Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Thursdee

Wonka here.  Gloomy start but then it went and brightened up to usual blue sky and sun.  Even Owner a little bit motivated and did eventually get up.  Begged not to do any further hoovering and thankfully took note.  sometimes the monster aka hoover is stationed upstairs for weeks on end and how am I to know it is just to make Owner feel better?  She did advise daughter on hoovering via text as we know my cousin over there is on her last paws and must be spoilt rotten which means NO HOOVERING.  Well I am not on any last paw and I want the same respect!!

Fresh para.  Now as all you good folks out there know, the 31 October is also known as All Hallows Eve, and Hallows means HOLY.  Yes.  However you feel about the day, we wish you all a happy one and hear follows a little tiny photoshoot:
Now Ratty in the middle is brilliant and he has light up pink eyes! the little cat to the left is an old soft toy made by daughter and I have never to my knowledge played with it.  Baba may have.  The ghostie to the right lights up too and goes from red to green to normal in a flash.  We think the battery will run out in two minutes.  Likewise Ratty's pink eyes.  The pumpkin is a money box and purchased for grandson moons ago and of course the plastic orange beaker is full of teeth defying sweets (don't read this if you are a dentist and especially if you are Owner's dentist!  We love him!)

final para.  Now in keeping with the rest of the week, Owner has been on a go slow and watching far too much rubbish on the tv.  Tried hard to watch rubbish last night but couldn't find any.  Is reading Dracula at the moment, that's Bram Stoker to you, and blow me down if it isn't a bit creepy!!  Tonight we shall stay down to earth with Enders so help us we have seen Alice so Michael has not murdered as yet but has he put tablets in Janine's everlasting glass of red??  we must try to stay awake to find out.  Beyond this or should I say the grave, Owner wants to watch that good Halloween show, the Hex Faktor but fears it is not on until tmro eve.  Simon Ghoul I mean Cowell is so entertaining and he 'has' the groups this year.  We love it!  Now please do go steady out there in the world and keep you spirits up!  Big love wonka x

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Alls Well Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Yet another beauty day here we cannot and must not grumble as these blue skies and little crispy feel to the air continue.  It does help Owner get up in the morning!  now you will all be wondering about the little sketches and paintings she has been doing and mostly of me of course.  Some of them we must save for Christmas!  But here is one of the North Bay specially for you:
That is a good beach flag dead centre and some people with dogs to the right and that is the sea at the top and the beach and then the railings.  We love it.  You can just imagine it the hot sun making it hard to see with that sort of white glare and the sea just trickling out and trickling in, with that gentle rushing sound, maybe a gull or two on the water and a happy dog barking.  Summer.

Fresh para.  Quite worn out with all that description folks!!  now as a gentle reminder to you all, do not forget to read all about me will you,  and I promise to let you know about new 'Christmas Catrol'.   Mr Dickens would approve that's all I'm saying.  Now today I was enjoying myself like you do with a little nibble of breakfast and telling Owner I was starving every other minute, when did she suddenly get the hoover out.  I should have known yesterday after the purchase of hoover bags, so despite her giving me a one hour warning (standing the hoover unplugged in the dining room) I quite rightly recognised it as the monster it really is and made a dash for it.  Even then did Owner come into the room with it and hoover nearby.  I'VE NEARLY FINISHED she shouted so I could hear above the monster.   Had to sleep all afternoon to get over it.

Final para.  Owner decided to go out and visit aged sibling and parent the usual ridiculous and tortuous (love that word I must use it more often) double whammy, but came home with all senses intact and not crying.  I have been fed yes and on the look out for Ruggles.  Owner had lovely surprise this morn as he curled up on the good car seat in the shed on the new hot water bottle (Owner changed as other one ready to burst.  Possibly this is why Ruggles the discerning cat did not lay on it).  Tonight we have one offering of Corrie which has suffered from storylines of Tina getting onto Tracey, plus good Nick going a bit balmy like you do after a near death experience from his evil brotherly brother David.  We have saved an episode of that nice casualtee from Satdee as a back up.  Now all of you must go steady out there in the World.  big love Wonka x

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Trusty Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Managed to get up fairly early without prickling Owner with claw.  Just a little prod on the face it usually works a treat. Up gets Owner to face a new day and weatherwise you will want to know, well what a beauty day folks!  blue sky, nip in the air, just the job.  spurred Owner on it did, to do some painting no not the walls although I have to own up they need going over.  Owner is not really patient enough for these kinds of DIY, no she was painting some sketches and mostly of me!!  then off she goes to do some writing and listen to this, the Christmas Story is microscopic millimetres away from completion.  I will tell you when you can read it folks and just to wet your appetites it does have a special Christmas Caterol from me.

Fresh para.  Now Owner did of course trot out as I needed a lot more cat food and a lot more cat litter, and whilst she was out did she go down to the sea.
This is North Bay folks on a fine October lunch time.  and if you look very carefully down to the rhs on a pole thing well that white spec is a seagull folks!  wish I had been there I would have shimmied up the pole and brought it back down!! 

Fresh and possibly final para.  Owner did bring back plenty of food for me and a tiny bit for herself and reports finally, yes finally got new hoover bags.  yes, so no excuse at all not to go round with it.  Owner says got a shock and surprise as when walked into the shop was the man in there hoovering!! cannot get over this!  I said well it is a hoover shop, but Owner adamant this is a first.  Now Ruggles sped in and started eating out of one of my dishes before Owner could decide what was happening, then saw it was him and not a monster and fed him more of my favourite food.  I'm being magnanimous (thought I couldn't say it never mind spell it folks!!) as we are approaching the season of good will.  Then I went and hid in my new secret hiding place and Owner stumped for 5 minutes until figured it out.  I promise she will do a photoshoot and share it this week.  Now tonight we are on Enders with terrible storylines of missing Alice, has Michael eaten her up? Sharon turned into duped parent willing to believe all her manipulative (all these long words begin with M) son says and witney (?) is off the hook then.  Anyways then it's the hospital thing where they all talk in a very stilted old fashioned way and heal up or die quickly.  We love it.  Now go steady out there folks wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x

Monday, 28 October 2013

Motoring Mundee

Wonka here. How did you all go on out there?  Thankfully the Storm passed us by here just lots of rain and weather warnings by the dozen.  Owner wasn't fussed and said I am going out just the same.  Me?  as Owner out all day long visiting daughter I snuggled on the settee and must have fallen asleep because the next thing Owner is coming home again!

Fresh para.  Owner reports lots of heavy rain en route (get me) and drivers all belting along as if their lives depended on it.  Good visit but wait up, Owner took daughter and nice old Demi, my cousin over there, to the vets.  Yes.  Talk of her being in her 'twilight years' and 'spoiling her' and 'keeping an eye on her'.  Yes we have met up a number of years ago when Owner took me and Golly (in heaven now) to stay with daughter whilst she (Owner) did gallivant off.  Golly loved it, but I was a nervous wreck and stayed in grandson's bedroom the entire holiday.  Hissed at Demi and this other cat called Luke and also did a death defying leap off the banister onto the bottom stairs.  I was but a kitten.

Final para.  As Owner off all week I shall be busy raising spirits and keeping morale high.  first off there is a double dose of Corrie but we are fed up with the tempestuous (!!) tina storyline and even though wicked Tracy deserves tricks and wotnot, it is too boring and we don't like it.  Now with Enders, they are dragging out the equally boring storyline of mad Michael and Alice in a trance like state doing whatever he says.  To cheer us up there is bread and butter pudd for tea.  yes. Now Ruggles has been and now he is addicted to 'as good as it looks' and is leaving best Whiskas.  Making a rod for back I said to Owner. Finally you will want to know that on the dentist front Owner is to have a consultation.  More on that after it happens!  yes she is very very nervous.  Now go steady out there wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Steady Sundee

Wonka here.  Yes there is talk of a storm folks and some are comparing to the 'great storm' of '87 or thereabouts.  Now due to Owner being so old (only joking!  I love you!!) she does remember this storm of which she says there WAS NO WARNING.  As a result of this folks, people went about their nightly business until this crashing banging noise woke them all up in the deep of the night.  that was the trees falling on the roofs and the things hurtling down the streets at 100 mph.  Will this be repeated you wonder wherever you are in this world?  We are on an amber alert folks amber so we are all ready to trounce this storm!

