, like her lost art collection (rediscovered by me of course) but if you want reminding all day long of how fun life can be then take a look.  We love it.  There is no pressure from Owner whatsoever to take a look but I am warning you that we may all starve if you don't.
Fresh para needed.  Now last night to cheer us on, and in between Owner darting out to the shed with fresh supplies (Ruggles had been in to our good kitchen and warmed up earlier) we watched a little bit of tv.  The best thing of all was the return of this drama, set in the wilds of the north, Halifax, with two old fogies in love and their families.  Owner says they are dysfunctional (managed to spell it), the families and are all in love with the wrong ones mostly.  and there is every likelihood of more tears.  One of them is to do with a school but this hasn't put Owner off.  She has a girlfriend and has ousted the ex husband in favour of.  The headmistress one.  So we love it.   How can we fit it all in you wonder the young chefs well some of them are, the jungle, and even the lost hex factor.  Somehow folks we must catch up and on days like these says Owner I feel so dire I just want to zone out.  and I quote.  Now me you ask?  happy as a lark really, slept some, ate a lot, and frankly I am living the dream.  Ruggles is even now safe and warm and Owner may bite the bullit and adopt him full time.  I will as you know try hard to love him.  yes.   I want you all to go steady wherever you are in the world.  Big Love Wonka x

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Snowdee Tuesdee

Wonka here.  the cold has got here.  Snuggly and warm until we touched down.  Owner reports cold has descended (ooer) into her brain and it is in lockdown.  Is this an excuse I said (ready to sprint back upstairs) for not doing anything?  I still got my breakfast and only had to wait ten minutes.  Now today there is, to use that word again slightly different but sort of the same, nothing planned.  so anything could happen, if Owner's brain snaps back into action.

Fresh para done in a snappy way.  in keeping with the word snap, I said to Owner could we have a photoshoot of one of your sketches and can it be Tinkerbelle?  OOh you say, do you mean Tinkers, the Usurper cat that darts and dashes past your gate so fast you cannot make out what it is doing?  No folks, not that Tinkerbelle but in celebration of owner's Dad, who is now in wood carving heaven, and is never far from Owner''s brain, this is a sketch of one of his little wooden cats:
Now this sketch is also a postcard, yes a proper postcard you can send, and Owner is proudly selling these cards in her new online shop.  if only we could have a real shop I said.  I am doing my best said Owner to keep us from starving.  The new online shop is with, and we are called (guess what we are called.  Just like Rumplestiltskin I will give you a chance)......until tmro.
New and probably final para.   No there is a lot to talk about, the fact that it has snowed, whether Owner will ever work again, or cheer up and finally whether ruggles is going to be warm enough in the shed.  On his snuggly car seat with a hot water bottle.  is it a water bed you ask?  as near as dammit we say.  Owner is even now racking brains (they are warmed up now) for a solution.  I am happy to consider him being indoors as long as I get first dibs at everything.  there I've said it and made a small commitment.  Just like Owner has to do with the treatment at the dentist. (not to be mentioned at all today.  Owner on shut down with it).  I said to Owner you are tired and that is why you are worrying about Ruggles, tinkers and the known universe.  And me if you get a space in your brain to worry.  No of course I did not say that to Owner.  She LOVES me. 
This folks is now the real last para:   Now despite Hardeep who we do love most of the time,(and as he played that Scarborough Fair by the Morris Quinlan Experience which Owner is mad about) making remarks about imacelebrity like we are not right if we enjoy it, well we do enjoy it, and we are not going to be snobbish either.  Owner needs cheering up and Steve Davis and that nice Joey from Essex, we love them.  Corrie didn't cheer us up and neither did Enders but that is alright.  concussed and recovering from brain injury (that word brain again) Nick is shouting and being erratic, whilst evil David is courting sympathy.  we love it.  tonight, we must catch up with beloved masterchef and that good hospital drama where they are fully staffed and all falling in love with each other.  do go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Big Love Wonka x

Monday, 18 November 2013

Motoring Mundee

Wonka here.  first off, we did sleep in.  I tried hard to wake Owner but nothing.  Said was having a good sleep after most of the night toss turn turn toss and not sure if was asleep or not.  What is this to do with sleeping in I said?  anyhow after the usual chase the foot game (I have to kill it) Owner got up and doing.  Reminded had to set off on journey to see new Dentist.

