Monday, 28 October 2013

Motoring Mundee

Wonka here. How did you all go on out there?  Thankfully the Storm passed us by here just lots of rain and weather warnings by the dozen.  Owner wasn't fussed and said I am going out just the same.  Me?  as Owner out all day long visiting daughter I snuggled on the settee and must have fallen asleep because the next thing Owner is coming home again!

Fresh para.  Owner reports lots of heavy rain en route (get me) and drivers all belting along as if their lives depended on it.  Good visit but wait up, Owner took daughter and nice old Demi, my cousin over there, to the vets.  Yes.  Talk of her being in her 'twilight years' and 'spoiling her' and 'keeping an eye on her'.  Yes we have met up a number of years ago when Owner took me and Golly (in heaven now) to stay with daughter whilst she (Owner) did gallivant off.  Golly loved it, but I was a nervous wreck and stayed in grandson's bedroom the entire holiday.  Hissed at Demi and this other cat called Luke and also did a death defying leap off the banister onto the bottom stairs.  I was but a kitten.

Final para.  As Owner off all week I shall be busy raising spirits and keeping morale high.  first off there is a double dose of Corrie but we are fed up with the tempestuous (!!) tina storyline and even though wicked Tracy deserves tricks and wotnot, it is too boring and we don't like it.  Now with Enders, they are dragging out the equally boring storyline of mad Michael and Alice in a trance like state doing whatever he says.  To cheer us up there is bread and butter pudd for tea.  yes. Now Ruggles has been and now he is addicted to 'as good as it looks' and is leaving best Whiskas.  Making a rod for back I said to Owner. Finally you will want to know that on the dentist front Owner is to have a consultation.  More on that after it happens!  yes she is very very nervous.  Now go steady out there wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x