Thursday, 3 October 2013

To ourselves Thursdee

Wonka here.  Now Owner decided to do a bit of re potting the geraniums and also took it upon herself to water out front and a bit out back.  YES!!  This brought the rain on folks better than any rain dance we know of.  Just send Owner out there with a jug full of water and do a bit of moving things round and about.  You will want a progress report on the miracle Buddleia?  it is in full bloom near enough and does warrant a photoshoot bless it.  Baba would be so proud.  Put those hankies away!  think a fresh para is called for.

Here it is then.  Other news worthy of a mention.  No phone calls at the crack of dawn well 7 0 clock in the morning to you out there in the world.  This meant a nice day to ourselves.  Only Owner would go and spoil it by making that decision to 'pop' to the nice dentist and see if an appointment was available preferably this year.  Well not only was it this year, it was this month and this week and it was TODAY.  Due to a cancellation the nice receptionist said giving Owner no time at all to psych up.  Another barrier faced and overcome!!  How brave is Owner?  Said was all over in no time and has told me (secretly) that this is her preferred Dentist of all time.  Will it last Folks?   I live in hope and was just happy to see Owner return home in good spirits and able to feed me near enough immediately.

Yes fresh para again, maybe final fresh para eh.  Now whilst Owner was busyin itself re potting in this nice big red pot (the shop assistant remarked on a chip on the rim but when tried to get Owner a discount this other not nice shop assistant said they mustn't sell anything with a sharp edge. Me and Owner are still debating this point as that shop must have a million items for sale with sharp edges.  Owner just smiled nicely, did not bare teeth, and said would carry on buying it anyway.  And did.) anyhow whilst shuffling geraniums about did Ruggles snuck in, so was immediately fed, just like me!!  And I had another playfight with him under the kitchen/dining room door!!

Real final para.  Last night another wash out on the tv so after corrie and the storyline of Nick's possible baby Lily being revealed as such (if Kylie brave enough to tell all and risk the wrath of David) Owner did settle down again with Doctor Sleep.  Few final pages to go.  Oh no.  tonight?  It's back with Enders and that silly love twist thingy and possibly a school soap if Owner can bear it.  Now I want you all to take it steady and take heart as Fridee tomorrow.  Big Love Wonka x
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