New para to keep you interested.  The consultation (that was too long a word really, for what was a meeting and a nice chat) went well reports Owner, who also reported being freezing and damp from drizzle.  Did you take umbrella no 2 I asked?  this is the new umbrella ella ella, with cats on it instead of the one Owner adored (no1) with owls on it.  Despite having this, and it staying up over her head, Owner says it was that sort of drizzle that sought you out!  In awe of new Dentist who seemed from another world, I said yes Owner some people see these Dentists all the time!  Owner will be going back to start the treatment and says is going to be BRAVE.  Once home we immediately noticed a beauty sunset coming on (after I'd been tummy tickled and fed.  twice).  so here follows a photoshoot to cheer you on|:

Owner tried hard to put these two photos side by side but in danger of losing wits so I said STOP Owner!  Everyone can see that the first one is before the second one.  Yes.  And at any rate you can see what a tremendous (blimey) sky it went to.
Final para as worn out checking Owner.  Now Ruggles you say?  he is coming into the good kitchen and feeding out of his own bowl and then laying on the good door mat.  And yesterdee did he play a game with me under the adjoining door to the dining room (could not think up a better word folks).  So all well in that dept.  We can also report stumbling across what may be the highlight of Owner's television delights.  it is (drum roll and then bit of bongo drumming we think) get me outta here, imacelebrity.  When did Steve Davis our snooker hero of the past (well Owner did not like him in the past, but that is now past past)become so interesting and so funny?  We did laugh and that is now our big favourite programme ahead of the dancing, the 'singing' and corrie.  Corrie we are watching tonight and we still love it lots.  Now we have heard on the good radio 2 that this same storm is still ablowin through and we send our best to anyone out there in it.  so please go steady out there wherever you are in the world.  Big Love Wonka x

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Seagull Sundee

Wonka here.  did we both snoozle in this good morning as nothing to leap up for, so no alarming alarms, just me ready with a claw..only joking Owner!  Now Owner slept well and reports some dreams as follows, handling lots of small change ie pennies, I said does that mean small changes in your waking life Owner?  she is big on dreams and a firm follower stroke hero worshiper of Carl Gustav Jung.  Yes.

New para.  guess what? well you will never guess so I will tell you instead.  You know I have a small obsession with the seagulls, and I do go on watch out front and out back.  sometimes a cheeky seagull comes down to peck in a dustbin and even once jumped on the kitchen roof right where I could see it!
So Owner was distracted this morning when they did start up with more of their full on wailing than normal.  We looked out back and there they were in a little seagull huddle on the chimney tops.  Owner may be linking into my obsession as when I said to her what about a photoshoot she said I can do better than that!  And here it is folks:

There were jumping up and down, spreading their wings and giving it everything!  We love them.

Fresh and possibly last para.  Breaking news from Owner.  You recall how much she likes the American hex Facktor only to lose it?  well yesterdee, she found it.  it was hiding all the time on Satdee morning TV.  NO WONDER, said Owner, I could not find it at that time of day.  I did question folks, whether it needed finding, but Owner does love a singing contest and we use that word loosely.  Back in this land, the dancing did not let us down.  We were so entranced Owner got two thirds of the way down a bag of toffee popcorn that would feed a family of four for a week.  Onto the singing show, that is our hex factor, to find some evidence of it.  One of them forgot the words to 'Diamonds are forevahhhh' and was commended for keeping going.  I said to Owner, how will that go down with a paying audience but she was too busy eating the popcorn.  Said so noisy could not hear me or the singing.  Tonight we have the results of all their actions and Owner has voted for nice Abi dancing.  it was a free vote you understand and easy to follow the link.  We love it.  Now tmro is Owner's big consultation with another Dentist, who our real Dentist recommends.  We do love him and trust him (the latter) so will hold on for our verdict.  Now go steady out there folks wherever you are in the world.  Big love wonka x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Supportin Satdee

Wonka here.  Up a touch early for my liking as was prepared to snoozle for another good hour.  No said Owner!   apparently it takes two hours to prepare to set off on a journey, which is longer than the journey itself takes.  for any of you who like their maths thought you ought to know that, did not say this to Owner.   At minute says cannot get hair to look anything like the hairdresser does.  I still said nothing to Owner.

Fresh para.  so finally, Owner sets off and I must tell you now in keeping with the title folks, it was to support Daughter over final goodbye to twilight years Demi.  Of course there is a photoshoot:
I hasten to add this is just Owner's interpretation (long word for me on a Satdee) and perhaps does not do Demi justice (in case either she from her heavenly seat in the next room, or indeed daughter from her earthly one differ) but I say it does Demi proud and don't forget we did meet, briefly, for a hissing session.  Demi, we love you!!  so there we are and Owner did help out with that final visit thing that I musn't dwell on or think about.  We are nearly encroaching (I may never find a better word) on the corrie storyline and good Hayley wanting to exit early.  It comes down to this:  goodbye Demi sleep tight. x
Last para and hankies firmly away!  for some reason Owner has put on a film on the good tv with that ernest borgnine or some such name in it and I have never seen such a film.  I said to Owner TURN IT OFF.  but she is busy and said it will soon be over.  It is called Granpa in case you never want to watch it too.  Now we did watch a fair bit of the needy children thing and we adore yes adore Sir Tel.  Tonight it is an all singing and dancing evening and we love it.  We are now rooting for Susanna and her partner who is called Kevin from Grimsby.  Owner said he is doing well if he came from there.  Later we will root for erm, bit of a problem as no firm favourite in the singing.  We do like Luke though. Now it has been a long day for me, snoozing right up to the red hot radiator (Owner refuses to cut back) and waking up to eat and have a tummy tickle.  Ruggles has done likewise minus the tummy tickle.  Not seen tinkers but will keep you posted.  Now please go steady now we are on the weekend, wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Flippin Fridee

Wonka here.  Off we go then last day of the week and the temperature is rising, although forecasters say will be colder next week.  Talk of snow, that kind of colder.  You heard it here you heard it here folks.  Now enough on the weather front.  Owner says is not sorry to see an end to this week as overly stressed with (usual list) 1) getting up for nothing, well not nothing you understand let's just put some perspective on that (champion of a word) Owner means to not get a shout from that dead end agency she is still attached to 2) to be running the whole gamut (I've outdone myself with that one) of emotions re family and 3) she has forgotten what this one is.

