Friday, 31 January 2014

Flamingo Fridee!

Wonka here.  Early start and Owner woke up miles before the good alarm.  I admit and own up to a tiny minute scratch delivered to Owner's chin for no known reason.  Owner let me off and we got up 2 seconds before the alarm started its singing.  Why is it so dark she kept on about, in between feeding me,  feeding me again and then topping up my biscuits.  IT'S SIX IN THE MORNING I said.  Of course it is dark.  And today folks is the last day of January and officially the year of the Horse.  Giddy Up!!

Fresh  para.  what are you on about, you say, Flamingo Fridee?  This is the secret Owner carried over to today.  She went with the little people to a Zoo there and even caught sight of these birds. Now you see in the centre of this photoshoot, a tiny huddle of pink things? this folks is the huddle of pink flamingos in the rain and cold.  In fact Owner reported to daughter who she thinks will be laughing and rolling round on the floor, that she has rarely been so cold and wet.  Daughter knows that Owner not up to much when cold.  And then rained on.  Did you put your earmuffs on I said.  DID NOT MAKE  ANY DIFF she goes.  What else did you and the little people spot then I said to cheer her on.  Says saw Tigers, what real ones I said, YES, and sea lions, and giraffes and Baboons.  And last but not least there were meerkats and I am pleased to hear we are so well represented.  

Last para yes it is.  Now after this rainsoaked cold but happy Owner stumbled back in of course I was fed and tummy ticked immediately and then out she goes to the luxury shed and who is nestled in there but good Ruggles.  he was given a new hot water bottle to cuddle up to and a nice plate of chick.  No sign of Mr Beaujangles but it is raining out there and the ledge is soggy.  Tonight we will be spellbound with good Corrie and it really is the pretend funeral of Hayles so hankies out chaps!  Hankies out for Enders because it is driving us funny said Owner with Carol and her cancer which is no excuse for ranting all the time.  She is not our fave character and especially now she has given Masood the heave ho we blame her for everything.  We love it.  Now as it is the weekend we say go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Topping Thursdee

Wonka here.  Owner reports a fair sleep with Ok dreams which cannot for life of her recall.  We are subject to yet another dull overcast and dark day folks but I hasten to add from my vantage point on windowsills and kitchen surfaces and sideboards (funny name that for a long cupboard) NO RAIN.  Nor any cats on windowledges. 

Fresh and earlydoors para.  Once again off Owner goes to earn some money to feed me with and the rest.  Says she is revving up to self publishing the seventh Wonka story.  OOH I goes.  it will be conversations with Wonka part three and I will give you the paws up when it happens.  Now for today's good photoshoot.Now this one folks you can see is not me. NO.  it is of a good vase of hyacinths.  they were very smelly and such a lovely blue colour that Owner loath (says is a word) to throw out.  We loved them.

Fresh and flower scented para.  So once more Owner with the little people and reports that the Siberian conditions experienced (blimey) yesterdee seem to have lifted and it was ever so slightly warmer.  is that just you getting used to it Owner I pointed out.  COULD BE she goes back.  She has stopped worrying about how she looks in her ear muffs now and I am still not commenting.  We are as you know thanks to this good blog approaching if not already in it, the Year of the Horse (thank you China!).  So please get ready for those things out of the blue!  Owner has already had one no two.  The first one she is keeping a secret until tmro and the second one nearly doesn't count as it happens a lot!  and that one is the good and five star Dentist who we love most of the time, has cancelled today's appt with Owner as they have gone home sick.  Owner said remained calm about this and remade about five thousand other appts all dependent on the one that got cancelled.  As I say folks she has stayed calm and not a dot of anxiety anywhere.  I think it was all used up yesterdee.

Now tonight, after feeding whoever is lurking out there in the good yard and shoring up the luxury shed we shall watch Enders.   There have been reports from the good RSPCA that the poor storyline about that nice bulldog girlie dog being used to breed lots of puppies and all are up in arms!  She belongs to this new strange family running the queen vic in the square and the one where Shirley and sister Whirley are living too.  it is all very annoying and we mustn't take it seriously (says Owner).  Will they stop it with this breeding story I said.  THEY WILL have to says Owner.  We love our pets here we do.  Now apart from Enders and its lowdown storylines we have nothing else to tempt us for now.  Who knows there may be a nice programme or film, but Owner is up early for her secret happening so does not mind.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are folks.  Big Love Wonka x

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Unexpected Wednesdee

Wonka here.  yes we did sleep in not quite a trouble free night but it was alright and up we got to face the Day!  Owner says we are moving towards the start of the new Chinese New Year folks and that means away from the year of the snake to the year of the Horse.  Significance Owner I says (very big word and it may be that this is to do with the new year thingy).  She thinks amongst other things it means excitement and out of the blue things.  YES.  Weather you ask?  piercing and freezing wind says Owner who put ear muffs on and thermal gloves.  Blow looking stylish she said (I refused to comment folks.)

Fresh and cold wind para.  Now we did notice after all those failed attempts at changing sizes of photoshoots that it did seem bigger and blurrier.  Let's see what happens next.Now this time folks we will not dibble and dabble or try to do things.  No we are LEAVNG WELL ALONE.  Owner says she hopes you like her little cartoon of me it is called Wonka Reclining (Life of Riley).  that is a good radiator behind me blasting out heat and to my right folks is a nice little wooden stool with a thatched top which you cannot see for the delux cushion with a cat on it incase I want to be on that.  We love it.

Fresh and tired final para.  Now Owner said WON'T BE LONG when she vanished off this morning and blow me down but it was a long time I thought.  She fell back in through the door with a right tale of woe which I half listened to whilst eating my heaped bowl of chick.  Turns out with the little people over their packed lunches then had to go to a freezing cold wasteland stroke playground with no skipping in sight just a parcel of frozen people like herself (she says).  then to sort out a tale of woe with aged sibling and a hoover (you know these are my pet hates.  no pun intended oh alright I did) and then to aged parent who had given up but thanked her for calling.  To top all of this off we had  a near CAT astrophe:  I have said blow me down and blow me so double blow me down, but suddenly Owner spies Mr Beaujangles a beauty grey and white cat on the outside kitchen ledge anxious and miaowing for something.  In he comes and munches some fodder.  just as Owner goes to let him out the good back door there is RUGGLES.  if a Klaxon could have sounded it would have gone off.  MAJOR ALERT!!!  Owner swept up Mr Beau and popped him into the cupboard that doubles as a bathroom and shut the door so that Rug could call in as per.  You will relax in the knowledge that no fighting occurred and both cats were released without any black eyes.  We love it.