Fresh para.  Owner did step out for a tiny shop (took some things back got refunded wondered why bought them in first place) and reports it was 'blowy'.  Me? thanks for asking, well it did look a bit blowy outside when I had a quick look out back and front now I come to think of it but mostly I settle up against the radiator as thankfully and defying all economic theories etc owner got heating on constant.  Now as a reminder to you all about the original there follows a photoshoot of said mousey.
Just a bit thinner that's all and that little furry black spec that's  back up mousey from an original set of three. Like everything else folks, my toys come in packs of three.  I love that Mousey I do.

Fresh para.  Ruggles didn't know that our clocks went back an hour so turned up for his tea time at the right time if the clocks had stayed the same.  don't ask me to say that again.  So he had a nice big plateful of good as it looks (my favourite but it's alright as Ruggles eats the one I turn nose up at,  Says Owner) and a few biscuits.  Owner had to close door as said and remarked about wind could have blown it wide open but noticed when Ruggles looked worried and anxious (at closed door) and quickly set him free.  She is deeply concerned about his tail and we have prayed to St Francis on it.  Yes Tinkerbelle (the usurper) was spotted fleeing across the busy street and we pray on that one too.

final para.  Now last night we loved Strictly so much I cannot tell you enough good things.  We love Pasha even more as his poor dancing partner cannot dance but without Pasha to gaze at Saturdays will lose a little attraction for Owner.  I can admit here that Owner voted twice for Pasha out of her five votes.  Also hogging our attention were Anton and Fiona, Mark, and lovely Abi and Ali.  the frocks!  The glamour !! Now the singing you ask?  This was very serious and even had a rendition of skyfawl and Moon Rivahhh.  Mrs S O got quite critical at one point and directed everyone to put the kettle on..we did have a favourite though from amongst all the belters and this was Luke Friend who covered a Seal.  We love him,  Now tonight we have the results of our voting and some must leave! Yes!  Please go steady out there in the world, I nearly forgot to tell you Owner did visit aged parent and there was a singer at the home for a Halloween special!  Aged parent refused to hear him shout I mean sing and Owner did say she didn't realise 'Bewitched bothered and bewildered' sounded like that.  Frank Sinatra will be spinning round we reckon.  Now finally, be storm aware folks!
Big love Wonka x

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Niggling Satdee

Wonka here.  Today you wonder, what is our weather doing, well when Owner finally came to and I got to run downstairs and when the window open a notch I could sniff the air. It was a bit rainy, plus a bit mild.  so it did drizzle again and brighten up again and drizzle again.  Top news?  Owner's favourite umbrella ella ella, of all time as covered in a nice pattern of owls, well it is broken and cannot be fixed!  Owner set off to find a replica and had to settle for one with cats on.  Yes I approve and hope that's an end to it but when Owner has an obsession, it is a full blown one.  I will keep you posted on it.

Fresh para.  Now I know you will all want to know why no photoshoots of good kitchen window lately and bits and bobs around it, well here it is then:
Now the nice cat to the bottom left well that was given to Owner thousands of years ago for Christmas and was from Oxfam.  And the nice cat chimes?  de rigeur (?  my French awaits improvement I know or je pense!!) and that little pink thing above the leaf of the good lemon geranium well that is Owners string of stars which must be switched on at night.  they run of three batteries you know.  And finally, do keep up, that yellow blob in the distance above the rooftops well that is the sunset coming on.

Final para as worn out now.  Owner is revving up for the dancing and is firmly in love with Pasha but not his partner, and our favourites you ask?  we love Mark we always have, and Anton and Fiona and that nice sophie thingy thingy.  Oh yes and Robin and his Mrs Dragon's Den.  Then we switch straight over to the Hex Factor and wonder if we can have a favourite singer.  it is slow in happening this year.  First off Owner likes Rough Copy until they did a rough copy stroke cover of this good song.  We will have to catch up with Cazualtee and the happy storylines of Tess and save the world Charlie.  Now Ruggles is due for his plateful of teatime and guess what, I spied Tinkerbelle flashing across the busy road out there and then in the back yard.  she stroke he has a massive bell round his or her neck so we can hear him or her for miles.  We love him.  or her.  Now have a wonderful evening and go steady out there folks.  Big love Wonka x

Friday, 25 October 2013

Friendly Fridee

Wonka here.  Now how are you all at the end of another week?  shall we have a round up of the week yes we shall I've made a decision.  Now as we all remember that nice little Prince George went and got christened, it did rain but  inbetween times it went sunny and autumnal (Like that word) what else? nice president Obama saved a woman from falling down, we do love him, erm someone might be doing some phone tapping and I said to Owner what is this phone tapping is it a new dance, she said not as serious as that.  Fresh para?

Yes here it is.  Weatherwise you ask well we ended on yet another sunshine and rainy day folks and of course there is a weather warning***** this is my new high alert signal****** and it is a severe storm possibly coming over to the south coast Mundee,  Batten down those hatches!  Now the most important news of the week was surely the healing of one of my toys, the clear plastic ball with miniscule jungy bits in it.  and here is photoshoot of it:
There it is!!  you can just make out through the sellotape bit the blue thing but like I say the miniscule jingly jingles are miniscule and cannot be seen easily, so how Owner spotted the red one I cannot know but I found the little green one as I got fed up with Owner saying to me WHERE IS THE GREEN ONE?

So that was good and I have played with it since along with the other ten or so jingly balls. Yes that is a favourite and I love it even more now it's been healed by Owner.

Final para.  Owner did not have a shout today so instead of falling into a gloom and feeling sorry for itself and analysing the situation like I have said not to, she did go out.  Came home with more things and a little food.  I said I hope you are not over spending and Owner blamed that nice little deputy chap who props up the public schoolboy who is running this country, anyway he said we (this country) are in recovery.  I said to Owner that is no excuse to start hammering the credit card we will starve!  And ever since they put prices up for our heat and light has she put it all on constant.  I nearly have given up advising.  On the tv tonight we are spoilt with Corrie X 2and a fresh storyline with nice Tina having a go at nasty Tracy, then on Enders the mad Michael and duped Alice storyline does rise to a crescendo (love that word).  to calm us down we will switch then to American Hex Factor and pray pray pray that all the nice singers are 'locked' into those chairs.  We love it!  Simon looks younger and younger as the show goes on.  Now all of you have a wonderful weekend and go steady.    yes Ruggles you say, he has been for tea in the kitchen, and Owner treated him to good as it looks plus did a sing along to the #Mavericks and he stayed through it!  Big love Wonka x

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Day Trip thursdee

Wonka here.  Well a perfect autumnal day here folks.  Yes blue sky, trees on the turn from yellow to orange and red, a crisp feel to the air.  Ooh I sound like a poet!!  And although I can't report that Owner exactly sprung up this morning, she did get up nicely.  yes and then a shout for work at the old place again.  Are we popular or are we popular?  To cap it all, Owner reports went on a day trip to a chocolate shop in York and got to know the history of choc plus taste some and buy some!  good old Rowntrees, and Terry, and Fry and all of them!!

Fresh para and yes you guessed it there is a photoshoot but not of chocolate but of Owner's beloved Rowntree fruitgums:
Owner says she loves it and it does look mouthwatering.  Just don't tell the nice dentist and while we are on the subject Owner is fearful that nice dentist will leave because he is kind and gentle (this signals leaving).  We have prayed on it and that is all we can do folks.

Fresh para.  as a small matter of interest you may want to hear about one of my toys.  yes the clear plastic ball with the miniscule balls in it to make it jingle.  Well it broke in half last night and it wasn't me.  Then Owner finds it in two halves,  Eventually finds the two halves that is and then begins the search for the miniscule things that were inside it.  Then finds them without glasses on.  then in the gloom of the morning before it gets light did Owner put the two halves together with the miniscule things inside and snaps it shut!  Throw down for me.  next thing, is it back in two halves and no sign of miniscule things. Leaves on table all day whilst gadding about stroke working.  Comes home, begins search for half of the clear plastic ball and miniscule things.  Finally finds the half obscured by Kermit toy.  Carefully lifts two halves plus miniscule things and sellotapes all together for me.  proudly throws on floor and I say where are the jingly ball things?  They have vanished into thin air.  Mystery.  Will do photoshoot tomorrow if you still awake of said toy.  I still love it.