Fresh para.  Owner still cannot remember 3) so thankfully I can relate what is really interesting about today.  it is all about needy children folks and here follows a tiny photoshoot that you will love but you cannot have him!!
Now this little bear is the bear who upholds the Children in need appeal, and Owner has him in the car all year round as says and I can quote ' children are in need all year not just on one day!' I badly wanted to say what about me, but managed not to.  So little bear lives on the passenger seat and that is Owner's best sunshades next to.  She found them (says).

Second to last para.  So all day long on our favourite Radio Station, did we listen up to see if our small donation had warranted a play.  We tried nice Mr Evans who was his usual manic self, but to no avail and waited in vain all day to hear our request.  Can you guess what it was folks?  Nice Mr Mayo might fall upon it perhaps and it was of course Scarborough Fair by our lovely band in progress The @MorrisQuinlan Experience... Owner loves them and sometimes I do to.

Last para.  Now today started a bit juddery and tricksy but turned out alright.  why you say?  because Owner had a lovely phone call with daughter and it entailed (lovely lovely word) both shouting at each other and half listening and both being stressed out and lots, yes lots of those words in it.  I had to leave the room.  They loved it.  Ruggles you ask?  fed and watered and I have news on the hot water bottle front but I am saving it.  Me? thanks for bothering, I did a small seagull watch and a large nap.  Now tonight we do not have a masterchef which was rather good last night it kept Owner nicely distracted from all her shortfalls and goings on.  We may watch a little of the needy children's night thing on beeb one.  Owner is preparing for a trip out tomro and must stay focussed.  Now go steady out there wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Telling Thursdee

Wonka here.  Pleased to report the beauty weather continues and if isn't sunny in our hearts well it definitely is outside.  What's this you say and question?  All started off well although Owner did speak of only two inches of sleep all night.  I didn't notice this as slumbered peacefully until the good alarm alarmed and I had to give Owner a tiny prickle with my claw on her lower lip.  yes I am still alive folks!  being half asleep helped to save me, as Owner not fully up to scratch!!  I do love a good joke specially if I just made it.  Now we moved gradually into the day and all continued well.

Fresh para, to regain your attention if it was lost.  Downhill from about half threeish Owner reckons or maybe a tad earlier when visiting aged parent's home (whilst aged parent not there.  Was that on purpose I said before retreating behind the settee).  This visit was followed up by another aged sibling visit and sandwiched inbetween all these fraught visitings was a trip to the dentist! Now tell me folks is this adding up to a peaceful and benign day.  Can a day be benign?  it can if we want it to be and there is a nice word for that but Owner cannot be bothered to think of it.  To calm us and remind us of good and benign times here follows a nice photoshoot of Golly, my best friend that was:
Yes it's me and Golly as to be fair I wanted one of us both cuddling up.   Golly is facing and looking very wise and I am at the bottom.  Those were the days.  righto hankies away folks!

New Para.  So anyhow, the dentist you ask, you thought Owner practically lived there?  Well yes and even the good assistants there have said as much.  Short of moving in with him, the beloved Dentist, Owner is doing a fair imitation.  it is the run up you see to a big consultation.  By another good Dentist.  On Mondee coming.  Enough about that! then it was back to a fraught meeting about aged sibling which is where Owner let the side down.  Did you get upset I asked?  DID I! replied Owner. 

End para.  Ruggles was not only in the good shed this morning all snug but stopped there all of the day only coming out at tea time.  And we spied Tinkerbelle flitting past the gate.  Owner is convinced now that Tinkers is a girl (how do you know I said?) that she is having kittens (again this is a good stretch of imaginations) and that (here it comes) Ruggles is the Dad.  if I had a case I would rest it.  Now tonight hopefully amongst needy children's concerts which all seem to showcase (that word case) Mr Barlow, we hope for some masterchefing which was a bit lacklustre last night (love that word lacklustre).  Anything else in that reality line, as you know we lap it up.  Am I on form or am I on form folks!  Now we did hear on our favourite radio 2 a morsel of news re Blockbuster - many are to lose jobs and this strange man spoke of digital ages, of online things whilst it was put to him that some of us, YES, are still wanting to physically handle DVDs.  Soapbox time!!  We have of course played Scarborough Fair once today, we love it and we love The Morris Quinlan Experience for cheering Owner up.  Go steady out there folks in the world wherever you are.  big Love Wonka x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Wonderful Wednsdee

Wonka here.  blow me down if it isn't another beauty day and the frosty morning all a sparkle!  am I  turning into a poet you ask?  A little sun to make it fun.  There you are that is my offering on the poetry front folks.  Now listen here, but is Owner in a good mood today.  Why you want to know, what could have caused this turn in her fortunes?  First off in fact let me make a small list as I like to do.  1) woke up in good mood due to nice dreams 2) was able to get on with own life as agency has not interfered with it by giving her a shout (yes we could starve but we will die happy.  well Owner might) and 3) does she whisk outside on her shed duties and suddenly notices a shy little tomato poking out of the plant.  In November!  Photoshoot folks:

How much of a Tomato Miracle is that then! We love it.  and so far, Owner has not picked it.

