Sunday, 3 November 2013

Busy old Sundee

Wonka here.  The alarm goes off and we did get up!  Why so early you say?  well blue sky and sun although a pretty blowy old wind we still made it happen.  but why you say again?  because Owner's new crush on Hardeep singh Koli (sorry Hardeep if misspelt I am a mere feline you know) who was fronting the Sundee morning show on radio 2.  Well Owner loves him and so do I.  And when Owner has a crush on it is a full on crush on.  When he played her favourite 'move on up' by Curtis Mayfield that rather sealed it.  So really folks the day started on a busy bee note.

Fresh para.  Now after such an exciting start I knew things could only get busier really.  She dashed to shed and yes Ruggles snuggled on his car seat, she dashed to read the paper and have breakfast and dashed to keep me fed and watered.  And dashed to change my litter tray.  As otherwise I will not go in it and I keep looking round at Owner with a plaintif look (how do you spell plaintif if not like this??) in my eyes and then she will go ALRIGHT!  Here she is dashing:

See what I mean folks?  it's a wonder she doesn't tread on me or trip.  I'm pretty nifty me.
So Owner finally dashed off to the shops she said to buy a new kettle for aged sibling and buy more water (don't go there) for aged parent.   Me?  thanks for asking, well I'm a bit low on biscuits.

Final para.  when fell back through door said worn out with doing all these bits of shopping and now the supermarket that says it is giving us our life back or something like that, well it is transforming itself into a cavern that Owner says you could get lost in, and sees the look of hopelessness in many of the lone shoppers.  Ball of string I suggested?  At least it will make it harder to be followed round I said.  DON'T REMIND ME said Owner. 

Oh yes well this can be final final para aka the real final para.  Now tonight is a heavy duty night full of results you know, and tears for some too.  those nice dancers, we predict that cookery chappie must go surely.  surely Fiona and Anton are safe?  Owner will admire Pasha once more and also Abi and Ali we love them.  Now on the singing quite frankly, all could go for me, but Owner says we must support Dermot who is having to present it all, so she opts for one of the girls to go.  We did like rough copy but they have gone a bit rough copy.  things could change of course they could.  After all that xcitement there is the nice big house where jazz is king and the servants know everything.  We love that too.  Now next week Owner may be back to it, so brace yourselves and so shall I. go steady out there in the world, and go steady on the fireworks as we don't love them!! Big Love wonka X