Final para yes.  Due to all of this unexpectedness and it may be down to the year of the Horse we will be rather zombified tonight.  We may watch good Corrie and shout at the telly again as it may be good haylesis funeral.  Other than this folks we are unaware of anything good on.  Now as if Owner's life wasn't exciting enough there is the second of the four visits to the good dentists tomorrow.  As much as Owner thinks the Dentist is a star and cannot be faulted (not very much) she is dreading it says.  I said DON'T DWELLON IT watch more rubbish on the telly and let's face it folks that shouldn't be hard.  Now I want you all to go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Thankful Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Well did we both sleep like tops whatever that does mean and although it was a gloomygogs overcast and rain sodden (do like that one) day, it was a day to be thankful for, (said Owner).  Did you dream Owner I said when she finally came too this morn.   Yes thankyou she goes and some of it was about a snow storm.  did it get you I said?  NO (another thing to be thankful for).

OOh new toy thingy and it works unlike the other toys on this blog!!
Fresh para.  Now are you lucky or are you lucky but Owner has set to and has done a new series of sketches just for you lovely reader and it is called the cartoon series.  Of course most of them are about me and to do with me and of me. Now here it is and I know it seems weensy that is not our fault it is the Blog's fault!  It is a sketch of me at the good rain soaked window when Owner stumbles across the motorway stroke street having managed to park the car with no name under pressure.  yes. We tried to make it bigger and the good blog did not do it,  No,  We love it.

Fresh dry para.  Now today was a day of busyness, and also for Owner to go back to the good little people over lunch time and did you enjoy it I said first off after a tummy tickle and a plate of food.  I'VE BEEN BOOKED she goes and she didn't mean that in a negative way folks no, it was to say she is in demand.  At last I went!  and of course I can look forward to some nice relaxing downtime whilst Owner slaves away and then all the other million tasks that we will not mention here as you may fall asleep (that's what I do).  Now no visiting today folks as no time for that in between all those tasky things but we are revving up to some tomorrow.  Now this evening (Ooh how formal!) we are on with Enders and we missed it last night as Owner insisted on watching that nice Gryffin rice Jones chap on a visit to Wales and to look for a puffin.  Back on with Corrie and Owner was rather annoyed with the Fizz woman who made Roy tell all about good Hayles exit from this life stroke the corrie series.  LEAVE HIM ALONE goes Owner and she does know it isn't real folks.  Now tonight after we have watched out for Rug and checked the back step a thousand times there is Enders and we think we can catch up alright with whatever storyline they are on with.  it could be good Sharon and her chimney sweep son and evil Philly who knows and then we must watch the hospital one.  There is bonding with babies and rivalry between the doctors and nurses.  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x  PS Owner had another try at making the good sketch bigger and she did it!  but then moaned it was blurred so back to weensy.  I know I know.  We love it.

Monday, 27 January 2014

More to it Mundee

Wonka here.  Another terrible night reports Owner.  I cannot say I noticed anything really and enjoyed the trip downstairs in the deep of the night as I had a biscuit while I was there.  And I did think Owner a tad jumpy when I gave a tiny scratch due to being startled by her hand stroking me!  how I was to know it was good and beloved Owner and not a monster!!  She reminded me of this all day long saying things like and I quote THERE WAS NO NEED for that!

Fresh para.  now it was all stations go today once we did get up, which was later on due to the bit in the deep of the night.  Owner was doing this and doing that and I thought well whilst all this activity around me like a whirling catish (not dervish as you know I am a fully paid up cat) I'll settle down nicely and didn't Owner try and stroke me, and again I thought it surely was a giant monster and lashed out!!  Now to take our minds off this a photoshoot: who is that gorgeous little kitwit you ask?  of course it is me, very early on in my career as chief advisor to Owner and there I am on the stair with one of my first Mouseys!! We love it.

Fresh possibly final para.  Now Owner cracked on with her life Aged Parent's life and all in all it's a wonder she didn't try and change mine.  She is to return to the nice place where she has a skipping crew of little people who thought she was impressive.  Ooher.  And this for the rest of the week so at least I can book in some down time and much needed rest.  Then she goes and does more sorting with Aged parent and meets nice GPs who really do deserve medals.  Back she comes and straightaway sees to me who is starving and then to Ruggles who is also starving and then to sort out the luxury shed.  Go Go Go Owner!!   By the way it did a tiny bit of snowing here enough to worry us for a moment before we got back on track.  Last night we loved the prancing on ice and our legends torville and dean did a turn.  We love them.  Tonight we must be faithful to Corrie X 2 and the sad story of Roy and anyone else oh yes Sally's do gooding daughter who is trying to decide between compassion (big but good word) and just plain old negative judging thingy.  She is a Christian and they always have these tussles. You cannot beat buddism if you ask me.  Owner says we must link into all of them and all roads lead to Rome.  But I said that's only because you want to leave me again and go there.  Oh yes and there is Enders with shirl and Whirl or whatever her sis's name is, and a parcel of new people we get in a muddle with not to mention alcoholic lauren and her older man and carol and her cancer.  Now as we come up to Tuesdee do go steady wherever you are in the Wold.  Big Love Wonka x

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sort it Sundee

Wonka here.  We only snoozed through two lots of the snooze and I like it like that as I get extra cuddles.  Once the alarm machine fell off and Owner had to grope around for ages to find it we got up.  First off there was a nice pink sky and Owner goes OOH let's have a photoshoot when she spied it.  It could be our mystery photoshoot or it could be something else.  Then Owner got ready and after what seemed like a long time said CHERIO I won't be long.

Fresh para.  There is an annoying message on this blog but Owner said to try to ignore it.  Now the weather forecast and should I say good forecast as it was right and true.  Owner reports persistent (new word thankyou) rain all the way from here to Eternity no Hull she meant to say.  That was the first good visit to Daughter which went very well (thank you God).  Photoshoot is: Oh what a lovely surprise!  That is my fave toy of the minute the catnip fish with the secret pocket for catnip top ups!  and to the left good folks is another fave toy it is a dog and it does move round the room, whether it is by magic or Owner accidentally kicking it we are not sure.  We love it.

