Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wicked Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Howdy folks and pleased to report although rainy and dark early doors and that means 7 am to you, it only went and brightened up again!  goodness me, did it turn sunny and bright.  Owner did struggle up and nearly I said nearly threw all caution and everything else and go back to sleep. I said NO, you mustn't do that we will starve.  And of course who was right as usual?  yes folks it was me, as Owner only up for two seconds and did the phone ring with a shout for work at her favourite place to work.  hair went right as well always a good sign and a plus.

Fresh para.  Now you will all know that along with Owner being in a good mood did our favourite baby Prince George go and get himself christened,  Photoshoot opportunity I said!  so here it is:

Hasn't he sprouted up!  We think, me and Owner that is, little George is a looker who bears an uncanny resemblance (I do love a long word) to Queen Elizabeth.  Yes we do.

Fresh para needed now.  yes so a good day I cannot say that enough after yesterday and Owner did check on aged sibling who was very well and liked new shirts that had been purchased.  She even did that without purchasing anything for herself! (that's a first!).  Now last night we managed nicely on the tv despite storylines as you know in Enders that are driving us balmy.  The Michael  stroke Alice stroke Janine stroke baby one is top of the list but Ian that's the self made restauranter chappie alright not sure how you spell that word this is not masterchef, well he is second in line for being a boring story.  But tonight all we have is our Corrie and dying Hayley in hospital.  Not good enough! Owner may have to retire earlydoors.  Now Ruggles has been and chomped on best Whiskas plus best Felix and what does he prefer? He is a felix cat our ruggles.  Now all of you please go steady out there in the world, we are two days nearer to the weekend and for some it is a half term break.  We love it.
Big love Wonka x