Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Woe is me Wednsdee

Wonka here.  Yet another fine day, gone slightly cooler yes and most important folks, Autumn has arrived!  Owner report seeing lots of orange leaves blowing about and falling but better than this saw a rainbow travelling back from Daughter's.  Here follows a photoshoot of a beauty sunset folks out back.  If anyone out there wants cheering up (and I am thinking of Owner specifically as has now sunk into that gloom I worried about yesterdee) then please do:
Well fancy that, for a minute I thought it had all vanished into that abyss Nietzsche goes on about!! (quote 'if you gaze for long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.' unquote and I mention this folks because Owner is in danger of doing that very thing!!).  Now the photoshoot you ask, what exactly is it?  it is taken from the good kitchen window at the end of a beauty day and you can see the old lemon geranium which smells of lemon if you rub its leaves.  We love that plant it is roughly ten years old now.  and outside you can see the sunset sky just over the tops of the houses out back (where Ruggles lives).  it is a good cure for doldrums!  Oh and just at the top those pink plastic things are star lights.  we put them on at night they look so pretty and maybe tells Rug we are in.
And just to finish off, the mobile is cats of course! those metal things dangling down.
Fresh para.  so today, things slipped down a notch as Owner thinks no one wants her anymore (workwise)  Owner very very sorry for itself and in keeping with her own philosophy (does not do sympathy) I am more likely to say?  GET A GRIP.
End para.  Also declared very ugly and old (am not going to go there).  to cheer up Owner I have had a look to see what is on.  And it is not good, no.  Who, who I ask in the big wide world wants to settle down to 'Watchdog' (Ann Robinson on a good day) at 8pm??  Well not Owner then and not me either.  Will try and find something funny.  Now you know I like to look for and find positives?  Visit to daughter went very well and she met up with my cousins you know, old Demi (she is old!  about 18 or near it and gone very scrawny in old age too. Hissed at Owner but it was a silent one. We love her) and Luke who is a big black softy cat.  Came home with a new scarf and liked it.  So there we are folks, Ruggles been in for tea, his tail is a terrible mess and Owner prayed on it (St Francis no less) and he had chicken and also had a hiss - with noise.  Now tomorrow I must tell you about the supermarket complaint.  Go steady out there.  Big love wonka x