Fresh and rain free para.  So back to the trials of Owner then folks, yes she does like to be organised and decided on way home to visit aged Parent to check on things and SORT things out.  Did it work Owner I said when she stumbled back home aons (is that a word but I don't mind because I like it) of time later?  YES I THINK SO she said and then got on with the top job which was seeing to me.  I had freshish real chick and gobbled it up making Owner feel guilty and questioning if I am starving.  NOT NOW I said.  Then it was shed duty and whilst she was doing that good Ruggles sped in!  he ate three platefuls and then growled to go out which happened more or less instantly.  We love him and his big fat ruggleses face.

Real final para.  last night we did enjoy The Voice and defend all of Kylies choices (none) some of Will I Amses - one or was it two and all of Tom's.  The last singer to be chosen looked like Snow White and has four boys at home and Will is keen to support. (she chose Uncle Tom we think).  Now tonight we are on with the dancing and falling on ice with some nice judges on it plus those legends Torville and Dean.  Owner is tired out with sorting things out and may manage to stay up and watch those nice musketeers later on.  She said and I quote, it was better than I thought it would be.  OH I goes back.  Now do go steady out there in the World wherever you are in it and if you have just won the Aussie open tennis thingy we say Well Done (Stan something it was) and our best to Rafa who did lose.  Big Love Wonka x

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Laugh don't cry Satdee

Wonka here.  it all started in the night around midnight after Owner woke up thinking it was early morn.  What happened I said?  I lay there for hours reviewing my whole life goes Owner.  After a few good and some bad reviews says finally dropped off.  This seemed to set the tone for the day.  And Owner insisted on doing some horrid monster hoovering.   I sped upstairs and luckily it did not follow me.  later on because Owner had opened the good bedroom window to FRESHEN IT UP did it go dark outside the wind got up and it lashed down with rain right into the room!  I told you to shut it I whispered to Owner when she fell back in after an up and down visiting session. (she didn't hear me)  HORRID WEATHER she goes.

Fresh and dry para.  Now as you can see good folks in the Wold, today really was one step behind or behind the beat or just plain out of kilter.  On days like this we need cheering up.  First off a photoshoot to do just that and we will have a mystery one: you are thinking has Wonka gone funny and NO I have not.  This is a cheering up photoshoot of the good pink early morning sky yesterdee and there are three cheeky seagulls just out of view to your left.  Owner thought had captured them and hadn't.  NOT TO WORRY Owner I goes as our reader stroke follower will love it.  We love anything pink really.  What else can cheer us up? Owner is to visit Daughter and Grandson tmro  this is cheering (finger crossed everybody! Joking Owner!).  Me? Oh yes thanks for asking and I am now on Senior biscuits, Yes.   Owner had to tap the saucer several times and say to me as if I were daft SENIOR BIscuits Wonka!  To humour her I did peck at a few and really got going on the senior good as it looks.  I love it.

Final para as we are worn out here being cheerful instead of miserable.  Owner says aged parent got a degree in being miserable and I told her off straight away and said you'd be a misery at that age too.  Owner mumbled to herself so I didn't catch it.  Now tonight folks aside from checking the good yard for Ruggles we will be glued to The Voice and Kylie.  last week they all stayed in their giant seats whilst a perfectly good singer sang.  He is now on a record contract which said Owner begs the question of why they need to turn round and snap someone up then??  We love it.  Then it is good Casualtee with Uncle Charley nursey advising and guiding and the two new doctors are good bruvvers and we love them already.  On a day like today when no one is doing anything right or capable of, and the Wold seems an inexplicable (get me!) confusing mess, then I say to you all go steady out there wherever you are in it (the mess or the Wold).  big love Wonka x

Friday, 24 January 2014

Fraught Fridee

Wonka here.  Suddenly it is the end of the week and Owner is struggling to get up and find the ready to rock button.  Are you alright Owner I said after I had been cuddled and stroked and stroked and cuddled before we got up.  PROBABLY she goes.  it is definitely colder, and Owner reports a pink sky this morning.  I had a good sniff at the window when Owner opened a notch and thought I could smell a cat smell from the yard but I might be making it up.  Rug as you know has had his snip although the good vets said it takes a while to set in.  POOR RUG!

Fresh para.  Now Owner did whip off out again to do her skipping duty or at least hold one end of a very soggy rope.  Did the little people like it I went to Owner?  Said they lined up good as gold and only one crying incident.  A child not a member of staff although Owner reports that some adults have not quite grown up yet.  Hmm.  Now for our photshoot Owner has helped me out and also says I missed out saying we have had Sammy dog carving.  Well now I've added it.
Now you might like Owner's choice because dear folks she found one of me as a mere kitwit!!and funnily enough I still like to snuggle right there on that giant bed stroke settee.  I love it,

Fresh possibly final para.  Now Owner says she does not like bad manners or rudeness and cannot abide it.  I said (before hiding round the corner) are you starting with yourself Owner on the manners and rudeness thing?  Owner reports was a bit rude on the phone yesterdee but has apologised.  SORRY is the hardest word folks but it needs saying.   So this week we have not starved and who knows what next week will turn up and Owner prays it is not more skipping.  Another prayer to the god of employment may help us here with the proviso that it is a stress free job with lots of money.  Me? thanks for asking I am not fraught far from it, (lots of fs there) I am relaxing, and looking forward to some more food when Owner gets round to it.  The luxury shed must be stocked up shortly (lots of Ss now) and then we might watch a bit of telly.  There is good corrie X 2 and Roy may blurt out the truth behind good Hayles passing, and in Enders the far flung plots want far flunging says Owner.  We love it.  And we hear that one of our Faves, Rafa Nadal has got himself into the final in Aussie land.  Our real hero Novak didn't get through and we love him even more.  Now do go steady on this Fridee night wherever you are in the Wold.  Big Love Wonka x

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Thorough Thursdee

Wonka here.  Hallo to all of you good folks out there and here is our weather warning:  keeps on raining, keeps on being nippy, does seem to brighten up towards end of day when light fading anyway and you think why did it not do this earlier.  We love it.

Fresh para.  I am being very thorough today and sorting out a nice photoshoot without any mucking about or moaning.  Well not much.  We have had Swanny carving and Badger carving.  Do we want a cat carving??This is Owner's fave, and is called Tinkerbelle!!  think it a boy though not sure, and wherever he is in the room he will be looking at you.  Yes he does like a few bracelets round him and who is that in the photoframe next to him!!  It's me!  So that is another good carving by Owner's Dad and we love it.

