Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Thursdee

Wonka here.  Gloomy start but then it went and brightened up to usual blue sky and sun.  Even Owner a little bit motivated and did eventually get up.  Begged not to do any further hoovering and thankfully took note.  sometimes the monster aka hoover is stationed upstairs for weeks on end and how am I to know it is just to make Owner feel better?  She did advise daughter on hoovering via text as we know my cousin over there is on her last paws and must be spoilt rotten which means NO HOOVERING.  Well I am not on any last paw and I want the same respect!!

Fresh para.  Now as all you good folks out there know, the 31 October is also known as All Hallows Eve, and Hallows means HOLY.  Yes.  However you feel about the day, we wish you all a happy one and hear follows a little tiny photoshoot:
Now Ratty in the middle is brilliant and he has light up pink eyes! the little cat to the left is an old soft toy made by daughter and I have never to my knowledge played with it.  Baba may have.  The ghostie to the right lights up too and goes from red to green to normal in a flash.  We think the battery will run out in two minutes.  Likewise Ratty's pink eyes.  The pumpkin is a money box and purchased for grandson moons ago and of course the plastic orange beaker is full of teeth defying sweets (don't read this if you are a dentist and especially if you are Owner's dentist!  We love him!)

final para.  Now in keeping with the rest of the week, Owner has been on a go slow and watching far too much rubbish on the tv.  Tried hard to watch rubbish last night but couldn't find any.  Is reading Dracula at the moment, that's Bram Stoker to you, and blow me down if it isn't a bit creepy!!  Tonight we shall stay down to earth with Enders so help us we have seen Alice so Michael has not murdered as yet but has he put tablets in Janine's everlasting glass of red??  we must try to stay awake to find out.  Beyond this or should I say the grave, Owner wants to watch that good Halloween show, the Hex Faktor but fears it is not on until tmro eve.  Simon Ghoul I mean Cowell is so entertaining and he 'has' the groups this year.  We love it!  Now please do go steady out there in the world and keep you spirits up!  Big love wonka x