Sunday, 6 October 2013

supah sundee  Wonka here folks now just as a special treat do click on the link as it will take you to Owner's portrait of me sat at the table.  Yes.

Nearly forgot to tell you:  if you want to go and see some more about me then please take a peek.  I am as you know not averse to admirers.

Back to normal!  Wonka here.  Once again, Owner wakes up to sunshine flooding in and after the obligatory just having another 5 minutes, we progressed to the game where I pounce on anything that is moving on the bed.  that now includes Owner's bottom lip.  I know I know this could be harmful and would certainly have one of those silent scream things, but so far I have just touched it very quickly enough to startle out of a deep slumber and enough time for me to run away in.  Once up and doing Owner gradually warmed to the idea of going swimming and managed to get itself up there in time.  Then a trek into town to take back the useless not soft not likeable throw and purchase the exact same one Aged parent already got.  Slight hiccup in the first shop as Owner seemed not to have the right till receipt.  Without which nothing could happen and Owner says surprised the world didn't stop turning on its axis as well as fed up with talk of receipts for this and receipts for that.  Happily for the shop in question one of the good shop assistants spotted the bad receipt sticking to the bag.  Money got back, world started spinning again.

Fresh para.  Once Owner home, I was fed almost immediately with a bit of sidling up to the boxes of catfood and biscuits and saying for goodness sake I am starving.  Earlier, Owner had gone out to the bin and seen Ruggles perched under the bench so fed him alright, then had to go and adjust the good shed door as it will not shut and sticks open.  all well and good in the Summer says Owner but what when Winter sets in?  I mean we are hardly outer Siberia, or Iceland or all those other frozen places, it is just out the back.  Did Owner take heed?  No.  Off it went armed with a hammer and some nails and spent half an hour banging and lots of silent swearing.  have not checked since but the door was frightened into shutting the last I heard.

Final para.  Last night we loved the dancing and now we are in love with Fiona and Anton.  Fiona is so glamerous and was a Bond girl.  Anton was just Anton but that is alright we say.  Then we had the floods of tears that must accompany any group of lads getting picked for something. (our Hex Factor )The one who got picked cried more than the ones who didn't.  In this country we expect failure you see and it is very unnerving to win things.  tonight we will watch some more tears as more people don't lose.  and last thing to tell you folks, did Owner see someone from where she used to work whilst in town and a big gossip ensued as it turns out not just Owner given the cold shoulder!! It was one of those gossips where Owner did not get a word in though.  Isn't that a monologue I said.  All I know said Owner is I must be a good listener.  Will this be enough folks to get Owner back into the rat race?  watch this space.  now go steady out there folks I must dash as Ruggles may be out there for his tea time. Big love Wonka x