Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wonka's Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Listen to this.  Dingy and dark morning, wanted to hibernate but didn't.  I did have to give Owner the teensiest weensiest dab with a claw out but guess what, I found an unguarded part of her arm!!  missed the bottom lip completely!  gave myself a big WELL DONE for that one.  Now once we got up and noted bad weather out there we took stock.

New para and bit of story to tell.  Owner decided today was the day to just go for it.  ~go for what you ask? Well we did report yesterday about an online shop without a name.  Of course it has a name and it is Wonka and Mousey!  What else?
It is this site called, and Owner says to look for wonka and mousey gifts to come across things mostly to do with me.  some of the things are to do with Owner, like her lost art collection (rediscovered by me of course) but if you want reminding all day long of how fun life can be then take a look.  We love it.  There is no pressure from Owner whatsoever to take a look but I am warning you that we may all starve if you don't.
Fresh para needed.  Now last night to cheer us on, and in between Owner darting out to the shed with fresh supplies (Ruggles had been in to our good kitchen and warmed up earlier) we watched a little bit of tv.  The best thing of all was the return of this drama, set in the wilds of the north, Halifax, with two old fogies in love and their families.  Owner says they are dysfunctional (managed to spell it), the families and are all in love with the wrong ones mostly.  and there is every likelihood of more tears.  One of them is to do with a school but this hasn't put Owner off.  She has a girlfriend and has ousted the ex husband in favour of.  The headmistress one.  So we love it.   How can we fit it all in you wonder the young chefs well some of them are, the jungle, and even the lost hex factor.  Somehow folks we must catch up and on days like these says Owner I feel so dire I just want to zone out.  and I quote.  Now me you ask?  happy as a lark really, slept some, ate a lot, and frankly I am living the dream.  Ruggles is even now safe and warm and Owner may bite the bullit and adopt him full time.  I will as you know try hard to love him.  yes.   I want you all to go steady wherever you are in the world.  Big Love Wonka x