Friday, 25 October 2013

Friendly Fridee

Wonka here.  Now how are you all at the end of another week?  shall we have a round up of the week yes we shall I've made a decision.  Now as we all remember that nice little Prince George went and got christened, it did rain but  inbetween times it went sunny and autumnal (Like that word) what else? nice president Obama saved a woman from falling down, we do love him, erm someone might be doing some phone tapping and I said to Owner what is this phone tapping is it a new dance, she said not as serious as that.  Fresh para?

Yes here it is.  Weatherwise you ask well we ended on yet another sunshine and rainy day folks and of course there is a weather warning***** this is my new high alert signal****** and it is a severe storm possibly coming over to the south coast Mundee,  Batten down those hatches!  Now the most important news of the week was surely the healing of one of my toys, the clear plastic ball with miniscule jungy bits in it.  and here is photoshoot of it:
There it is!!  you can just make out through the sellotape bit the blue thing but like I say the miniscule jingly jingles are miniscule and cannot be seen easily, so how Owner spotted the red one I cannot know but I found the little green one as I got fed up with Owner saying to me WHERE IS THE GREEN ONE?

So that was good and I have played with it since along with the other ten or so jingly balls. Yes that is a favourite and I love it even more now it's been healed by Owner.

Final para.  Owner did not have a shout today so instead of falling into a gloom and feeling sorry for itself and analysing the situation like I have said not to, she did go out.  Came home with more things and a little food.  I said I hope you are not over spending and Owner blamed that nice little deputy chap who props up the public schoolboy who is running this country, anyway he said we (this country) are in recovery.  I said to Owner that is no excuse to start hammering the credit card we will starve!  And ever since they put prices up for our heat and light has she put it all on constant.  I nearly have given up advising.  On the tv tonight we are spoilt with Corrie X 2and a fresh storyline with nice Tina having a go at nasty Tracy, then on Enders the mad Michael and duped Alice storyline does rise to a crescendo (love that word).  to calm us down we will switch then to American Hex Factor and pray pray pray that all the nice singers are 'locked' into those chairs.  We love it!  Simon looks younger and younger as the show goes on.  Now all of you have a wonderful weekend and go steady.    yes Ruggles you say, he has been for tea in the kitchen, and Owner treated him to good as it looks plus did a sing along to the #Mavericks and he stayed through it!  Big love Wonka x