Fresh para. We have to report here there is some poor news regarding Blockbuster which is Owner's and daughter's favourite shop for DVD renting.  Unlike the rest of the world, Owner likes to physically go into a shop and manhandle the DVDs (into submission.  only joking Owner!) before carefully choosing one an hour later.  and disregarding all stroke any of the offers to buy cartloads of sweets and drinks to keep you up half the night whilst you are watching the other three DVDs you had to get because the nice assistant recommended them.  Yes.  Well if we had the money folks and I can assure you we don't, we would buy the shop up and run it.  Some of us, said Owner want to talk to a shop assistant!  We love it.

Fresh and possibly final para.  Me you ask?  Nicely thank you and so is Ruggles who made a brief appearance early doors.  And do read this bit, he is even now in the kitchen snuggled up on the new back door mat!  full up on real chicken and good as it looks.  Yes I have had some too thanks for wondering.  I tried to poke my paw under the kitchen (who would know that Kitchin is spelt kitchen?) stroke dining room door and from the other side Owner reports Ruggles looked really interested.  But Owner says we MUST NOT MEET.  until such times as he is sterile of all known germs and things that live on cats.  and that means a visit to the vets and that means that decision that Owner still not made.  worn out after that dilemma thing.  Now tonight we are watching masterchef and rootin for Vinnie who took out his giant earrings (those funny see through your ears ones) for the sake of the competition.  We love him.  And luckily Michel did too though Monica took more convincing.  After Corrie and it's hankies out storyline we think we will love the cooking.  Now go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  big Love Wonka x

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Publishing Tuesdee!

Wonka here.  Words cannot express how much me and Owner love days like these.  But we shall try folks.  blue blue sky, yes.  Sun.  yes.  Plenty of seagulls on the rooftops?  Yes!  and so I have been on seagull watch earlydoors, mostly out front as today is dustbin day and those speckledy baby seagulls they love an overflowing dustbin.  It's hard work keeping up with those wily birds as they do trip trap over the rooftops and disappear for hours on end!  I love it.

Fresh para and a photoshoot:
Now this is out back folks, but you get the picture.  Days like these we love them.

Fresh para of significant importance which warrants some of these***************

and search for 'Wonka' and then find
Wonka's Christmas Story

follow that link folks and you will come across Owner!!  and then you will come across my very own Christmas Story.  could not be more proud really.  Normally Owner would shy away from this kind of promotion but I said to her, BE BRAVE, and things like sticking your courage to the sticking place and you'll not fail - which we think is a terrible misquote from that Shakespeare play.  We love it.

Final para.  Yes Ruggles trotted in for tea and yes he has been spoilt spoilt spoilt.  Owner has been messing about moving the luxury igloo (do you remember that?  me?  I just get to lay on luxury carpets) around the shed in the hope that one day ruggles will go in it!  In the meantime he is laying on the good car seat.  and the only reason there is a good car seat in the shed is because Owner was advised to get a new stroke second hand driver's seat for the car.  The car aka the Skylark, was ailing for a new Driver's seat according to this mechanic (don't get Owner started on mechanics) so did she acquire one and have it fitted only to have to bring the old one back home.  hence it went to live in  the shed.  That story has quite worn me out!  We love it.  Now tonight we are on with Enders and have to make it up as we go as missed last night's important episode.  Which storyline has boiled over we wonder? After that we are in love with the nice hospital drama where all nurseys and Doctors are in love with the wrong ones!  and some of them are having a baby too.  We are tired out but happy folks.  Now please go steady out there,  and hope you listened to Scarborough Fair!
Big love Wonka x

Monday, 11 November 2013

Good stress Mundee

Wonka here.  Now it did rain, it was cold and it was a gloomygogs start to the day but up we got!  only left snooze on once, now how motivated is that?  We are late with the diary due to Owner rushing rushing and rushing some more.  And Owner reports this interesting fact for the day, or is it a proverb?  it is a saying folks, and it goes: more haste less speed.  Owner says it means if she hadn't bolted into our Narnia cupboard (under the stairs to you) so fast trying to do a trillion jobs at once, then she wouldn't have bobbed down and bonked her head on a sharp box.  That was lucky it wasn't your eye I said.  There is only a small red mark above Owner's eyebrow and it does look like she was tapped with a sharp object.  It will fade in time.

