Sunday, 5 July 2015

Invitations are issued by Diva

Ahoy there!!  Wonka here to give you another little glimpse of our forthcoming #Diva story! 

So far, you have been introduced (lordy! big word for me and I like it.)to Diva, to Em and her Ma who has her own pet to keep her steady, called Kimmy dog.  You know about the Fairies- and the Life Spell, cast by them, and woven up into a wispy, dreamy, beautiful plan and kept in a safe place at the bottom of the carved wooden chest.

No one can enter the life of our Diva without an invitation.  Or can they??  Owner says it is time to see this, and remember that Bad Fairie (BF) is pretty good at copying voices.

Hmmm.  I wonder how that happened?  Owner is cracking on and says soon, you will be able to read about #Diva for yourself - and I promise you will love her just as much as Owner does - for now, keep following us and our new story! Big Love Wonka x