Final para.  tonight we have Enders and wait for Michael to be killed stone dead,  or Alice.  We'll see,  Then folks it is the American hex factor and hoping against hope that the good judges have selected their final singers.  Would be singers.  We love it.  Now please go steady out there in the world.  Ruggles popped early and had a big treat of good as it looks Felix his new favourite.  yes I may starve at this rate, only joking folks!  Big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wicked Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Howdy folks and pleased to report although rainy and dark early doors and that means 7 am to you, it only went and brightened up again!  goodness me, did it turn sunny and bright.  Owner did struggle up and nearly I said nearly threw all caution and everything else and go back to sleep. I said NO, you mustn't do that we will starve.  And of course who was right as usual?  yes folks it was me, as Owner only up for two seconds and did the phone ring with a shout for work at her favourite place to work.  hair went right as well always a good sign and a plus.

Fresh para.  Now you will all know that along with Owner being in a good mood did our favourite baby Prince George go and get himself christened,  Photoshoot opportunity I said!  so here it is:

Hasn't he sprouted up!  We think, me and Owner that is, little George is a looker who bears an uncanny resemblance (I do love a long word) to Queen Elizabeth.  Yes we do.

Fresh para needed now.  yes so a good day I cannot say that enough after yesterday and Owner did check on aged sibling who was very well and liked new shirts that had been purchased.  She even did that without purchasing anything for herself! (that's a first!).  Now last night we managed nicely on the tv despite storylines as you know in Enders that are driving us balmy.  The Michael  stroke Alice stroke Janine stroke baby one is top of the list but Ian that's the self made restauranter chappie alright not sure how you spell that word this is not masterchef, well he is second in line for being a boring story.  But tonight all we have is our Corrie and dying Hayley in hospital.  Not good enough! Owner may have to retire earlydoors.  Now Ruggles has been and chomped on best Whiskas plus best Felix and what does he prefer? He is a felix cat our ruggles.  Now all of you please go steady out there in the world, we are two days nearer to the weekend and for some it is a half term break.  We love it.
Big love Wonka x

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Telling Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Now folks it was darkish, gloomyish and rainyish but we did get up!  Owner having nice dream too says there was young black woman singing her heart out, in a bar.  Well no wonder Owner loathe to spring up if dreaming of pleasant things.  Back in the real world, no work today of the paid kind, but plenty to do of the unpaid kind.  More of that in a minute.  First up, fresh para.

Here we are it is a para and it is to bring you the latest and last published cover in the Wonka series.  although the Christmas Story is not far off.
This is my favourite as beloved Baba on the cover and if I say it myself an excellent likeness! hankies away folks.  Now back to 'telling tuesdee' then, yes Owner on the warpath and all in a good cause because someone is bullying aged sibling (according to Owner - we must be pc eh).  so she writes a massive stroke fairly big email of complaint and follows this up by a personal visit to the big Managers.  Said not impressed by their attitude and wants to 'take it to the wire'.  I honestly do not know who would mess with Owner when in this fighting mood but suffice to say (do like that word suffice) when protecting aged sibling, Owner will go all out.   Then followed this visit up by the usual double whammy of aged parent.  Owner reports this went Ok as both a bit hysterical plus the staff joined in which always helps.  Aged parent met with the home's hairdresser and Owner likened this to a heavyweight come back fight.  Mohammed Ali move over!  Think it was a draw.  So left there with manic smile nicely in place folks.
Final para methinks.  There is a small offering of entertainment tonight in the shape or should I say disguised as Enders then Holby City that nice hospital drama where doctors lose their hands in nasty collisions saving other nice doctors but get no thanks for it and may never get to play Doctors again but will have counselling and save the world.  As for Enders, we, or Owner, no we, are fed up with the storyline about strange and manic looking Michael, his willing half his age girlfriend Alice and the ex wifey all caught up in a strange twisted plot, where even the baby (his daughter) may be planning behind backs.  We love it!  Plus I have to share, that Masterchef which Owner adores because one of her heroes Michel thingy is in it, well it is to return.  It may help Owner overcome her fight against nearly everyone who is in the way of her having a peaceful time of it.  In the meantime I want you all to go steady out there.  Ruggles?  Glad you asked because he may be patiently waiting for his teatime.  I must go and check.  Big love wonka x 

Monday, 21 October 2013


Wonka here.  Yes folks, I said magnificent because despite the rain out there, Owner shifted up at least two gears!  Autumn has hit us though, and it is dark out there first thing (means 6 30 am ish) so Owner does not want to leap out of bed and said had an awful night with about two inches of sleep.  This usually heralds (like that word) a busy hectic day ahead.  so Owner is nicely relaxed at 8 05 am when does phone ring with a shout for work!!  and it is where she used to be!!  So she met up with some old friends!! and students too.  big smiles all round folks.

Fresh para.  Now once more I bring you a cover of the Wonka series, and this is the fourth one:
There I am folks, and the story is about beloved Baba too.  Yes he too is in the next room aka Heaven.  You remember there was talk of a new kitten but nothing as yet.  would I like it you ask?  thanks for that, well I might need counselling to start off with but depending on how much attention I get from this and the new kitten (if we have one) I might like it.

Fresh and possibly final para.  Owner rushed back in having been to the shops for supplies and immediately fed me as I looked starving.  Also has cooked up the rest of the fish.  And got more of those nice biscuits I eat sometimes.  and given me a tummy tickle plus chucked my jingly bell ball thing down the hall a few times.  had to have a lie down after that.  Now ruggles has been in for tea and rushing away again and will no doubt return this evening for a big plate ful.  Owner will be struggling to watch anything tonight due to unexpected work and general old age (JOKE).  If can stay up will watch corrie X 2, with nice Hayley on about euthanasia stroke assisted suicide and nice Roy not in favour.  The debate continues, will Roy's faith be challenged??  Jury out for us.  Owner says does not have a problem when it is a beloved pet.  I know Baba and Golly both asked to go to the next room and were ready.  I wonder if I will know too...hankies away folks!!!  Now because Enders is on too we shall not be maudlin for long but busy trying to figure out all the twisted love thingys and people leaving thingys.  by the way, that 'fatboy'' person is still running the Queen Vic single handed, and with no known knowledge of the pub trade.  We love it. Take it steady out there wherever you are in the world.  big love wonka x

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Slow Sundee

Wonka here.   Change of weather folks it went mild and blowy out there what some would call a good washing day!  Yes Owner shifted up a gear, did another washing close on top of the last one (where will it all dry I wondered) looked outside (looked like rain early doors) but thought it will brighten up.  and it did!  If only Owner had given as much thought to the heating and what she was wearing!  Yes it was too  hot and so was she.

Fresh para.  Now third cover of the Wonka series:
There we are folks! Ah you say, and who is this?  That was our beloved Golly who looked after Owner before I blew in through the good back door.  he used to wash me round and let me eat all his tea up if he didn't want it.  We loved him and now he is in the next room as they call it, that's Heaven folks, with St Francis.  yes.  Put those hankies away!

Must have a fresh para.  Now last night how we didn't end up in a muddle I don't know as we switched from the dancing which was fab, and that nice Judge Craig who tells everyone they were ghastly darling, well he is to have a new hip!  We do love him and wish him well with that one.  and who is our favourite?  We still love Abby and her partner Ali something, but we do love Pasha too and that nice Big Ben rugby chappie.  Women?  Fiona of course.  Now on with the Hex Factor and Owner spoke of disappointment.  Why I said?  Not as good this week and her favourite group let her down (Rough copy - I know I thought what is this name also.)  We have caught up with Casualtee which had Owner weeping all the way through!  Again we love it we do.  Now Ruggles did trot round for his teatime and fairly rushed off before he had finished in case Owner held him captive for hours on end.  I ask you!  we await his presence tonight folks.  Now tonight we say a special prayer for one of my cousins, Demi dog (don't ask she is a cat naturally) who lives with Owner's daughter and is in her twilight years.  yes.  Suffice to say (love that word) she is booked in with St Francis.  Now have a lovely evening all of you out there in the world, we will be tucked up watching results show X 2 and then that lovely Drama Downton where all the slaves run the nice big house.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sparkling Satdee

Wonka here.  well alright it was a bit grey out there but for me and Owner?  the sun shone folks the sun shone.  Why you say?  Just a matter of going to sleep, tossing and turning all night long (thanks Lionel) and waking up alright now!! (thanks thingmebob),  Now here follows the second cover folks as promised,  It is book two in the Wonka series:
Yes that is another decent sketch of me folks and in the background the cat chimes and a little toy that is a wind up cat with a ball.  Yes.  yes it is old, a bit like Owner (oops nearly an under the bed comment - as opposed to under the belt!  Am I funny or what?  don't answer that then).

