Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Town tuesdee

Wonka here.  Now apart from being fairly gloomy out there we did struggle up alright.  Just wait til the clocks go back folks then we'll really know all about it.  Dark getting up and dark getting home.  In the meantime our inner and outer clocks are in synch.  Here follows me looking relaxed and hogging the settee.
Far more interesting than the shed door eh?  Ruggles was here for his breakfast and under the bench he was.  Owner rushed out with a sachet of the best cat food going.  Me?  thanks for asking, just 3 saucers and biscuits to choose from.  Yes, that's all.

Fresh para.  top news stories on about cameras in care homes.  Yes so they can finally track all the interesting arguments between residents and their families shouted Owner!  We can only hope they don't record the ghastly conversations as well eh.  But any residents hitting their families, we think that should be allowed.  Plus a system to track clothes said Owner.  It really is a minefield waiting to be blown up I said.   Nothing else I can remember as newsworthy although I'm sure that nice president Obama been up to a thing or two.   We love him.  Our politicians are alright I spose, one of them is a public schoolboy and I think the other two aren't far from it.  Ah, the delights of a class system, if anything defines our country that does.  Wait a minute!  I've gone very political and even Owner taken by surprise.  I'll be voting next!  though unsure what kind of pressure needed to get votes for felines.   I could easily scratch my mark on a card (instead of Owner's arm!)

time for final para.  Now Owner still in a relaxed and happy mood I said are you coming down with anything?   Just the way of it.  Said now likes hair (I give up on that one as you know) and thanks to a new pair of earrings is feeling good.  May it continue then.  has finished Jamaica Inn (Daphne du Maurier) and still got withdrawals for Doctor Sleep.  Said may re read The Shining for the billionth time.  And I will be under the bed folks!  Now tonight we will have to watch Enders and it seems the woman who has two tons of admirers well ex husband and the nice Asian postie has chosen to go away with the latter.  In the pub, the nice black lad is still managing without any skills etc, and in the hospital once more the big black father and slightly less big black son are laying in bed recovering from a kidney transplant that the son said he would not do, then did.  That's without mentioning the over the top drama queen Michael Moon.  if we can manage it we will watch the nice hospital drama.
Ruggles still due for his tea time so must dash and keep an eye.  Big love Wonka x