Friday, 4 October 2013

Face it Fridee

Wonka here.   Managed to get to the end of the week folks and I hope all of you out there in the world did too.   It rained some more here and Owner took one look and made decision to go back to bed and read!!!  Talk about living on the edge!! Well I was on the edge of the bed with head hanging slightly over but perfect, just perfect.  And why you ask this sudden dropping of standards??  Put it down to end of the week blues, bit of rain and gloom plus no shout out for work.  Clearly Owner feels neglected, unwanted and unloved (giant AHHHH!!!!).  I do not as you know buy into this 'there there' stuff and am more likely to tell Owner to GET A GRIP. (time to come out from under the bed folks..)

yes fresh para required.  We did hit rock bottom whilst I was on the bed and that was Owner finished Doctor Sleep.  But rest assured once that bottom has been reached there is only one way to come up for air and yes that is by kicking back up!  well perhaps not quite as enthusiastic as that eh, give Owner a chance.  but by lunch time, normal service was back, and a hair appointment later on provided the godsend Owner needed.  Came swanning back in and I had to do a double take, as not sure this glamorous being was indeed my Owner.  So beauty hair and also bought 'product'.  blimey.  Now there is no excuse whatsoever for being in the doldrums I said, not now you look a million dollars!  of course I was fed immediately and given a giant tummy tickle which is my favourite.

Final para as lots to do.  There is a photo of beloved Baba's miracle Budleia in bloom, and ruggles has been in for breakfast and tea.  This morning whilst Ruggles sheltered under the bench from that rain I was on about, did tinkers appear.  so owner only half worried now instead of full worried.  Now tonight we have corrie X 2 and no doubt nice Nick will rear up in his hospital bed and confront nasty David who has what could be his daughter Lily.  Hmm.  Then sandwiched in between is Enders and Carol has declared love for the nice Asian Postie whose name keeps escaping me, whilst her ex husband, who is not nice smoulders in the background (David).  I am fairly sure there is an American hex factor going on to watch to provide just the pick me up Owner is needing.  If I thought Owner was in love I would say she was love lorn, but Owner only ever falls in love once in a blue moon and it  is always with someone she shouldn't have fallen in love with. therapists make a career out of it.  Photo:
Here it is folks the buddleia in bloom.  Owner says has never seen this before, in October for a Buddleia to grow such beautiful blossoms.  should it attract a butterfly we will capture this for you.  we love it, it is so uplifting,  Just to leave you with this final thought, Owner does keep playing @mavericks 'in time' over and over,  Lovesick blues or just the blues?!  go steady out there folks and have a wonderful weekend.  big love wonka x