Fresh and needful para.  good news on the hair front, Owner fitted in an appointment between shopping for essentials (food for me and Ruggles) and a necessary dentist apt for aged sibling.  No wonder you are stressed I said, but careful to say HOW GORGEOUS is that hairdo first.  Now it is lucky, again folks, that Owner has not bumped into fellow travellers on the highway, or bumped into their good cars, but somehow she has remained clear.   You are late said the Dentist's nice receptionist when Owner bowls up a tad after 5pm.  If you had seen her driving and parking up to get there I thought, you would have said nothing.  nothing at all.  Instead Owner went a bit funny and stood her ground saying I MUST see the dentist.  Now as again luck would have it, no one except Owner had gone funny so it all turned out fine, and we love the Dentist even more he seems to have the patience of a saint (to make up for Owner's lack of it).  In a minute I will go on about manners,

To cheer us up I thought a little photoshoot, probably of me. 
Just the job eh, I mean how calm and peaceful do I look!!  Yes I am now a fan of the Morris Quinlan Experience and I do love their Scarborough Fair especially the solo guitar bit, and it's just as well as Owner insists on playing it again and again.  We love it that's why.  Now last night was unusual as Owner talked to someone, yes and had to catch up with the night's results.  any surprises you ask?  all rather predictable I answer except I did like that nice Abi on the singing, why you say? because she could sing and was real.  Now tonight we are all behind, but Ruggles and me have been fed thank you Owner!  It just means Owner will not eat until late that's all.  We will be watching nice corrie with the important suicide storyline, of Hayley wanting to end it all (pretend folks) and Roy in big denial.  With Enders we are not sure what storyline they will concentrate on as they all seem to be coming to the boil.  We love it.  Now go steady out there in the world,  Big love Wonka x


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Remembrance Service Sundee

Wonka here.  What a beauty day for it! the sun on the rooftops, seagulls sitting up on the chimney tops.  A day to rejoice in folks.  Now Owner wants to remember some old fogies I mean ancestors of hers, recently discovered thanks to aged parent.  One day you will pour through old photos and bits of newpaper cuttings, all that old yellow paper, all those faces and you think who are they?


On our left folks, is Owner's great uncle Percy Perry on her Dad's side and on our right is George Smith also a great Uncle on her Mum's side.  In common they shared a short brave life, both fighting and dying in the First World War.   We are remembering these two brave boys today, and we are free to do so.  And as I like to say hankies away now folks! 

Fresh para.  Now what else you wonder on this solemn occasion|?  Well Owner has only played Scarborough Fair once today, but it is growing on me and maybe one day we might see the Morris Quinlan Experience here in our neck of the woods.  Then folks I can say I know someone, and so can Owner!  Apart from this musical interlude, once again has dear Ruggles popped in from his shed retreat to munch on freshly caught chicken.  The chicken world have been warned!  Me? thanks for wondering, I am fine, slept nicely on a fresh duvet (you recall the other one had to go in the wash due to my little upset) and managed to eat a little bit here and there in between sleeping.

Final para.  last night did we sate ourselves (do love that word sate) on pretend stroke reality shows.  In the dancing one a teensy bit of controversy (get me!) as nice Natalie who was nasty Tyrone's beaty up girlfriend in Corrie, well did she faint at rehearsals and end up in hospital with nice Artem (haven't heard otherwise) reported to all of us out here watching.  and the outcome of all of that you say?  She shoots through to the special Blackpool week without dancing.  yes.  We love it.  Dear Darcy judge thought for a minute it was Brighton they were all going off to!  Until half the population of this country put her right that is.  Now on the singing side we had a bit of swing and yes some shouting I mean singing too.  Rough copy belted out this well belter and someone cried a river and it wasn't that nice Mr Buble.  Tonight I fear more of the same, but also Owner may talk to someone on a phone thing.  Worst news?  the last in the series of the big house where all the slaves get to live a life and their Owners muck it up.  I want you all to have a happy evening wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x

Saturday, 9 November 2013

sleepy Satdee

Wonka here. well it being the weekend and all we did sleep in a titch.  Then Owner leaped into action doing this doing that, I said SLOW DOWN you are making me dizzy.  anyway thankfully there was not time to hoover. no.  Instead owner flung off to swim and shop and visit.  Me?  thanks for asking, I was able to settle down and do what comes naturally, and that is more sleeping.