Fresh para.  Now here follows a Ruggles report.  Two whole nights he has passed us by!  Then Owner who checks that good back door out the glass every other minute does spy him!  RUG she shouts.   So he pops in devours his chick on the plate so fast Owner hasn't time to say how's your father and then does paw at the door to go out.  he has gone across that busy motorway come street and Owner said the usual prayer to St Francis to keep him safe.

Final fresh para.  Me?  thanks for asking I have had a little rest a lot to eat and thankfully Owner has topped up one of my favourite catnip toys with more catnip.  I can recommend this to any of you cats out there who are bored or lonely.  You can roll on it, bite it (the toy) toss it round in the air and just love it really.  Mine is a little blue fish with a secret envelope thingy so you can refill it.  Now Owner has yet again been out to work with the little people and a soggy skipping rope.  Was it good Owner I said when she fell back through the good front door.  THEY ALL LOVE SKIPPING she goes.  Now on top of this did she fit in a visit to aged parent and had to sort out a few things whilst there.  Well Done I goes!  Did aged parent appreciate your care and attention to detail? VERY MUCH went Owner.  So we cannot complain about today and we are not going to.  There is a lot of complaining going on in the Wold about this that and the other and Owner said we need more doing and less talking.  Now we did watch good Corrie last night and poor newly widowed Roy lamenting the loss of his Hayley.  And nice off the rails Nick is trying to patch up his marriage but it would not patch.  We love it.  Tonight Owner has said there is nothing on except Enders which as you know is annoying us with the storyline of drunken and non drunken  people in cars driving like maniacs and with any luck driving out of the series (Owner said and I agree).  Now it is nearly Fridee where we are and the end of a busy but alright week.  So go steady out there in the World wherever you are in it folks,  Big Love Wonka x

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wet Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Damp, cold, slept right in. Owner reports and I quote, a shed load of dreams, some of them alright some of them funny.  what you mean I said?  Veering towards nightmarish says Owner back at me, LIKE? I went on, like going in rooms and looking for people and confrontations with people who were there and heavy duty conversations she goes.   Are you worrying about stuff I said to Owner.  AM I she replies.

Fresh para.  Now maybe some of you good readers stroke reader recall that Owner has been lucky on the job side this week and today was back at it with these small people and holding onto a skipping rope well someone has to do it and I think Owner is perfect for this.  Is your arm holding up I said when she finally stumbled back in with more supplies and several errands done.  SO FAR SO GOOD she reports.  Now for our photoshoot on this blog which as you know has been hampered (like this word as it seems to talk of food which is comforting) yes hampered by whoever is in control of uploading our best photos and sketches.  here we go then: well here we are brought to you with not a little stress as the first go resulted in a long bit of gobbledegook text (another good word there thanks Owner).  WHAT IS IT then you ask?  This folks is Badger, carved lovingly by the very same Dad (Owner's) who did all the others and is now in wood carving heaven stroke the next room.  We love little badger and we love them all the real ones and do not agree with shooting them down.  Badger has his nose stroked just like swan's beak and they also get a nice polish when Owner is in the mood.  the little chappie in the green jumper came out of a Kinder egg and lives next to Badger.  We love him.

Final wet para.  yes it was damp all day and no sign of ruggles.  Where are you Rug?  Owner has topped up all food supplies in the luxury shed and hopes to see him later on.  We wonder if he has found a proper full on home yet.  We love you Rug.  In keeping with this first month of the year we have taken stock.  Do we like 2014?  Owner says she thinks it is alright if not surprising in parts.  Expect the unexpected she predicts.  OOER! Me? thanks for asking and there will be an update on me and my fave toy as long as this good blog lets me upload the photo.  Now last night we managed to get through Enders and that rather annoying storyline where alcoholic beverage stroke teen Lauren who is not pregnant but cannot stop talking to alcoholic and past it stroke no good older man well does he make her get in a car to drive off together!!! Please drive off and don't come back Owner shouted at the telly! we love it.  Tonight we must watch good Corrie and see how newly widowed Roy is to cope now that cancer ridden Hayles has opted for leaving this good wold.  Now do go steady out there folks wherever you are in this World.  Big Love Wonka x

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tired Tuesdee

Wonka here.  that alarm kept bleeping and we kept sleepin! too dark and too cold folks.  Owner finally got up and I sped downstairs to nibble on a biscuit while I waited for my real breakfast to arrive.  Dreams?  only those funny ones you get at the last minute said Owner.  Are you set for the day I said.  I THINK SO.  she goes.  Kept peering out the front and kept on about de icing.  do you mean a cakey I said.  I mean the car with no name she goes.

Fresh para.  Now whilst Owner out slaving away at yet another possible job opportunity I snuggled on down.  In keeping with such a cold and icy and then misty stroke foggy day this seemed best.  ruggles may have called during all of this or not.  The green bin was put out this morning by Owner before she forgot and was pushed back into the yard like an alien green thing later on.   I eyed it up but it didn't move.  Now for my photoshoot it is a mystery so let's see what happens
here is the smallest photoshoot ever but don't tell Owner it will upset her and I'll have to go under the bed.  Just tried to 1.  make this enchanting sketch of me by Owner bigger and 2.  Centre it.  Instead folks we nearly lost the whole shebang (Owner says is a word and wishes she was back in Paris.  DON'T LEAVE ME! I begged).

Final final para as Owner so tired not worth it.   Last night we did watch good corrie and said goodbye to cancer stricken Hayley.  It was very sad and she did end it all with good Roy by her side.  Is this Mundee night viewing I said to a sobbing Owner?  IT MAKES YOU THINK she wept.  Now tonight if Owner isn't too tetchy which is what happens when you are tired and trying to please all and juggle around with agencies, aged parent and sibling, dental treatment and all else we shall watch Enders and alcoholic Lauren and the chappie she was having a fling with who was married with a little girl only now his good wife has found out and left him.  A good cheery storyline to bring Owner back round!  and then nice hospital dramas with new mothers leaving their new babies and burying themselves in work.  oops just mentioned the four letter word.  We don't love it!  oh alright then.  Now once Ruggles rolled up for his chick Owner will settle down and we can all relax and zone out. do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x


Monday, 20 January 2014

Manic Mundee

Wonka here.  Things moved so fast once Owner up and at em, that I began to feel dizzy folks! You will want to know straight off did she sleep did she dream and if so what did it mean!! (poet me).  Slept like a top she says to me, did dream of a lot of foreign small change like euros.  thinks this means lots of small changes that doesn't usually happen.  OH YES I said.  it wasn't raining, the sky was clear (as it was in the night says Owner crystal clear and stars sharp in the heavens) and the yard was lit up by the waning moon.  More poetry folks!