Fresh para.  Now Ruggles not been sighted so far in and Owner has risked it and put a big fat plate of food in the shed.  The poor shed door is pushed too and we have both prayed to the God of good shed doors to make it close to once it is opened.  Owner went and bought me some fish as I looked a bit peaky. Plus I had been slightly I said slightly pat and mick in the night.  Owner worried about this for all of ten seconds and made decision that freshly cooked fish will put me right back up there.  I have eaten it yes.  Back up there?  I am laid under one of my sun lamps aka a desk lamp.

Final freshly cooked para.  tonight folks you will recall Owner makes a special square eyed effort for the nation and watches two reality shows back to back so closely they could be knitted together.  First up is the dancing, and our favourites are that nice Pasha and his partner whatshername.  We do love Anton and Fiona, and big Ben (say no more)Now once we are sated on that do we turn over for more fun with the singing well some of it is.  We managed a tiny morsel of the American offering and caved in long before Simon and the groups.  and the chairs.  We love Cazualtee and will catch up with that maybe tmro if we can find time.  Charlie, that is the aged nursey who knows all, was comforting nice nursey Tess who has fallen in love with the wrong man (not again!!).  We love it.  Now enjoy your evening folks wherever you are in the World.  Big love Wonka x

Friday, 18 October 2013

At last Fridee

~Wonka here.  Just to remind ourselves it is really and truly Autumn now, we had a gloomy gogs day to prove it.  Owner immediately took stock and said felt ill.  this usually means laying down nice and  quiet for several hours and that's just me folks!   Seriously the sky did not change colour and remained a shade of grey all day long and that is not a reference to that book that nearly everyone in the world has read (except for Owner she says they 'oversold' it what ever that means - it just means she doesn't want to join the masses).

Fresh para and I do want to remind you all out there that I am in a book and this is the first cover ever: 
I know I look like a proper champion!  Owner says this is her favourite.  We will show the rest as the weeks race towards Christmas there I've said it.....and there is a Christmas Story folks, so keep an eye on my diary for the release date.  Now back to the mundane then, no sign of ruggles as yet and he did not put in an appearance for breakfast.  The food had gone, that Owner left in the shed but without recourse to cctv we do not know who ate it!  could have been Tinkers.  And since that awful night when Owner made bad decision (what else could it be at 9pm at night?  I ask you) to let Ruggles stay in the kitchen he thinks he's a prisoner on the run.

Last para.  Well Owner said to get a move on, it is her tea time and she wants to start the evenings' viewing.  Last night we managed on Enders and that funny woman who came back to the square and no one likes her because of her criminal past which we ought to forgive but in Enders they always remember, well she is staying and that nice man who said he loved her and would wait forever and forgive all, well he has left. ??.  And then there is nice corrie with everyone hating each other and in impossible romances with babies,  Not to forget Hayley who is slowly edging out of this world.  if Owner up to it and I have a feeling she is, we will then be glued to American hex factor.  Simon spoke of longest 2 mins of his life last night and Owner said knows what he means.  Now the weekend is here folks and I want you all to enjoy it wherever you are in the world.  big love Wonka x

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Thankful Thursdee

Wonka here.  today folks it was like this:
And along with the sunshine and blue sky did we all cheer up? YES WE DID!  What else can I tell you?  New motto for day said Owner, I am going to enjoy myself all day long.  Well I said, get on with it then!!  Off she went to buy some train tickets, said tried to do this on line but many hours later thought must need a doctorate in train lines, services, times, trillions of fares and tickets.   the nice advisor at the station did it all in about 15 minutes and the 20 strong queue waiting behind Owner didn't seem to mind overmuch, just one funny look.  Owner said this alone contributed (nice long word for you) to her ongoing positive state of mind!!  Blow me down!

Instead we'll have a fresh para.  Now just to remind you all Don't forget the Wonka Series! on and search for Wonka!  all Owner's stories about me and my pals are there.

More fresh para eh.  now listen up folks, have you seen a film called 'Trance'??  I want to give you a stern warning as it does contain violence and I spose a bit of the other but the warning folks is about a spot of torture near the beginning and I thought Owner would have to turn the whole thing off - meant to be a bit of time out not running for cover!!  We are saving the other one which we think is alright on the violence front as it is Midnight's Children with a dancer on the front cover.  Always a good sign.  Now whilst we are on with dancing did Owner weep away at last night's corrie!  just the storyline of nice Hayley who is slowly dying of cancer and hubbie Roy well he took her to Blackpool and the famous ballroom there.  Owner sobbed and sobbed I said it is only a tv programme!  I spose it makes a change from sobbing contestants on the hex factor, which we shall be glued to tonight it is the American one and we love it 'dog' 'yo'!!  now ruggles did pop for tea last night and made extra sure he was not to be imprisoned in the kitchen like the other night.  We are expecting him shortly.  Now sure I heard on the news about those nice Americans sorting out their finances or some such lark!  so the world keeps turning folks.  Now go steady out there wherever you are in this World.
Big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Woeful Wednesdee

Wonka here.  without further ado I have to announce a general depression just about everywhere and what is to blame?  Relentless rain and grey skies folks.  I have my work cut out now trying to cheer Owner on and remind her of the positives.  I do like to list them as you know, and while I'm struggling with this we'll have a fresh para.

Up-date alert on Ruggles!  Did he turn up last night on the good back door step just as Owner battening down hatches.  then what you say?  Owner let Ruggles in that is then what.  And blow me down if he didn't settle on the door mat by the said back door with one paw outstretched as if to say DONT COME NEAR ME (I know I've missed out an apostrophe but Ruggles doesn't speak like that he is a bit rough and ready) (unlike me - blimey a double bracket going on).  So what does Owner do?  Only move half the house round so instead of having an early night, did she mess about with cat trays, saucers and doors and bits of paper.  Oh yes I thought, we are in for a good night's sleep here then!!  Up and down, down and up, having nightmares and then letting him out at 2 am.  No wonder Owner in funny mood! And we haven't seen him since either so Owner will worry on top of being in a funny mood.  That's twice I've said that, I must watch out.

Last final para.  Positives?  Owner has got a bit motivated and gone to a nice agency in case they want her for just about anything really but hats off because it was raining really hard at the time.  Sent a parcel back to whence it came via the post office without being rude and losing temper.  Been invited to a bonfire night spectacular.   Me?  thanks for asking, well I'm not keen on fireworks all that horrid banging I don't get it, and Owner does fret over us on the night.  Hang on that's a negative, pardon me!  Now tonight we shall try and cheer up with Corrie X 1,   Owner has just gasped with pleasure as it is on for a full hour (thank you God) and then it is that nice Cilla Black on about her life.  We love it.  Top news is that England footie team managed to win a match and get into the world cup thingy next year.  Whatever!  Now please enjoy your evenings wherever you are in the world or the world cup even!  Big love Wonka x

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Town tuesdee

Wonka here.  Now apart from being fairly gloomy out there we did struggle up alright.  Just wait til the clocks go back folks then we'll really know all about it.  Dark getting up and dark getting home.  In the meantime our inner and outer clocks are in synch.  Here follows me looking relaxed and hogging the settee.
Far more interesting than the shed door eh?  Ruggles was here for his breakfast and under the bench he was.  Owner rushed out with a sachet of the best cat food going.  Me?  thanks for asking, just 3 saucers and biscuits to choose from.  Yes, that's all.