Fresh para.  Now as suspected that 200mph wind did cause a lot of damage and more prayers to the islands folks.  here it was a good sunny day really and we must not grumble.  Well Owner did grumble and it was because of her bag.  She was forced to start using a new bag because the one she loves and adores and is admired by all well the strap came loose.  Some people I said do not have any bag at all!!  do I look big in this bag goes Owner, does it look right.   The worst thing of all dear folks out there is that the new bag got aged parent's seal of approval and this could mean death to it ever going out with Owner again!!
Now apropos (get me) of nothing, I begged Owner to put up a photoshoot of her old and beloved sorely missed (hankies away!!) dog that has been mentioned, Diva.  This sketch by Owner includes the two fairies who Owner said lived under her tail (Bad fairy of course) and just by her ear (good fairy).  there is a story to go with it and one day Owner might look at it again.  I love it and dear Golly cat who was my best friend, well he loved Diva too.  she was a beaut, and to all those dog lovers out there, well Diva is a little treat for you,  We are not all about cats all the time.  Just most of the time.
Last para.  ruggles you say?  our best stray has slept all day on his snug and warm car seat and then in for some tea.  Owner did treat us to some real chicken and we are eternally grateful to the chicken.  Again.  I did my poor best with Owner after another disaster with aged parent.  ~Being a good visitor is not a strength.  Look I said, we have so much to live for!!  there is the dancing (latest crush Pasha is out) there is the singing (do not have a favourite) there is a film about the Vietnam war (we love war films) so you see I said it's not all bad.   thankfully Corrie is not on as their Roy and Hayley slowly dying is not cheering us up as a storyline it is a hankies out one!!  We love it.  Oh and Owner is now the proud owner of the Scarborough Fair CD yes by the Morris Quinlan Experience incase you had all forgotten! So think of me folks as she will be playing it a lot.  Now go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Big love wonka x

Friday, 8 November 2013

New moon Fridee

Wonka here.  First off it has gone warmer and that will explain why I have had to sleep for most of the day and now into the evening.  Due to there being a new moon Owner says feels refreshed and ready to face the world, or some of it.  She is now a fan of this band called the Morris Quinlan Experience and cannot stop going on about them.  I said can you stop GOING ON Owner!  She said not yet, and is still talking them up.  why you say?  all down to their version of Scarborough Fair and yes it is based on a fairytale (not rumplestiltskin but getting there).  What fairytale you ask.  Owner thinks it is to do with a fair maiden trying to undo a spell and given impossible tasks by the spell casters.  Owner will not rest until made everyone listen to it.  No, I am not under the bed.  And if you must listen to it go to their website. (I love it).

Fresh and second para.  There is much in the news and some of it folks is about a nasty old wind blowing at 200 mph in the Philippines.  We have said a prayer as it sounds like they all need one.  In the meantime, that new moon up there well here follows a photoshoot that Owner took at twilight.
 Don't you just love our starry lights!  and that new moon is there, you can feel it you just can't see it.

Last Para.  Now Ruggles we love him yes we do, Owner even more worried if that is possible about his tail and now swaying more towards a full on kidnap to the vets.  In the meantime he is loving my pouches of good as it looks and I must remain generous and not fearful of starving.  also a worry is Owner on a small spending spree and yet again nothing, I repeat nothing, that is needed.  Did you, I said to Owner, need a small black dress that a size zero would look big in??  Owner said it HAD MY NAME on it.  I think not.  Now last night we were enthralled (what a beauty of a word) with masterchef and fell in love with Petrus, a big smiley chef from south Africa and no sooner had we fallen in love did Michel and Monica do their little debating thing and vote him out!  We love it.  So tonight we will be glued to that, and Corrie X 2 of course with Hayley not liking the wallpaper and that foster child been let out to a concert with manipulative child.  Big mistake we say!  on Enders the sad tale of murder dominates only to be ousted by the return of Bianca and a chappie in tow.  Owner has withdrawal symptoms for Simon Gruel I mean Cowell and the American Hex Faktor which has disappeared off our screens.  Why?  we love it so please come back soon.  Now here we are at the weekend so go steady out there in the world.  We are having sausage sandwiches our favourite.  big love Wonka x

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Sunny Thursdee

Wonka here.  Yes if it didn't go all blue sky and sunny out there, a beauty November day to make up for the gloom.  and Owner set to with a will, saying things like, I'm going to do something different today.  Yes.  does a spot of varnishing count I asked later on?  And if I do say it and I am Owner's biggest fan, not only were her nails varnished to perfection but did she apply some to a floor also!  Of course no one would spot the difference but not to worry I said.  Me?  I'll manage I dare say, I was a bit pat and mick on one of Owner's best duvets but she's only just noticed and is still speaking to me.

Fresh para.  On the good subject of snuggly (clean) duvets here follows a sketch by Owner of me snuggling down.
Yes on my settee that is and that was a lovely soft cushion that has long gone.  Who is dib dab you ask, well Owner calls me many names (later) and sherbet dibdab happens to be one of them.  You may or may not know the famous fairy story Rumplestiltskin?  and in it, does this poor girl have to try and guess his name to break a spell or some such (we love that story) well goodness if someone had to guess mine they would have a few to pick from....
Fresh para.  Now Ruggles is still turning up to the shed in the night and sleeping all day.  Owner says glimpsed his tail and looked sore.  Said giant prayer and usual turmoil about kidnapping him to the vets.  usual tussle over to vets or not to vets.  Me?  I hate it at the vets and as soon as I'm in the carrier do I start up.   I have to be dragged out of the carrier and then I run back in after all the prodding and poking.  worst of all, weighing me and exclaiming at my size.  It's ballast folks and will save me if I get ill.
Final para. Masterchef is keeping Owner transfixed (good word I like it) at the minute and on again tonight with lovely Michel (I adore him as he loves the undercat and always brings them on) and the willing chefs.  We don't have an all out favourite as yet.  Owner is trying to retain some culture in her life so is still wading through I mean reading Dracula.  she reports that the scene is now set in Whitby and there has been a storm.   I said does she like the characters? (Dracula to one side) and she said surprisingly there are women in it she can relate to.  Amazing I said.  Now apart from being cultured, we will be watching Enders as an antidote (you can have too much culture, does Radio 2 count?) as it is still doing very well on the recent murder in the square and now nasty mixed up Janine has been to visit poor star struck Alice in prison to taunt her really.  Will good bruv Joey save Alice?  we can but hope.  Now please enjoy your evenings or mornings or afternoons wherever you are in the world.  Big Love Wonka x

