Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Story So Far

Once upon a time, Owner sent a story to a Publisher.
And I said.......................
Owner has been telling stories for a long long long long time.....
But mostly..............................................and then!!!
And folks!  Owner sent the rest of Wonka's Christmas Story (illustrated) and Guess what?
they liked it!!!!! Austin Macauley Publishers are going to print it!!!!
Look out for more news
Until then, Big Love from a very proud Wonka x

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Diva is converting!

We are pleased to woof up and bark (doing my poor best)(I know) that Owner who has struggled and wrestled and changed this and tweaked (I said TWEAKED) the other has finally uploaded

******** Wonka Presents! the Story of Diva - part one*********
I thought she would never chose which cover to use and it isn't that one!!!!  BUT I said up, (close to tea time) you can always change it back Owner!!!  YES she goes to me, and Thank you Wonka!
When it is finished converting and thingying and whatever they do with it on do take a look, and when we have a good and proper link we will tell you!  meantime big Love Wonka x

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

On Rainy Days

On rainy days
You must take stock
and immerse yourself
in a Wonka Book!!
Reading one will make it all worthwhile! x
Tomorrow is the launch of Wonka Presents! - The story of Diva
so look out for our next announcement.
The first instalment will be free to read on
Big Love Wonka x 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Diva News!

It might be cold and raining and just not summery BUT there is some good news folks - Owner has wrestled and tweaked and pondered and changed it round until FINALLY, it is nearly ready!!

And then, Owner will do it all over again with the second instalment! My Life!  Oh yes, my life..... news about us is, Owner is insisting on less food and more biscuits.  Bertie is the side of a barge and as for you she said.... I mean!  Ruggles is the fittest because he wears himself out trotting around out back.  I have mentioned I might need a new toy and await the result.  Our last bit of news is that Owner has had a mishap with one of her teef.  this has put her on nervous setting with the arrow in danger of bending off the clock.  The nerves are twofold.  (list) 1. Have to beg and plead with the ex dentist to take her back. (she is renowned for sacking perfectly decent professionals for miniscule mistakes. or none.) 2. will it hurt. and 3. the cost of it all (I am even now stroking the credit card and being nice to it.) 
BUT I says up to Owner, look on the bright side (and do keep you mouth closed while you are! only joking!) you have a new story to self publish and that nice publisher (beloved Austin Macauley) is going to publish my Christmas Story!!! I know, she goes back.
On that happy uplifting note I will wish you all good folks - Big Love Wonka x

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Are we there yet?

Owner declared she is going to get the first instalment of 'Diva' ready for next week..... NOT before time, I said up from well behind the settee in that nice dark corner of mine.  BUT she has done the cover (TICK) and is going through it for a FINAL READ...... Me?  thanks for asking, in between the odd zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH! I have given it the once over and I love it.  I love Diva, I love the fairies especially Bad Fairie, I love Em and her Ma and the others (Kimmydog)

This is from one of Owner's original drawings - way back when, from around the time the Mayans all looked up at the stars and made their calculations.....ONLY joking Owner.  I am helping her all I can, by not looking at Bertie, or Ruggles or anything.  I love it.  there will be more of this until the happy woof! day that Diva is published but for now, Big Love Wonka x

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

In the meantime............

Owner has insisted on a little offering and here it is:


You will all want to know how I am? yes me Wonka! lucky for you I am sugar dandy.  Bertie Bubb has been sighted on the stairs, and under the table...........before I chased him back to the Land of Wardrobe (stop it Wonka! goes Owner....) and Rugglesis - he is living the dream atop the linen basket OR out back.  YES, I have played paw under the door and looked at him.  As for Owner?? you have heard our news about the publishing contract.......will she come back to earth you all shout up? eh?EH?  folks, you can rely on me for that.  Now, there will be more to tell tomorrow and the day after that, but for now - Big Love Wonka ! X

Exciting news! Wonka's Christmas Story - fully illustrated! to be published!

We have a proud announcement: alongside our forthcoming new story 'Diva' which will be self-published, starting with Part One on - there is to be a published version of
Wonka's Christmas Story! (fully illustrated version) available for you to have for your very own!!

You will recall I did encourage Owner to:
And I said lots of stuff like:
and just to keep on submitting until......................................

So guess what!!!  YES that is it!!! The very first publisher that I made Owner approach, is going to publish
'Wonka's Christmas Story'and they are:Austin Macauley Publishers
It really was a red letter day and I expect to be fed on only the very best from now on....only joking Owner!
Thank you and big love to all our supporters - this is a very proud day for me and Owner.  more later.........for now Big Love Wonka x

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Summer is here!

And here is our latest 'catoon!!' or 'catoon collaboration.' If you are thinking of reading something then we have plenty for you, and all are free to read at in the series #Wonka stories by Madeleine Masterson! (my bestest Owner).

There we are!  Happy summer reading folks! Big Love Wonka x

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Lest We Forget.....

Wonka here and really, this post is all about me.  Me Me Me Me Me!!!  I said to Owner, I said maybe it's time for a little Wonka reminder and she said YES.

First thing to remember is:  How much visitors love me.
And then, how much I love the others - there are three of us not counting Gingertop who is outside:
That's me at the front, Ruggles behind me and asleep on the right (as ever) is Bertie Bubb, x
And how loving I try to be towards Bertie Bubb..............
And how well I get on with Ruggles......................
Not to mention how much I help and advise Owner.................
Really and I know Owner will back me up on this, in this house....................
There we are!!! and before I go (tea time folks) there will be a new cartoon collaboration tomorrow!!
Big Love Wonka x


Sunday, 5 July 2015

Invitations are issued by Diva

Ahoy there!!  Wonka here to give you another little glimpse of our forthcoming #Diva story! 

So far, you have been introduced (lordy! big word for me and I like it.)to Diva, to Em and her Ma who has her own pet to keep her steady, called Kimmy dog.  You know about the Fairies- and the Life Spell, cast by them, and woven up into a wispy, dreamy, beautiful plan and kept in a safe place at the bottom of the carved wooden chest.

No one can enter the life of our Diva without an invitation.  Or can they??  Owner says it is time to see this, and remember that Bad Fairie (BF) is pretty good at copying voices.

Hmmm.  I wonder how that happened?  Owner is cracking on and says soon, you will be able to read about #Diva for yourself - and I promise you will love her just as much as Owner does - for now, keep following us and our new story! Big Love Wonka x