Fresh para.  top news stories on about cameras in care homes.  Yes so they can finally track all the interesting arguments between residents and their families shouted Owner!  We can only hope they don't record the ghastly conversations as well eh.  But any residents hitting their families, we think that should be allowed.  Plus a system to track clothes said Owner.  It really is a minefield waiting to be blown up I said.   Nothing else I can remember as newsworthy although I'm sure that nice president Obama been up to a thing or two.   We love him.  Our politicians are alright I spose, one of them is a public schoolboy and I think the other two aren't far from it.  Ah, the delights of a class system, if anything defines our country that does.  Wait a minute!  I've gone very political and even Owner taken by surprise.  I'll be voting next!  though unsure what kind of pressure needed to get votes for felines.   I could easily scratch my mark on a card (instead of Owner's arm!)

time for final para.  Now Owner still in a relaxed and happy mood I said are you coming down with anything?   Just the way of it.  Said now likes hair (I give up on that one as you know) and thanks to a new pair of earrings is feeling good.  May it continue then.  has finished Jamaica Inn (Daphne du Maurier) and still got withdrawals for Doctor Sleep.  Said may re read The Shining for the billionth time.  And I will be under the bed folks!  Now tonight we will have to watch Enders and it seems the woman who has two tons of admirers well ex husband and the nice Asian postie has chosen to go away with the latter.  In the pub, the nice black lad is still managing without any skills etc, and in the hospital once more the big black father and slightly less big black son are laying in bed recovering from a kidney transplant that the son said he would not do, then did.  That's without mentioning the over the top drama queen Michael Moon.  if we can manage it we will watch the nice hospital drama.
Ruggles still due for his tea time so must dash and keep an eye.  Big love Wonka x

Monday, 14 October 2013

good day Mundee

Wonka here.  Now before I start it IS A GOOD DAY yes it really really is, because Owner back to normal viewing and was stroke is in a good mood.  Mostly because got a shout for some work so feels of some small value to mankind.  Weather you ask?  Well blow me down if it didn't go sunny and bright.  Still cool folks and still Autumnal - do love a good word don't you?  Only downside is that Owner felt ugly all day and blames hair.  I haven't gone there and I am not going to.

Fresh para.  So I had the kind of day I like.  Nibbled a few biscuits, tasted a bit of food from all those saucers, had a peek out front and back but mostly, I had to put my feet up on the settee.  Bliss.  When Owner  fell back through the door with bags of food shopping.  Cat food that is folks, I came to.  Ruggles was on the car seat this morning so had brekkie and turned up for tea time.  No sign of tinkers lately but I am keeping a good eye on the situation.

Final para as Owner says tea is nearly ready and is catching up on corrie - could not quite fit this in last night between the Strictly results (Vanessa up against that Julian chappie and lost out) then the Hex Factor (Lorna lost out to the blonde belter - both in the 'overs' category.  It's all in the name folks) and then for desert we watched Downton.  Lady Mary continues to pine for dead hubbie and turns down a proposal.  Which reminded Owner of Aged parent asking her if anyone had asked her to marry them?   Think Owner managed to deflect this question somehow without feeling totally and utterly washed up.  Now tonight then if Owner gets her skates on it is a total Corrie and Enders fest.  People dying, questioning paternity, managing pubs without any known qualifications or experience or indeed (Corrie) selling them!  We love it and we love you our small but faithful followers wherever you are in the world.  Take it steady then.  big love Wonka x

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Soothing Sundee

Wonka here.  Now due to the sudden turn in the weather from Indian summer (and we think that means the American Indians folks) to over here autumn, did Owner sleep right in.  I also blame the two duvets as opposed to just the one.  and don't forget the heating is now up a notch, in case we all freeze.   so no dilemma in this house about starving or freezing.  We are fully supporting the slogan live now die in debt.  yes.  ~Fresh para I think.

I wanted to put on another adorable photshoot of me relaxing as I do on half of the settee but Owner said no, the good folks out there will want to see the poor shed door (?). 

I cannot agree more with you all - you say what is this?  Well of course there is the door that will not shut properly especially since Owner went at it with a hammer and some nails.  In front is a heavy plant pot that stops said door from flinging open too wide, and there is also a nice shot of the garden dustbin!!  thought you'd all like that one.  But, listen up, through the little window to the side of the poor shed door well there is a wide wooden shelf that ruggles sometimes sits on, and where the luxury igloo is towards the back.  And just by the window folks is Baba's little box, it has his name on it and a bunch of pretend lilies yes, and that is where Owner said he would want to be.  He loved that shed he did.  Hankies away!

Definitely a fresh para needed.   So it is an important shed and you did need to see it I spose.  Ruggles lives in there when he is not in the kitchen being fed, it is a bit tricky as I have to be pushed into the dining room and can only play with Ruggles by putting my paw under the door.  Now I am not in Owner's good books as last night whilst basking on the settee did I lash out and scratch Owner on tender bit of her forearm.  Although it was a complete accident she not happy and only just forgiven me.  Also, Owner not happy about the packet or should we say tube of After Eights chocs which she had to eat all of, said thought they were Mintolas (clue in the name?) said tasted like soap, I said then why eat them??   On a more serious note we loved the tv fest and had a few decisions to make about what to watch!  ended up very square eyed and in love with a singing group called Rough copy, Owner says gave 'solid' performance (I say) and as for the dancing, we are now in love with this rugby player called Ben.  We always liked the name Ben.  tonight more of the same plus that nice drama Downton Abbey where all the slaves know best and the Rich Owners know nothing.  go steady out there folks and have a good week ahead.  Big Love Wonka x

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Silly Satdee

Wonka here.  thought we would start off with me in a sunny spot.  Mainly because gone gloomy and drizzly out there and this can cheer us all up.  Buddleia blown over third time in a row, will Owner finally secure it?  I'll let you know in due course.  Yes, that is a wooden swan on the box I know it looks like it will jump down eh.  and just at the bottom is the famous mousey of them all and to the right is my newest toy, that little blue soggy fish.  I love it.  Oh yes that string thing round Swanny is little daisy lights by a battery.   We do like a string of lights.

Fresh para.  Owner went quite busy and only slightly worried by ruggles who was pat and mick twice.  What if she goes.  I said you will JUST HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT! hasn't mentioned since and said was going to buy fish and chicken.  anyone would think we were rolling in it.  Finally waved Owner off to go swimming and shopping and visiting.  At last some peace.  Yes heating is now on folks and due to lack of sun I have to warm up by practically sitting on the radiator.  If not, I like to hog roughly half the settee.Fresh para

Possibly final para we'll see.  So Owner struggles back in with face like thunder I said are you in a mood? Now the nice dentist once asked Owner this, luckily when she was unable to answer having several instruments in her mouth, but personally I'd say unless you are me and can leap quickly upstairs and under the bed don't ask this question.  It turns out aged parent, second visit of the day, damned all with faint praise and scrutinised Owner at end of very trying visit to say 'you look tired.'  This is guaranteed to wind Owner up and make her feel at least 99 and a half.  Brought her round with the news that ruggles was on the doorstep and no sign of illness.  yet.

Final para I've decided.  Yes so we both had real chick and real fish although don't think Ruggles ever seen a real fish as he declined it.  Owner slowly thawing out,  Last night, something happened to us as we enjoyed Enders and the weird and manic Michael Moon character had Owner enthralled.  He is very over the top and leans towards the Jack Nicholson school of acting.  Mustn't mention schools.  Now tonight we on with the dancing and now we are in love with Ashley, not sure who he is, Anton and Fiona, and who else?  Pasha has a rather trying partner this year but we'll hold on there.  Then folks it's on with the 'live' shows on hex Factor!!  A truly scrumptious tv fest.  May help Owner regain decent mood.  In the meantime wherever you are in the world folks go steady.
big Love Wonka x

Friday, 11 October 2013

Got there Fridee

Wonka here.  Yes it is autumn out there and this morning when Owner came to, it seemed darker too.  Soon be Halloween and Owner will dress up the window.  No! you thought I would say she is dressing up (and there is another joke there but we are not going there no).  Dressing up the window means putting a few bits and bobs there like a witches hat thing and a rat who has light up eyes.  We love it.  Fresh para

Now today tripped on by as far as I know without any big deals going on.  Biggest deal was the Buddleia blew over yet again, Owner said would put some twine round it (hasn't) and when opened up the shed this morning was Ruggles snuggled up on the car seat with the hot water bottle under him nicely.  This I'll have you all know cheered Owner up more than anything else.  He woke up late afternoon for some tea time and trotted off.