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Calendar Wednesdee

Wonka here.  gloomygogs day out there so what did we get up to!!  this is what we got up to.
It is a special edition wonkaandmousey desk calendar and in keeping with our exclusive daily diary (get me folks!) it is a limited edition.  More details on this purfect (could not resist sorry!) desk accessory as soon as.

If Owner does get a move on we will be up and running or at least a leap or two end of next week,  and of course we rely like all other good folk on the royal mail or whatever it is calling itself these days - people's mail perhaps.
Now in keeping with such a gloomygogs day, Owner was hard pressed to find the get up and go button, and of course me? thanks for asking, I found several snuggly places to think it all over, and what's it all about etc, well given enough snooze time I'm bound to come up with the answer.  More sleep is essential!  Now thanks to last night's fireworks Owner remained in a high state of nerves and even a dose of Holby city which was high drama with nurses turning down marriages but staying friends (hankies hankies) and life saving operations carried out with no hands!! yes even this could not calm Owner down.  but folks, we forgot one vital thing.....
Final para.  We forgot Masterchef, and it is not any old masterchef it is professional masterchef with it dunt get tuffer Greg, I want perfection Michel and I am perfection Monica!!  we do we love it or do we love it!!  So this has risen up like a perfect bit of choux pastree to sort Owner out and save her from the doldrums (like that word).  Our favourites so far are Marcus (if not he should be called that) and we think it is laid back Matt a chap after my own heart as I invented laid back.  Now Owner will watch corrie X 1 and bear with storylines which have gone a bit raggedy, and we do not like that new manipulative (another good long word) friend of the adopted fostered girl whose dad then turned up to live across the road,  No.  Now Ruggles who is sensible to a T, has remained in the shed snug and warm on the car seat and just gobbled up 2 of my best sachets.  I am a generous cat no one is saying any different but GO STEADY..with my best good as it looks.  And if Owner doesn't get a shout out soon for work the economy will take another sharp nosedive.  We did hear on our best radio 2 that the national debt is down to Trillions of money owed by all of us lot, and not the nasty banks. 
This is the last para sorry.  So somehow we got through this gloomy rainsodden day and Owner has received an application from that artie place to submit her artwork if she can meet some fairly hefty criteria.  Yes I have hidden the form it was either that or rush under the bed!!  We love it, and I am sure another dose of Masterchef will make it right.  Go steady out there folks wherever you are in the world.  Big Love Wonka x


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Firework Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Weather you say? freezing cold but clear and the sun did pop out briefly.  A bit like Owner! (only joking Owner!).  Slow but steady day really, steadily downhill says Owner who is fretting about the fireworks.  Me?  fairly laid back and yes I was horizontal for most of the day, I have a new snuggly spot on the duvet in the front bedroom.  Now some advice for fellow cats about the horrid noise and banging.  GETA GRIP.  Now seriously, and this is from the RSPCA chaps, you need to settle down and snuggle up and take control.  Draw the curtains Owners!  put on some nice relaxing music at a sensible level Owners!  I have only run away once and it was one of those nasty whistling things.
Fresh para.  To cheer us all up and calm us all down here is the rainbow Owner promised.
Owner says this diary has gone funny tonight and will not align left like it is sposed to.   Is it the fireworks I said?   Now it is functioning (!!) as it should.   Owner only went on a visit to aged parent and has come back funny, even the second cream cake is not working as it should.  Ruggles you say?  Now he has been very nicely on his car seat in the shed and also popping in for a good chomp of chicken yes real chicken it was a treat over from yesterday when Owner felt so awful had to buy something (thankfully real chicken for me and Ruggles.  I have said a thankyou prayer to the chicken too).  
Final para.  to try to de stress Owner I have recommended eggheads that nice quiz where this know it all team win every day and the money does mount up until some obscure ordinary quiz team manage to know more than they and win a fortune.  This does calm Owner down as she has to think hard about the answers.  Then there is nice Enders or rather nasty Janine Enders!  it turns out she murdered mad Michael and is blaming on star struck Alice.  and nice Alice is crying to go home.  If Owner still with it we may watch the hospital thingy where some of the nice Surgeons are missing limbs and falling in love with the wrong nurses.  Ah, we love it.  Again I urge you all to KEEP CALM and watch eggheads rather than set fireworks off.  Do go steady out there wherever you may be in this world.  Big love Wonka x

Monday, 4 November 2013

Cream cake Mundee

Wonka here.  the clue folks is in the title!!  Frosty start and crispy cool here, but that blue sky is up there yes.  Owner got off to a really positive start and I thought we were in for a cracking day!  We have debated long and hard and made a decision you see to start our own gift shop.  yes an on line gift shop so anyone in the whole wide world can buy things to do with me and things to do with Owner.  Good you say, when will this wonderful shop open?  Thanks for asking, well give us a week or so and you know Owner when she gets an idea is she on with it!  So be patient and I will do my utmost to spur Owner on.  Which isn't easy when she gets a knock back!!

