Monday, 14 October 2013

good day Mundee

Wonka here.  Now before I start it IS A GOOD DAY yes it really really is, because Owner back to normal viewing and was stroke is in a good mood.  Mostly because got a shout for some work so feels of some small value to mankind.  Weather you ask?  Well blow me down if it didn't go sunny and bright.  Still cool folks and still Autumnal - do love a good word don't you?  Only downside is that Owner felt ugly all day and blames hair.  I haven't gone there and I am not going to.

Fresh para.  So I had the kind of day I like.  Nibbled a few biscuits, tasted a bit of food from all those saucers, had a peek out front and back but mostly, I had to put my feet up on the settee.  Bliss.  When Owner  fell back through the door with bags of food shopping.  Cat food that is folks, I came to.  Ruggles was on the car seat this morning so had brekkie and turned up for tea time.  No sign of tinkers lately but I am keeping a good eye on the situation.

Final para as Owner says tea is nearly ready and is catching up on corrie - could not quite fit this in last night between the Strictly results (Vanessa up against that Julian chappie and lost out) then the Hex Factor (Lorna lost out to the blonde belter - both in the 'overs' category.  It's all in the name folks) and then for desert we watched Downton.  Lady Mary continues to pine for dead hubbie and turns down a proposal.  Which reminded Owner of Aged parent asking her if anyone had asked her to marry them?   Think Owner managed to deflect this question somehow without feeling totally and utterly washed up.  Now tonight then if Owner gets her skates on it is a total Corrie and Enders fest.  People dying, questioning paternity, managing pubs without any known qualifications or experience or indeed (Corrie) selling them!  We love it and we love you our small but faithful followers wherever you are in the world.  Take it steady then.  big love Wonka x