Fresh para.  manic you say.  OH YES.  Owner said if could have split herself in half today no end to what she could have achieved.  Thankfully this did not happen as she moved fast enough without splitting.  ~Both good agencies rang up with offers of work so that prayer to the god of employment folks has paid right off let me say.  And that was without a wish in the wishing well (song there somewhere and Owner thinks it is Wet Wet Wet).  Owner then on horn of dilemma and had to cancel a trip to the dentist.  OH NO.  Oh yes!  She made a million phone calls about aged parent to sort out the care thingy then flung off out to first job.  This was looking after a lot of little people and there was skipping.    Now before anymore ado a photoshoot.who is that you say?  folks this is our hero of the hour, day, year, life - it is the legendary Ronnie O'Sullivan and of course he was on fire and did win The Masters 2014.  His good son and daughter were there to see him do it.  Very proud and we love him.

final para we think.  Due to all this hopping about by Owner who did follow up the work by a visit to aged parent and a shake up of care thingys there, we need to have a quiet eve.  Oh and there is a full days work tmro (Thank you God!) plus the place with little people who want to skip all dinner hour want Owner back too.  You are in demand Owner!  I love you!  I love you said Owner straight back.  Now Ruggles, who we also love along with Ronnie O, did pop for his chick last night late on and darted off into the dark night.  I am full up at the moment but might want a snack anytime really.  it is good Corrie tonight and we think Hayley will down that fatal mix watched over by good Roy her best hubbie.  To cheer us up we then watch Enders in between and naughty alcoholic Lauren has done it this time and that's without a drink!  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are and especially if you seem to be meeting yourself coming back.  Owner says the latest message is that things are doubling up, making one opportunity two opportunities etc.  Choose wisely.  Big Love Wonka x

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Snooker Sundee

Wonka here.  Owner reports worst night's sleep in a long time and says visually it was like the nine of swords.  What is that Owner I said,  it is a tarot card she goes, and depicts a person sitting up in bed with their head in hands, with moonlight or white light on the bed.  MEANING?  worrying about things, turning them over in your mind she goes back.   And there was me thinking we jogged up in the middle of the night so Owner could have a nice cup of tea and read the paper!  Just goes to show eh?  It was raining again when we did get up but the good weather report said would clear. 

Fresh para.  Owner has put Dr No on, and just missed the iconic scene where Ursula Andress trots out of the sea.  Before that Owner had a film on from Channel 5 which as you know I have warned her against.  It was something's gotta give with Diane Keaton unbelievably having two suitors one of them a quarter of her age and the other Jack Nicholson.  When it got to the bit where Diane K is laughing like a hyena and then sobbing I begged Owner to put Dr No on.  I ask you.   For our photoshoot I am going to present a carving from Owner's Dad's gallery:
Here he is!!  This little fellow is a carving of Owner's old dog Sam.  When he had to trot off to heaven back in the late 90's, Owner's Dad did this to celebrate his wonderful life.  He was a cross collie Labrador and looked after Owner and daughter for fourteen glorious years.   He was so clever he did not need a lead says Owner and he would sit and stay as long as it took.  I only wish I had known him Owner.  SO DO I she goes. 

Fresh final para.  yes snooker sundee because our hero Ronnie O is in the final with Mr Selby and so far he is cracking on with it!  all the commentators have run out of good things to say, they say.   It was so soothing, the snooker talk about cutting a red in here and superb safety there and all he can do is sit tight (Mr Selby) that Owner and me dozed off on my giant bed that doubles as a settee!  We loved it.  Now before Dr No gets on Owner's nerves and she has to put Coast back on (please please no Owner!) a report on Ruggles.  He was very remiss and did not stop off last night but Owner said glimpsed him across the motorway stroke street this morning popping through someone else's gate!!  We expect him anytime now.  it's happened folks, Owner said Dr No way too violent and we are on with ski sundee.  Tonight we are watching everything folks from dancing on ice to call the midwife to giving the muskateers a look in or look at!!  With it being French and all Owner may like it.  MAIS OUI she goes!  Now all of you must go steady as we are approaching a new week and who knows what it will bring.  maybe some work, definitely a dentist trip (sorry Owner) and something nice please for all of us wherever we are in the Wold.  Big Love Wonka x

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Wise Satdee

Wonka here.  slept in nicely and Owner reports several telling what I said? Like having some coal delivered she goes, and reports this means a source of energy.  WELL I NEVER I said back.   Added to this Owner says all the signs show there will be a change.  What a good one I said.  I HOPE SO she goes back.  Weatherwise we all know it is mild where we are for the time of year and there have been lots of sightings of butterflys and such.  Not by us though.

Fresh para.   Despite the fact I was settled nicely on my big bed (settee to you) and behaving nicely and looking angelic did Owner spark up that horrid hoover.  I just made out the words NOT THE LIVING ROOM but in my fear ridden state it could have been a spinning loom,  not the day of doom, not maroon - who can say.  I stayed where I was and faced it down as that is what to do with your best fears is to face them.  Owner did not hoover where I was so it must have been the first one.  Now you might all want to see one of the best presents Owner had for Christmas from daughter.  It is a sketch and you will want one too.Here he is folks!  It is Owner's WOL bag and for those of you that do not know your Winnie the Pooh, WOL is from there and he is of course an Owl.  He is an enchanting bag and the bluey green head bit is the bit that opens up and the little bag is inside it has a tiny pouch that will fit a mobile and a tiny secret zip compartment.  Owner loved it on sight and it went all the way to Paris and all the way round the good Louvre museum!  We love it.

Fresh and final para possibly.  Now you are saying what is wise about today?  Owner reports she was a bit rude at the swimming baths and I said to anyone in particular and she goes she was fed up waiting for a shower and I said did anyone notice and she said (shamefully) I HOPE NOT.  So that was not a wise thing but then Owner did go on her visitings.  Aged sibling was fine Owner said did not have to be wise up there but saved it all up for aged parent visit.  Just how wise were you on a scale of one to ten I said (I like my ratings) ELEVEN she goes.  Even aged parent impressed and that is going some.  She is worn out being wise and says we must relax and zone out now.  Me? thanks for asking apart from the horrid hoover monster I am fine and surprised Owner by eating up a whole saucer of good as it looks without begging for a different one.  I have played with my toy nicely and really cannot fault myself.  Ruggles is also behaving like the perfect stray, bobbing in, wolfing down his food and bobbing out.  he called twice yesterdee.  We love him.

