Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Top tuesdee

Wonka here.   Now weatherwise we cannot complain! No!  It is still nice and sunny if a bit cloudy and a bit windy (outside folks).  But Owner put new boots on to be on the safe side plus wanted to put boots on.  They are super boots and make Owner feel good.  ~As we know this is paramount, whatever it takes.  You will want an update of Owner and job and our financial situation.  Fresh para.

Owner has taken a little stock and decided must keep going but not necessarily in a place doesn't like (last one).  Acknowledges zero tolerance for being treated like an idiot and being told what to do (I can vouch for this folks) so must try to forge up that ladder (still stuck on bottom rung).  How you say?  The phrase right place right time springs to mind here.  but folks I do know this, you really do get back out what you put in so Owner is due a windfall of job luck!  and money luck! and love luck!  Well any luck will do.  Fresh para to follow.

Today was topping because Owner had day to self.  spent most of it reading Doctor Sleep as three quarters through and loves it so much I worry about when it's finished.  Now I have to own up to lashing out for no reason whatsoever whilst I was on the table and Owner went to give me a stroke on the head.  yes, for no apparent reason I hooked a claw into Owner's forearm that really sensitive bit and haven't been spoken to since.  I am very sorry though and it is only a small hole with a raised red and purple border.  Now on the good side, as I say Owner took easy throughout and is now entranced with that take two thing, presenter Zoe Ball is a bit on the jolly side for us, we prefer a more gloomy setting but we do love the gossip and the glitter. plus we are in love with Abbi Clancy.  Yes.

Final para.  Ruggles startled Owner by being on the doorstep for his breakfast!  in he trots.  and again for his teatime.  Owner only slightly worried he may trot in with a serious disease and I get it.  (slightly!)  No sign of Tinkers as yet.   Now tonight we will struggle through Enders and confused as to how Carol got two suitors not just one, got thingy postman that nice Asian chap and got ex husband in bed after being beaten up on the doorstep.  I know, we do have to suspend everything to follow.  Then it's that hospital where the one with cancer is being horrid to husband and then nice.  yes.  Now I want you all to go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Big love wonka x