Fresh para.  I have found a new nesting place slap up against the radiator, it is fab.  The news today is all on about rises in electric and gas and what does Owner do?  She turns it on constant instead of timer.  I WILL NOT BE COLD! is her mantra come the winter months, well hang on, Autumn actually.  So whilst all else are being economic, or just plain being brave and wrapping up, Owner is costing us a fortune and sending the utilities companies on a cruise round the world.  I dare say she'll have it carved on her gravestone if she has one, that mantra (not being cold) or, she'll have the other favourite 'what's the point of that?'

Final fresh para.  last night luckily we found the American hex Factor was on, and we did watch bits of it, with nice Simon smiling away and far from the churlish judge he used to be when he was doing our UK version of it, which is still going of course and we are hooked on that too.  if only they will all stop crying long enough to sing we'll love it.  tonight we have no corrie as it is replaced by footie and that means just Enders folks.  We dread to think what the storyline may be, but there is a big black man laying in a hospital bed needing a kidney and his nice son who he has just reunited with was going to be a donor but isn't now.  Well really.  I dare say we will get through the evening.  Now I want all you folks out there to have a wonderful evening and it is the weekend of course too.  I must go as need a nap by the hotter than hot radiator.  Big love Wonka x

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Sunny and Rainy Thursdee

Wonka here.  Sunshine and rain here, one minute all wind swept and blowy next minute looks glorious.  Woke up to dark though, proper autumn weather and Buddleia (Owner's not Baba's) blown over in the wind.  Owner fretting about the poor shed door as it won't stay shut in that wind said.  Have you thought about getting someone who knows what they are doing (Joiner) to fix it I said back.  May have to do a photoshoot of it.   Owner on slight worry wart about Ruggles freezing to death.  it is only just Autumn I reminded.  Now to cheer you all on out there whatever season you are experiencing folks, is a nice photo of me relaxed and happy with some of my toys.
Yes that is Kermit over by the door and in that bag are even more toys.  the little black speck is one of a pack of three mice I've had since being fairly small, well I was never that small you know.  And for good measure, we have the Buddhism book as this is useful to press things in and Owner likes the cover it is peaceful.(well it would be).  Yes and there is a piglit and a half eaten bunny rabbit, the pink thing.  Now I promised to tell you about a supermarket complaint by Owner, the other day.

Fresh para.   by the way the said Buddleia has blown over constantly all day and Owner swore at it.  Had to remind about manners which Owner hypocritically is very strong on. Yes.  Anyhow on Mundee I think it was, Owner struggles back in with usual supplies plus my cat litter.  It says it conquer odours (I beg to differ) stay fresh for days on end (this is simply not true in my case although I am not an elephant I do have to go in the tray frequently) and will degrade itself biologically.  there are a million jokes there folks but we will save them eh.  So Owners says, this luxury cat litter has gone up by a wopping 60 pence!  And in a supermarket that boasts of helping us out!  Well Owner says she reported it in store (I feel so sorry for those poor servants) and made them send an email to their head quarters in the sky or wherever it is.  They strongly supported Owner with her complaint (good move) and also found her lost store card.  Now this was a miracle folks, as the poor servant of the store brought forth a huge stack of these 'lost' store cards and Owners says (and I quote) 'mine is a darker blue'.  With that, the servant cuts into the pack and produces Owner's missing stroke lost card!! Back to the cat litter.  they have rung her up from the HQ in the sky and sympathised greatly and will report back to an even higher HQ (Mars??).  In the meantime Owner says to tread softly on the luxury cat litter as now has no work to speak of, it has to last for ever.

final para.  yes no work today the agencies have no say and Owner in a gloom full of  woe and doom! you have to sing that to herman's hermits no milk today folks!!  somehow I am coping with it.  Ruggles has been and troughed away and is now sheltering under the good bench which has a cover and wood for him to sit on.   But the wind doth blow and Owner will fear for his safety I know it.  To take her mind off it, she is now reading Daphne du Maurier's Jamaica Inn plus of course the usual soaps.  it's Enders tonight with all the recovering drunks (Lauren) villains (Phil Mitchell) and people dying in hospital (forgot his name).  other than this I can only hope for a nice evening.  go steady out there folks wherever you are in the world.  Just for today, big Love and Big peace Wonka x

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Woe is me Wednsdee

Wonka here.  Yet another fine day, gone slightly cooler yes and most important folks, Autumn has arrived!  Owner report seeing lots of orange leaves blowing about and falling but better than this saw a rainbow travelling back from Daughter's.  Here follows a photoshoot of a beauty sunset folks out back.  If anyone out there wants cheering up (and I am thinking of Owner specifically as has now sunk into that gloom I worried about yesterdee) then please do:
Well fancy that, for a minute I thought it had all vanished into that abyss Nietzsche goes on about!! (quote 'if you gaze for long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.' unquote and I mention this folks because Owner is in danger of doing that very thing!!).  Now the photoshoot you ask, what exactly is it?  it is taken from the good kitchen window at the end of a beauty day and you can see the old lemon geranium which smells of lemon if you rub its leaves.  We love that plant it is roughly ten years old now.  and outside you can see the sunset sky just over the tops of the houses out back (where Ruggles lives).  it is a good cure for doldrums!  Oh and just at the top those pink plastic things are star lights.  we put them on at night they look so pretty and maybe tells Rug we are in.
And just to finish off, the mobile is cats of course! those metal things dangling down.
Fresh para.  so today, things slipped down a notch as Owner thinks no one wants her anymore (workwise)  Owner very very sorry for itself and in keeping with her own philosophy (does not do sympathy) I am more likely to say?  GET A GRIP.
End para.  Also declared very ugly and old (am not going to go there).  to cheer up Owner I have had a look to see what is on.  And it is not good, no.  Who, who I ask in the big wide world wants to settle down to 'Watchdog' (Ann Robinson on a good day) at 8pm??  Well not Owner then and not me either.  Will try and find something funny.  Now you know I like to look for and find positives?  Visit to daughter went very well and she met up with my cousins you know, old Demi (she is old!  about 18 or near it and gone very scrawny in old age too. Hissed at Owner but it was a silent one. We love her) and Luke who is a big black softy cat.  Came home with a new scarf and liked it.  So there we are folks, Ruggles been in for tea, his tail is a terrible mess and Owner prayed on it (St Francis no less) and he had chicken and also had a hiss - with noise.  Now tomorrow I must tell you about the supermarket complaint.  Go steady out there.  Big love wonka x 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

tempting tuesdee

Wonka here.  Howdy folks and here it is another fine day in our world just hope it was in yours too.   Slow but steady here,  up after just one snooze in, usual catch Owner's foot under the duvet which involves some pouncing on my part and some moving quickly on Owner's - this is not easy as Owner as you know is a slow mover.  Unless she is sudden.  then it is sudden.  I like that word sudden and I think I'll use it more often.  Now the day developed gradually into an alright day.  No work again, and again Owner is taking this very philosophically.  She is so calm I am nervous and may dart under the bed.

Fresh para.  Now, a long phone call with an old dear friend ensued unexpectedly.  and this was due to a 'sudden' urge on Owner's part to contact verbally instead of emailing!!! blimey, the old fashioned way!!  I was proud especially as it has been on the news (well our news via Radio 2 we love it) that in schools, all the students are busy failing their literacy and numeracy.  In droves apparently.  And Owner nodded sagely at this as experienced at first hand.  yes Owner said, that Year 10 did not know how to write a letter!!  I was aghast as even I know how to complain by letter!