Real final para.  last night we managed with Hayley on about tomorrow being the day to good and desolate (like this word) Roy and this means signing out of Corrie and in Enders Sharron has fallen under evil Phil's spell and is cackling like an evil witch and poor long haired Denny nowhere to be seen. Luckily tonight we have come on Kylie on the Voice and we do like it with her she is one of those women Owner says is attractive to both sexes.  OOER I said.  Then we will stay with it and watch Casualtee it has two new nice doctors in it and Charlie is our fave nursey.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x

Friday, 17 January 2014

New Babe Fridee

Wonka here.  slept well, alarm normal, a fine day outside and Owner reports a giant full moon in the night.  Said had read this is a good thing for her astrological sign. (long word but worth it).  What is that I said.  VIRGO she said.   Now early on we noticed the good news folks, which is that nice Zara Tindall who is married to Mike and is a granddaughter of the Queen, well they have had their babe!  it is a girl and is 16th in line to the throne (Owner says).  Owner thinks she will be a Capricorn and wonders if same Chinese sign as good Prince George.  Is it a princess I said, NO said Owner it is Miss Tindall.

new para.  we love new baby news and will keep you posted with a photoshoot it there is one and in the meantime you can have one of Owner's sketches because you haven't had one for ages.Just tried to move it into the middle folks and nearly lost the lot!! We cannot sort this good blog out but Owner says she will not give up in accordance with her intuition which is telling her to find other ways to get the same result.  Me? thanks for asking, well I am very happy with the new toy and play with it every day and as you can see from Owner's sketch I like to lay on it too.  If anyone of you good folks is thinking of buying one I can fully recommend it as you have hours of fun.  I love it.

Fresh para.  We hear that our Hero Ronnie is doing very well at the Snooker so Owner said let's put the snooker on then and he is nowhere in sight.  We know the players have to have breaks for their tea and stuff but come on Ronnie!!  As much as I admire mr Selby and mr Higgins I don't love and adore them like Ronnie O.   Now last night just as Owner prepared to go on giant worry wart did Ruggles amble into the good back yard,  and caused Owner to shout RUGGLES though the glass.  He popped in scoffed three platefuls down and pawed at the door to get out.  We love him.

Final para.  now they are talking in snooker speak which goes now he has caught the red too thick and now he has a half chance and where's the cue ball going!!  We do love it and john virgo is our fave,  Now despite all our efforts Owner is still languishing here at home and I have to put up with it.  I am begging the God of employment to cast an eye in Owner's direction or we shall starve.  She reports that there is an offer to register and I said what with another agency Owner?  YES she said and that is better than a paw round the chops.  I think Owner referring to that terrible battle between her and Ruggles, and it was a draw (the black eye incident folks). Now tonight we will be transfixed (like it like it) by corrie x 2 and Enders x 1.  Good Hayley is close to ending it all and provoking a good debate about assisted suicide (Owner said).  Some people think it's wrong and some think it's right.  OH I said.  now in Enders everyone now loves Carole due to her pretend cancer except for us as we love Masood who is down in the dumps and gambling and drinking.  We love him.  now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are because the weekend is here.  Big Love Wonka x

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Timely Thursdee

Wonka here.   This morning dear reader stroke readers, we had a rude awakening.  How so, you ask.  Last night whether it was due to an overload of Richard the Lionheart or travelling on transpennine express, owner used a different mobile alarm.  For some reason, she also set the usual one.  Don't ask.  So at 6 30 am this morning this horrid robot voice announced it was TIME TO GET UP! I was so nervous I stayed under the bed and didn't do my good morning Owner routine (biting scratching and pouncing).  Owner was frightened into waking up and closed it down toute suite (that's French folks).  We don't love it and we will never use it again.

Fresh para to wipe away the memory of it.  We are on a Ruggles alert as he did not stop off yesterdee for his tea time.  yes, the food was gobbled up in the shed but unsure who by.  It s not, as yet on Owner's anxiety and worry of the day list.  I am going to make a list of all the good things in a minute.  But here is today's photoshoot postponed from yesterdee:What is it? you say.  It is one of Owner's Dad's carvings of a beauty swan with a set of good fairylights on it oh and that is a poster of me at the back!  it is the logo one for our wonkaandmousey shop at Owner likes to stroke his beak when she goes past, and says it is calming.   (I wish she would stroke it more but there),  it is the biggest carving and there are lots more.   You may have seen little badger but you can see it again if we do a carvings gallery photoshoot.  We love it.

Fresh para with good things in it as promised.  to divert Owner from an intense worry wart 1.  This morning did one of the best sketches of me ever.  Owner loved it so much she could not believe she had sketched it.  may use it for a cover for a story about me - and Owner too.  2.  did some more good sketches and watercolour washes.  3.  has applied for a job.  part-time and everything so we may not starve after all. 4. visit to both aged parent and sibling went well.  Owner said and I quote 'they may have been the best ever visits'.  Why is that I said.  WE ALL GOT ON she goes. 5.  not a sign of a dentist anywhere (Sorry Dentist we do love you really).

Final para.  If and when Rug turns up Owner said he can have double chick helpings.  I agreed with this if you must know because it means I have to have the same.  Now last night did Owner toss turn and have a funny night's sleep which as I said she is blaming on (mostly) too much travelling.  Today has gone at a much more gentle pace and even though no shout for work Owner says this was TIMELY as she got the most out of the day.  I LOVE YOU Owner I said to this as when Owner happy I am too.  now tonight we have another dish load of enders with evil Phil confessing things to round the block Sharron never mind her long haired child Denny who looks like a Victorian chimney sweep.  We love it.  Other than this we may be up a gum tree Owner said.  I think we'll find something though.  Now do go steady folks out there in the Wold wherever you are and in case you are a fan of Hardeep Singh Koli which we are he is busy touring the country and being funny so make sure you go and see him. 
Big Love Wonka x

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Reading Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Drizzle and more drizzle to start us off with but Owner set to and kept to schedule.  What schedule is that you want to know?  The schedule of popping on and off trains to get to a dental clinic.  It is miles away that's all you need to know and I saw her off in the dark and dingy morning and I thought good luck Owner.  She took her tablet but not the sort you knock back with a drink of water it is a new toy that everyone has got now to connect up on the train.  I said did it work Owner and she said the wifi thing was OUT OF RANGE.  Just as well you took a book then I said.

