Thursday, 10 October 2013

Sunny and Rainy Thursdee

Wonka here.  Sunshine and rain here, one minute all wind swept and blowy next minute looks glorious.  Woke up to dark though, proper autumn weather and Buddleia (Owner's not Baba's) blown over in the wind.  Owner fretting about the poor shed door as it won't stay shut in that wind said.  Have you thought about getting someone who knows what they are doing (Joiner) to fix it I said back.  May have to do a photoshoot of it.   Owner on slight worry wart about Ruggles freezing to death.  it is only just Autumn I reminded.  Now to cheer you all on out there whatever season you are experiencing folks, is a nice photo of me relaxed and happy with some of my toys.
Yes that is Kermit over by the door and in that bag are even more toys.  the little black speck is one of a pack of three mice I've had since being fairly small, well I was never that small you know.  And for good measure, we have the Buddhism book as this is useful to press things in and Owner likes the cover it is peaceful.(well it would be).  Yes and there is a piglit and a half eaten bunny rabbit, the pink thing.  Now I promised to tell you about a supermarket complaint by Owner, the other day.

Fresh para.   by the way the said Buddleia has blown over constantly all day and Owner swore at it.  Had to remind about manners which Owner hypocritically is very strong on. Yes.  Anyhow on Mundee I think it was, Owner struggles back in with usual supplies plus my cat litter.  It says it conquer odours (I beg to differ) stay fresh for days on end (this is simply not true in my case although I am not an elephant I do have to go in the tray frequently) and will degrade itself biologically.  there are a million jokes there folks but we will save them eh.  So Owners says, this luxury cat litter has gone up by a wopping 60 pence!  And in a supermarket that boasts of helping us out!  Well Owner says she reported it in store (I feel so sorry for those poor servants) and made them send an email to their head quarters in the sky or wherever it is.  They strongly supported Owner with her complaint (good move) and also found her lost store card.  Now this was a miracle folks, as the poor servant of the store brought forth a huge stack of these 'lost' store cards and Owners says (and I quote) 'mine is a darker blue'.  With that, the servant cuts into the pack and produces Owner's missing stroke lost card!! Back to the cat litter.  they have rung her up from the HQ in the sky and sympathised greatly and will report back to an even higher HQ (Mars??).  In the meantime Owner says to tread softly on the luxury cat litter as now has no work to speak of, it has to last for ever.

final para.  yes no work today the agencies have no say and Owner in a gloom full of  woe and doom! you have to sing that to herman's hermits no milk today folks!!  somehow I am coping with it.  Ruggles has been and troughed away and is now sheltering under the good bench which has a cover and wood for him to sit on.   But the wind doth blow and Owner will fear for his safety I know it.  To take her mind off it, she is now reading Daphne du Maurier's Jamaica Inn plus of course the usual soaps.  it's Enders tonight with all the recovering drunks (Lauren) villains (Phil Mitchell) and people dying in hospital (forgot his name).  other than this I can only hope for a nice evening.  go steady out there folks wherever you are in the world.  Just for today, big Love and Big peace Wonka x