Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Trusty Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Managed to get up fairly early without prickling Owner with claw.  Just a little prod on the face it usually works a treat. Up gets Owner to face a new day and weatherwise you will want to know, well what a beauty day folks!  blue sky, nip in the air, just the job.  spurred Owner on it did, to do some painting no not the walls although I have to own up they need going over.  Owner is not really patient enough for these kinds of DIY, no she was painting some sketches and mostly of me!!  then off she goes to do some writing and listen to this, the Christmas Story is microscopic millimetres away from completion.  I will tell you when you can read it folks and just to wet your appetites it does have a special Christmas Caterol from me.

Fresh para.  Now Owner did of course trot out as I needed a lot more cat food and a lot more cat litter, and whilst she was out did she go down to the sea.
This is North Bay folks on a fine October lunch time.  and if you look very carefully down to the rhs on a pole thing well that white spec is a seagull folks!  wish I had been there I would have shimmied up the pole and brought it back down!! 

Fresh and possibly final para.  Owner did bring back plenty of food for me and a tiny bit for herself and reports finally, yes finally got new hoover bags.  yes, so no excuse at all not to go round with it.  Owner says got a shock and surprise as when walked into the shop was the man in there hoovering!! cannot get over this!  I said well it is a hoover shop, but Owner adamant this is a first.  Now Ruggles sped in and started eating out of one of my dishes before Owner could decide what was happening, then saw it was him and not a monster and fed him more of my favourite food.  I'm being magnanimous (thought I couldn't say it never mind spell it folks!!) as we are approaching the season of good will.  Then I went and hid in my new secret hiding place and Owner stumped for 5 minutes until figured it out.  I promise she will do a photoshoot and share it this week.  Now tonight we are on Enders with terrible storylines of missing Alice, has Michael eaten her up? Sharon turned into duped parent willing to believe all her manipulative (all these long words begin with M) son says and witney (?) is off the hook then.  Anyways then it's the hospital thing where they all talk in a very stilted old fashioned way and heal up or die quickly.  We love it.  Now go steady out there folks wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x