Fresh para.  Now I did warn my reader out there that Paris photoshoots had to end and they have.  I have changed my mind about the new photoshoot and here it is. and it is just a small selection of Owner's books from the Narnia cupboard under the stairs.  That funny little thing that looks like it is triangle on a stick is a wishing well and we do use it.  Owner says it works if you throw in a bit of silver.  There is only one rule you must not ask for money.  SHAME I said.  Now on the bookfront Owner came home bursting with knowledge about Richard the Lionheart.  Said he was a Plantagenet King.  And folks you will be pleased to know he darted around France a lot.  With his brothers when he wasn't scrapping with them.  Owner says they were called 'the Devil's brood' and he had a famous beauty Queen for a mum.  Eleonor of Aquitaine. (sorry Queen if not spelt name right blame Owner).

Fresh para folks but just to note that all those Kings and that seemed to like Europe and have palaces there and a bit of land thrown in.  Of course they also killed a number of good folk on their travels.. The ways of the world says Owner who is all historyed out now. The minute Owner returned I was immediately fed and had my luxury litter tray changed and the minute it was I went in it.  We are just on with the snooker as it is my hero Ronnie on the table.  We love him.

Final para as Owner says time I had a lay down (?).  last night we made do with Enders and such like and looks like tonight's viewing is near enough the same.  The light  on the horizon said Owner is Corrie x 1.  At the moment we are sorry for Sean who is love with someone who is playing games with his affections.  We all know this is wrong.  We love it.  Owner will probably call it a night early as tired out with travelling and teeth.   Says is still dreaming of things that suggest trying other ways to get what we want.  OOOH I said.  Now do go steady out there only reader wherever you are in the Wold.  Big love Wonka x

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Brave Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Owner describes weather today as 'bitter'.  Still rose up and on with it and guess what folks?  I'll do a tiny list as haven't done one for ages.  1.  Owner did dream guess what, and it was about Baba who as we all know is in heaven with Golly, but in the dream he was run over.  What is all this dead animals being alive and then dying again said Owner.  Is it about rebirth Owner I said? or said Owner (wait for it) reincarnation?  Whatever it is it is a CYCLE of events said Owner.  2.  Owner was right about the glasses or I was because did get another shout to go back.  3.  She is on with porridge for breakfast and I ate all of mine. (straightforward cat food.  that lamb one.)

Fresh para.   It is dustbin day thought you would want to know that and Owner remembered to put it out.  WELL DONE Owner!  now to round off the trip of a lifetime for Owner there follows a small photoshoot of the place de concorde which has a big needle in it.there are four such needles stroke obilisks (Owner would not spell it for me) one of them is in Cairo, one of them is on the London embankment one of them is there in Paris and the other one is in New York.  All the more reason to go to New York said Owner.What is that funny bike thing you say?  there are lots of these said Owner to peddle people around the city.  The view is straight ahead to the Champs Elysee she goes.  it was so pretty, with market stalls all down the side and twinkling because it was still Christmas time.  Over to the left and not in the photoshoot so don't try and see it folks! is the Eiffel Tower. That tiny building at the top of the photo is the arc de triumph (spelling Owner?).  Unless Owner feels it is necessary to offer up more photoshoots this might be the last of Paris for a while folks and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  We love it.

Final para possibly.  Brave you say?  why so.  Dentist folks that is why so..and Owner is awarding her dentist a gold star.  I cried in the chair she goes, when he said those two words.  ROOT CANAL.  but she took hold of her remaining courage of the day and said to get on with it.  Did it hurt Owner I said when I knew the answer because if Owner had been trotting back through the door crying folks that would be me up those stairs and under the bed in a jiffy bag.  He was brilliant she goes.  We love him.

Real final para.  Now whilst all that was going on at the so good he is off the scale dentist, I did glance out back and think I saw Tinkers.  Owner is in agreement because on her second daily trot out to the shed she said all the food is gone except the biscuits.  They do leave those biscuits til last.  of course I have managed a few minutes peace and quiet as soon as Owner out of the way and pecked at a few different pouches plus some real chick.  Ruggles is in a daily routine of rushing in, rushing his food and rushing back out.  We love him. Tonight Owner is going to reflect on her fortunes (says) and in between this may watch increasingly silly Enders with practically all of them in love with the wrong one and having affairs with them behind the backs of the good ones.  Nasty bully boy Phil doesn't love anyone and is in a new stroke old liaison with Sharon.   Next up is Holby city that nice hospital drama with new babies and new parents and cuddly doctors.  Tomorrow folks is another trip to another dental place it is miles away and Owner says best not to think about it so we haven't.  Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are.  Big Love Wonka x

Monday, 13 January 2014

Miracle Mundee

Wonka here.  Set the good alarm and only slept through one set of peepings.  Up we got and I shot down those stairs in anticipation (new word for me that) of a hearty breakfast.  And I surprised Owner by eating the first saucer of good as it looks before asking for more.  Blimey she goes, you liked that one, what was it?  LAMB good as it looks I said.  Owner thinks bit of a misnomer (she says that is a word so I am using it) as it looks horrid she says.  Well I like it I said back.   Looked out back and it was frosty again.  End of weather report from me but Owner says sun was dazzling and it was a bit colder.

Fresh para.  Someone outside is running their engine and this never fails to annoy Owner to the point of staring out the window at them or, pulling the curtains so she cannot see them.  I have used several diversion tactics but luckily they have revved up one final noisy rev and shot off down the street.  yes I have used the word shot once already but I like it and will use it at will. (misquote from fave film Zulu when Stanley thingy tells those brave welsh soldiers to fire at will.  poor old Will I said! sorry).
Now back to our usual photoshoot.  Yes it is the very last of the beloved Louvre.Yes folks it is the world famous Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci.  Owner says followed all the signs with her little face on and trotted down miles of corridors and miles of stairs and still had to ask where she was!  she was off this big gallery in a smaller room and as soon as you turned to go in did you see her!  up on the facing wall behind glass and surrounded by people from all over the world.  it was a moment to savour said Owner.  I love her (Mona I mean well Owner too).and after that excitement Owner finds out there is another important person to see and it is Venus de Milo!! No wonder Owner slow to come round to everyday living is it?  Now today the miracle happened and a shout for some work.  Owner gladly accepted and sped off to do it.  It was a nice day and the class were tiny people and very well behaved with it.  She did leave her glasses and I said Owner is that an omen for you to go back? PERHAPS she said. Me?  thanks for asking, I had a nice peaceful day lounging on my big bed downstairs that doubles up as a settee.  The minute Owner returned I had a nice plate of chick so cannot complain.  Good Ruggles is calling for tea anytime between 3 and 9pm and is quite a stickler for best whiskas now.  We did see Tinkers whistle through the back yard yesterdee, but it was just a glimpse.  The bell is the give away.