Fresh para.  Maybe final para who knows?  Now last night, far from sinking into an almighty gloom brought on by not being needed to work anywhere doing anything, Owner picked up and was glued to that lovely Take two if we can get over jolly Zoe Ball presenting it and usually we can, followed closely by corrie which concentrated its efforts on conscious Nick and even more conscious David his evil bruvver and in Enders we noted that Alfie, of the worn blue jeans leather coat and silly silverish belt was getting into a taxi! and we know this is how everyone leaves the soap!  It must be said that Michael Moon who has ridiculous white and even teeth (Owner's dentist take note) does make Owner laugh as he has rather a funny turn of phrase - his language folks is a pleasant  divergence from the more usual ' sorted' and 'come ere' one or two syllables that most of the square manage.  Is it any wonder says Owner (that woke her up) that young people cannot speak or write??
Tonight we will be as square eyed (no pun intended folks) as we like and if it keeps Owner smiling end of story eh.  go steady out there folks wherever you are.  big love Wonka x

Monday, 7 October 2013

steady old Mundee

Wonka here.  Yes we woke up and we got up.  Then, we sat back down.  Weather wise folks Owner been able to hang washing out and get it dry.  hardly a breeze to talk of and none of the wet stuff either.  but wait, you want to know about the sitting down and relaxing thing?  Owner does not know how to relax not in her personality and has to fidget, do several things at once and maybe read whilst watching the tv or talk on the phone whilst writing a book.  yes. Fresh para.

Did not get a shout or a whisper of work today.  Has not as yet sunk into a gloom but I am ready I am ready folks.  Ready to hide under the bed at a moment's notice and any hint of despair.  But, so far Owner been good, and made itself busy feeding me feeding ruggles and catching up with the dancing show.  We do love the spangles and sparkles and so many this year to fall in love with!  We switched from Mark, to Fiona but now also love Ola and Ashley.  who will we commit to?  Owner does love an underdog you know so if Craig starts baring his teeth at the contestants (for some reason he has been really nice, very off putting) we will support them.  Must just mention apropos of nothing (Love it) but Owner uploaded fifth story to be found on and you just need to search for 'Wonka'. There are five books in the series, and this one is entitled: conversations with Wonka - part Two.  I promise you will enjoy and not just because I am in it. 

Final para as Owner needs to fidget and so do I.  yes Owner did go out for some fresh air and did have to buy a few things some of it was food.  No chicken though.  Have said to Owner if not working how will we survive but she ignored me.  Our stars talked of making a plan as Mars is entering our sign next week so GET ON WITH IT! Me and Ruggles will starve! Also on about four big planets lined up in Scorpio as if they aren't intense enough. Thankfully Owner not a Scorpio although someone once said she was an 'honourary Scorpio. (spelling).   Owner not friends with them anymore and funnily enough this is what they were getting at!  Oh we have to laugh don't we.  Now tonight, as long as the big gloom doesn't descend early we shall watch corrie X 2 and see if Nice Nick is going to explode at evil David his bruverly bruvver.  Enders is still on about ex husbands and current crushes all inexplicably directed at Carol who is rude abrasive even, not cuddly, incommunicative at best and that's right we don't like her at all.  Now go steady out there folks wherever you are in the world as miracles do happen but in their own good time.  big love Wonka x

Sunday, 6 October 2013

supah sundee  Wonka here folks now just as a special treat do click on the link as it will take you to Owner's portrait of me sat at the table.  Yes.

Nearly forgot to tell you:  if you want to go and see some more about me then please take a peek.  I am as you know not averse to admirers.

Back to normal!  Wonka here.  Once again, Owner wakes up to sunshine flooding in and after the obligatory just having another 5 minutes, we progressed to the game where I pounce on anything that is moving on the bed.  that now includes Owner's bottom lip.  I know I know this could be harmful and would certainly have one of those silent scream things, but so far I have just touched it very quickly enough to startle out of a deep slumber and enough time for me to run away in.  Once up and doing Owner gradually warmed to the idea of going swimming and managed to get itself up there in time.  Then a trek into town to take back the useless not soft not likeable throw and purchase the exact same one Aged parent already got.  Slight hiccup in the first shop as Owner seemed not to have the right till receipt.  Without which nothing could happen and Owner says surprised the world didn't stop turning on its axis as well as fed up with talk of receipts for this and receipts for that.  Happily for the shop in question one of the good shop assistants spotted the bad receipt sticking to the bag.  Money got back, world started spinning again.

Fresh para.  Once Owner home, I was fed almost immediately with a bit of sidling up to the boxes of catfood and biscuits and saying for goodness sake I am starving.  Earlier, Owner had gone out to the bin and seen Ruggles perched under the bench so fed him alright, then had to go and adjust the good shed door as it will not shut and sticks open.  all well and good in the Summer says Owner but what when Winter sets in?  I mean we are hardly outer Siberia, or Iceland or all those other frozen places, it is just out the back.  Did Owner take heed?  No.  Off it went armed with a hammer and some nails and spent half an hour banging and lots of silent swearing.  have not checked since but the door was frightened into shutting the last I heard.

Final para.  Last night we loved the dancing and now we are in love with Fiona and Anton.  Fiona is so glamerous and was a Bond girl.  Anton was just Anton but that is alright we say.  Then we had the floods of tears that must accompany any group of lads getting picked for something. (our Hex Factor )The one who got picked cried more than the ones who didn't.  In this country we expect failure you see and it is very unnerving to win things.  tonight we will watch some more tears as more people don't lose.  and last thing to tell you folks, did Owner see someone from where she used to work whilst in town and a big gossip ensued as it turns out not just Owner given the cold shoulder!! It was one of those gossips where Owner did not get a word in though.  Isn't that a monologue I said.  All I know said Owner is I must be a good listener.  Will this be enough folks to get Owner back into the rat race?  watch this space.  now go steady out there folks I must dash as Ruggles may be out there for his tea time. Big love Wonka x

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Strictly Satdee

Wonka here.  Weather report you ask??  yet another beauty day, mild and good enough for a tea shirt really but yes Owner is trying to do autumn fashions and just held off from putting on favourite boots.  Aged parent said she looked 'nice'.  This alone is enough to dash all hopes of looking anything like so I had my work cut out when Owner returned from fraught visit.  did my best you folks out there to inspire and remotivate (like all the good life coaching says to do!) but all Owner could see was ugly and old (not tired though).

Fresh para.  I thought a fresh para as wanted to tell you about the latest impossible to find article that Owner's mother sent her out to buy.. it is a rug.  yes an ordinary rug that's needed.  So far, Owner has purchased two warm yet fashionable yet adorable rugs.  to any other person on the planet that is.  Not acceptable to aged parent though.  No.  it is comparable (do like a good descriptive term) to sending Hercules on one of his ancient missions to slay sea monsters, rescue imprisoned maidens and cut down a forest in order to gain entry to the fortress (where the maiden is).  Likewise, the rug is posing problems.  The first rug was too dark (a pleasant purple hue and a standard tartan pattern) and did not like pattern.  And, the death blow?  not soft enough.  Off Owner goes for another go at it.  Purchases a charming 'luxory' throw, adorned with cuddly and friendly looking teddies.  it is a light colour and soft.  Up until now, aged parent liked teddies.  NOT ANYMORE!

Fresh para - the upshot to it all is, Owner tried valiantly not to lose it but lost it, and is now poised to take second rug come throw back to the other shop.  Mood breaker that was.  Anyhow, we are now sort of alright and revving up for a night of blissful reality tv.  first off the dancing and we love it, we are in love with Mark (??) he is a big and funny gently giant who cannot win it, and then we favour Robin and Deborah Dragon.  Following this we have 'judges houses' no less where all the 'singers' find out if they can 'sing' and if they can, we get to watch them for what seems like forever and a day.  But Owner loves it and is even following the American one. 

Final para.  Rug has been for his tea and stepped into the kitchen as soon as Owner threw open the good back door.  No sign of Tinkers as yet.  Whilst Rug was eating his tea a giant bee batted up to the window it was huge!  Owner reports seeing a butterfly whilst on travels but not on Baba's miracle Buddleia as yet.  I want you all to have a wonderful evening and enjoy! big love Wonka x

Friday, 4 October 2013

Face it Fridee

Wonka here.   Managed to get to the end of the week folks and I hope all of you out there in the world did too.   It rained some more here and Owner took one look and made decision to go back to bed and read!!!  Talk about living on the edge!! Well I was on the edge of the bed with head hanging slightly over but perfect, just perfect.  And why you ask this sudden dropping of standards??  Put it down to end of the week blues, bit of rain and gloom plus no shout out for work.  Clearly Owner feels neglected, unwanted and unloved (giant AHHHH!!!!).  I do not as you know buy into this 'there there' stuff and am more likely to tell Owner to GET A GRIP. (time to come out from under the bed folks..)

yes fresh para required.  We did hit rock bottom whilst I was on the bed and that was Owner finished Doctor Sleep.  But rest assured once that bottom has been reached there is only one way to come up for air and yes that is by kicking back up!  well perhaps not quite as enthusiastic as that eh, give Owner a chance.  but by lunch time, normal service was back, and a hair appointment later on provided the godsend Owner needed.  Came swanning back in and I had to do a double take, as not sure this glamorous being was indeed my Owner.  So beauty hair and also bought 'product'.  blimey.  Now there is no excuse whatsoever for being in the doldrums I said, not now you look a million dollars!  of course I was fed immediately and given a giant tummy tickle which is my favourite.