Fresh para immediately.  Now before I tell all we have a small photoshoot of something that sums it all up.
Can you see him folks, yes it is a lone magpie and did it swoop down in front of Owner just as she stormed out of the nice artie place.  Yes that's right she has fallen out with it!!  You will want the nitty gritty and the low down of course you do but she is adamant she must not MUST NOT give reign to hurt feelings.  No.  all I am allowed to divulge (OOOH that word), is that the very important person who would have fallen in love with Owner's artwork (postcards you understand) was 'too busy' was 'too busy catching up'  and 'too busy' to even come out for two seconds to tell Owner she was 'too busy'.  I said I hope you were not rude Owner?  She reports back she tried very hard indeed to stay with good manners (in their absence I said!  well I have to try folks I have to try).  I hope I said you did not then go on to buy a mistake?  No said Owner, I nearly did but my good manners got the better of me again!  And so dear folks out there it was a nice cream cake that did the trick from our favourite supermarket that helps us it says by doing whatever it is doing.
Final para as I am worn out with keeping Owner's spirits up!  Positive things to remember I said to her ready to dash under that bed, those two programmes that kept repeating because you had pressed something on the remote well you healed it!  you fixed it so it does not go to SKY NEWS at 6 30 pm every night, well be proud of yourself I said.  The irony folks, of Owner having a busy bee day yessterdee is not lost on me.  No.  Now to wash it all down with our favourite and beloved dancer called Pasha only went and got voted out last night.  Owner very sad as loved him lots.  tonight folks we must take it steady like I say to you, and thanks to daughter who did ring up and support her Mum, saying all the right things.  That's where my nice cousin lives, the one who is in twilight land.  Corrie X 2 is to come on, with recovering Nick back with long suffering Leanne, we love them and then Enders.  someone, we are not sure exactly as not concentrating hard enough has gone and got themselves murdered.  We are not sure if it is Mad Michael, his star struck girlfriend alice or his clever ex wifey Janine.  yes it is a murder triangle!  And if I'm not under the bed by then I ought to be.  Again go easy on the fireworks we do not like them!  Take care wherever you are in the World.  Big love Wonka x

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Busy old Sundee

Wonka here.  The alarm goes off and we did get up!  Why so early you say?  well blue sky and sun although a pretty blowy old wind we still made it happen.  but why you say again?  because Owner's new crush on Hardeep singh Koli (sorry Hardeep if misspelt I am a mere feline you know) who was fronting the Sundee morning show on radio 2.  Well Owner loves him and so do I.  And when Owner has a crush on it is a full on crush on.  When he played her favourite 'move on up' by Curtis Mayfield that rather sealed it.  So really folks the day started on a busy bee note.

Fresh para.  Now after such an exciting start I knew things could only get busier really.  She dashed to shed and yes Ruggles snuggled on his car seat, she dashed to read the paper and have breakfast and dashed to keep me fed and watered.  And dashed to change my litter tray.  As otherwise I will not go in it and I keep looking round at Owner with a plaintif look (how do you spell plaintif if not like this??) in my eyes and then she will go ALRIGHT!  Here she is dashing:

See what I mean folks?  it's a wonder she doesn't tread on me or trip.  I'm pretty nifty me.
So Owner finally dashed off to the shops she said to buy a new kettle for aged sibling and buy more water (don't go there) for aged parent.   Me?  thanks for asking, well I'm a bit low on biscuits.

Final para.  when fell back through door said worn out with doing all these bits of shopping and now the supermarket that says it is giving us our life back or something like that, well it is transforming itself into a cavern that Owner says you could get lost in, and sees the look of hopelessness in many of the lone shoppers.  Ball of string I suggested?  At least it will make it harder to be followed round I said.  DON'T REMIND ME said Owner. 

Oh yes well this can be final final para aka the real final para.  Now tonight is a heavy duty night full of results you know, and tears for some too.  those nice dancers, we predict that cookery chappie must go surely.  surely Fiona and Anton are safe?  Owner will admire Pasha once more and also Abi and Ali we love them.  Now on the singing quite frankly, all could go for me, but Owner says we must support Dermot who is having to present it all, so she opts for one of the girls to go.  We did like rough copy but they have gone a bit rough copy.  things could change of course they could.  After all that xcitement there is the nice big house where jazz is king and the servants know everything.  We love that too.  Now next week Owner may be back to it, so brace yourselves and so shall I. go steady out there in the world, and go steady on the fireworks as we don't love them!! Big Love wonka X