Final para as lots to do.  There is a photo of beloved Baba's miracle Budleia in bloom, and ruggles has been in for breakfast and tea.  This morning whilst Ruggles sheltered under the bench from that rain I was on about, did tinkers appear.  so owner only half worried now instead of full worried.  Now tonight we have corrie X 2 and no doubt nice Nick will rear up in his hospital bed and confront nasty David who has what could be his daughter Lily.  Hmm.  Then sandwiched in between is Enders and Carol has declared love for the nice Asian Postie whose name keeps escaping me, whilst her ex husband, who is not nice smoulders in the background (David).  I am fairly sure there is an American hex factor going on to watch to provide just the pick me up Owner is needing.  If I thought Owner was in love I would say she was love lorn, but Owner only ever falls in love once in a blue moon and it  is always with someone she shouldn't have fallen in love with. therapists make a career out of it.  Photo:
Here it is folks the buddleia in bloom.  Owner says has never seen this before, in October for a Buddleia to grow such beautiful blossoms.  should it attract a butterfly we will capture this for you.  we love it, it is so uplifting,  Just to leave you with this final thought, Owner does keep playing @mavericks 'in time' over and over,  Lovesick blues or just the blues?!  go steady out there folks and have a wonderful weekend.  big love wonka x

Thursday, 3 October 2013

To ourselves Thursdee

Wonka here.  Now Owner decided to do a bit of re potting the geraniums and also took it upon herself to water out front and a bit out back.  YES!!  This brought the rain on folks better than any rain dance we know of.  Just send Owner out there with a jug full of water and do a bit of moving things round and about.  You will want a progress report on the miracle Buddleia?  it is in full bloom near enough and does warrant a photoshoot bless it.  Baba would be so proud.  Put those hankies away!  think a fresh para is called for.

Here it is then.  Other news worthy of a mention.  No phone calls at the crack of dawn well 7 0 clock in the morning to you out there in the world.  This meant a nice day to ourselves.  Only Owner would go and spoil it by making that decision to 'pop' to the nice dentist and see if an appointment was available preferably this year.  Well not only was it this year, it was this month and this week and it was TODAY.  Due to a cancellation the nice receptionist said giving Owner no time at all to psych up.  Another barrier faced and overcome!!  How brave is Owner?  Said was all over in no time and has told me (secretly) that this is her preferred Dentist of all time.  Will it last Folks?   I live in hope and was just happy to see Owner return home in good spirits and able to feed me near enough immediately.

Yes fresh para again, maybe final fresh para eh.  Now whilst Owner was busyin itself re potting in this nice big red pot (the shop assistant remarked on a chip on the rim but when tried to get Owner a discount this other not nice shop assistant said they mustn't sell anything with a sharp edge. Me and Owner are still debating this point as that shop must have a million items for sale with sharp edges.  Owner just smiled nicely, did not bare teeth, and said would carry on buying it anyway.  And did.) anyhow whilst shuffling geraniums about did Ruggles snuck in, so was immediately fed, just like me!!  And I had another playfight with him under the kitchen/dining room door!!

Real final para.  Last night another wash out on the tv so after corrie and the storyline of Nick's possible baby Lily being revealed as such (if Kylie brave enough to tell all and risk the wrath of David) Owner did settle down again with Doctor Sleep.  Few final pages to go.  Oh no.  tonight?  It's back with Enders and that silly love twist thingy and possibly a school soap if Owner can bear it.  Now I want you all to take it steady and take heart as Fridee tomorrow.  Big Love Wonka x
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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

we got there Wednesdee

Wonka here.  No about the weather folks, when we looked out first thing, gorgeous pink early morning sky it was beauty.  Then, then later on it did rain a bit and turned to drizzle.  gone cooler.  yes so we are left wondering what to wear really.  Well Owner is, obviously I do not have an ongoing debate on the wardrobe thing.  Now Owner, if it does not plan ahead and have day wear ready, well a quandary results folks.  the bed (my bed that is my big pet bed) is then covered in shirts, tops, more tops, hangers, things twisted round what are they, and basically there is not enough time for all of this.  Not if Owner gets a shout in the morning to go to a job.  And that happened this morning folks.  Off Owner went and came home in a fairly decent mood plus had brought fresh supplies.  Chicken, more biscuits (as didn't have enough variety only 5 or 6) and immediately set to and fed me, then cleaned out my luxury cat tray.  I will not go in it if it develops into a swamp.  Now I know I know fresh para.

here it is!! So, Owner tired but on track and all of this after a visit to aged sibling and parent!  We love being busy bees.  last night, we did watch enders and it did seem never ending folks with the new and hard to swallow storyline of Carol and her two 'beaus' and I mean suitors etc.  so following that Owner made decision to read.  yes! reading her favourite book Doctor Sleep.  nearly finished it, oh no, withdrawal symptoms will raise their head.

Final para.  Ruggles not there for brekkie but there for tea and had nice surprise as had big plate of usual luxury catfood but plus chicken.  He had a nice wash on the good kitchen doorstep and I was watching from my dining room perch (photoshoot the other day to show you.  check it out now!).  Not seen Tinkers lately so Owner will worry.  yes we talked of Baba today and golly who was my bestest friend and had to go to heaven nearly two years ago.  We love them and miss them.  Put those hankies away!  Now tonight folks we will watch beloved Corrie with nice Nick out of his coma and quite rightly frightened of brother David who had previously tried to kill him and there at his bedside in his face!  Lordy.  we love it.  Unsure if anything else on that Owner can watch without fidgeting.  Now go steady out there in the world wherever you are folks.  Big Love Wonka x

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Top tuesdee

Wonka here.   Now weatherwise we cannot complain! No!  It is still nice and sunny if a bit cloudy and a bit windy (outside folks).  But Owner put new boots on to be on the safe side plus wanted to put boots on.  They are super boots and make Owner feel good.  ~As we know this is paramount, whatever it takes.  You will want an update of Owner and job and our financial situation.  Fresh para.

Owner has taken a little stock and decided must keep going but not necessarily in a place doesn't like (last one).  Acknowledges zero tolerance for being treated like an idiot and being told what to do (I can vouch for this folks) so must try to forge up that ladder (still stuck on bottom rung).  How you say?  The phrase right place right time springs to mind here.  but folks I do know this, you really do get back out what you put in so Owner is due a windfall of job luck!  and money luck! and love luck!  Well any luck will do.  Fresh para to follow.

Today was topping because Owner had day to self.  spent most of it reading Doctor Sleep as three quarters through and loves it so much I worry about when it's finished.  Now I have to own up to lashing out for no reason whatsoever whilst I was on the table and Owner went to give me a stroke on the head.  yes, for no apparent reason I hooked a claw into Owner's forearm that really sensitive bit and haven't been spoken to since.  I am very sorry though and it is only a small hole with a raised red and purple border.  Now on the good side, as I say Owner took easy throughout and is now entranced with that take two thing, presenter Zoe Ball is a bit on the jolly side for us, we prefer a more gloomy setting but we do love the gossip and the glitter. plus we are in love with Abbi Clancy.  Yes.

Final para.  Ruggles startled Owner by being on the doorstep for his breakfast!  in he trots.  and again for his teatime.  Owner only slightly worried he may trot in with a serious disease and I get it.  (slightly!)  No sign of Tinkers as yet.   Now tonight we will struggle through Enders and confused as to how Carol got two suitors not just one, got thingy postman that nice Asian chap and got ex husband in bed after being beaten up on the doorstep.  I know, we do have to suspend everything to follow.  Then it's that hospital where the one with cancer is being horrid to husband and then nice.  yes.  Now I want you all to go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Big love wonka x