Final final para.  Now last night we had to watch the dancing on ice and did quite like it in parts.  Some of them can skate and some of them can't.  We tried to like Sherlock but Owner said it's like Dr Who gone up a few notches.  We're ashamed to say we cannot understand that either but know lots of you good folks do.  Tonight we will be fairly steady on our soaps, that's corrie x 2 and we hear a new family will arrive into it and they are muslim folk.  Get ready street!  Over in Enders it doesn't matter about introducing different religions because they are too busy banging people on the head with wine bottles and accidentally killing them and then no one yes no one does notice.  The nice Ronnie and foxy are in it somewhere.  Tomorrow don't ask but dentist visits are lined up unless they cancel and I will have to go under the bed to avoid Owner's dismay.  On a level of one to ten it is ten.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are folks.  Big Love Wonka x

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Certain Sundee

Wonka here.  Once more dear folks did we slumber on way past our getting up time.  colder out there when Owner peaked out the window said saw frost.  What about my breakfast I said back.  By the way she goes I had another interesting dream.  About I goes?  Said she was with this well know pop star OOH I said, and things got very friendly.  In another bit she makes a break for it with an animal, under a wire fence with keys in her pocket for the van up on the hill waiting.  Said a woman helped her under the wire and had some more keys.  Was the animal me I said.  NO said Owner, it was a small dog.

Fresh para to avoid anymore dream talk.  Now as you know we are still wading through our Paris Photoshoots but bear with it.  Here follows two Egyptian photoshoots.Owner thinks this one is Amon Ra or something very similar.  NO OFFENCE to the Egyptian King stroke god!  We are still in The Louvre folks.  You had to walk through a giant brick cave like tunnel thing says Owner and then you were up against all these Egyptian gods and statues and artifacts.  BLIMEY I said.This little chappie was a lot bigger than this tiny picture makes out.  Owner says this is HORUS and he is a famous God from the dynastic period.  Thinks.  OH I went.  also folks you might be interested to know that the first three letters of this falcon God's name, is still in use today, hence HORACE.  (and Horatio said Owner.  I said Owner, how many Horatios do you know? PASS she goes).  So there we are folks and this is a closer look at the glass pyramid where you get in to it all.  That shrouded thing you can see in the middle of the pyramid is a shrouded thing says Owner.  What you mean a sculpted shrouded figure Owner?  YES she reports it a giant statue covered in a shroud and is a monument to all figures.  OH I goes.

Fresh and fina para I think.  Now today Owner did go out and finally plucked up courage to look under the bonnet of the new stroke second hand car with no name.  unlike beloved skylark Owner has several handbooks to guide her through every single aspect of the car and its innards. With this guide she successfully (I say!) topped up with screenwash.  What about the water, oil and tyre pressures I said.  Next time she goes.   Alongside this I am proud to announce that Owner has nearly completed the next #wonka story. It is called Conversations with Wonka part three.  Already I love it and as soon as it is published on, I will let all you good folks know.  There is also to be a Wonka's Easter Story.  OOOOHHH.   Now yesterdee did good Ruggles pop three times for fodder.  and Owner reports he went a bit funny on the second visit.  It is a tiny kitchen and no doubt he felt trapped and at risk I said.  Whatever, she goes.  We await his presence tonight.

Last night we were very entertained by The Voice that nice newish upmarket talent show with kylie as a judge.  Owner much prefers Kylie to Jessie J as she is the right side of girlie, says.  We both in love with the presenter who is Marlin, Marion or Marvin late of JLS.  Tonight we must make do with dancing on ice or falling and slipping on it, which we were looking forward to until they dished up all the old winners to win it.  COP OUT said Owner.  We half love it.  Now do go steady out there folks wherever you are in the Wold.  Big Love Wonka x

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Zen Satdee

Wonka here.  Slept right in even with me jumping gently on and off the bed a few times to remind Owner I exist.   I had a lovely dream said Owner when fully awake.  Oh yes, I said.  It was a phone call from someone I really like, she goes, and they were giving me this information.  Oh yes, I goes.  YES said Owner, it was a phone number and a name.  Can you remember it Owner I said.  The first bit was...................K something and the number was 46 something.  That makes no sense Owner I said.  I KNOW but it made me feel lovely she goes.

Fresh para.  now since Owner returned from the magic city she has been even more laid back than usual, that is when she isn't being over anxious and stressed.  This Zen thing, I said to Owner does that mean you are taking things on the chin as and when they happen?  SORT OF she goes.  She thinks it means in the moment.  RIGHTO I said. Now we are still loving Owner's expedition into the magic city and especially that Louvre place.  And I noticed I spelt building bulding yesterdee but no one has said anything.  here comes last photoshoot on The Louvre.(maybe not as Owner entranced by it)....this one is to give you a taste of the majesty of it and I quote from Owner, who says everything was  VERY BIG.  Is that because it used to be a palace I said.  Perhaps, she goes.  Next up is the pyramid again. there are two more Owner wants to put on but I said Owner, do it tmro.  alright she said (they are Egyptian things to do with gods and such.  I said Owner we should honour them with a separate day.)

Final para we think.   Now today Owner as I say went all zen and fairly floated through her busy schedule which was shopping swimming shopping visiting and visiting.  Me?  thanks for asking, I did eat a little breakfast after being given about four to five options.  Then I must have dozed off, looked out the window, dozed off, played with my catnip toy and dozed off again.  owner said the visits tested out her zen thoroughly especially when aged parent said put postcard of magic city in the drawer.  where no one could see it I said.  YES she said.   I gave Owner an extra cuddle to make up for this and ate two plates of catfood without messing.  As soon as Owner thought it is time to sort the shed out did Ruggles appear at the good back door cheeping for his tea time and had four platefuls.  Also, Owner reports that he was nesting in the good shed last night.  it must be cold I said.  Aged parent has warned of bad weather to come said Owner.  OH NO I went.  now to cheer us on we put Ben Hur on as we never have watched all the way through but it is a calming zen like background.  Tonight we will try The voice with nice Kylie in it and see if anyone can sing.  we prefer the showbiz sparkle of the hex factor but Owner said is prepared to be open minded.  (and Zen).  Now I want all of you out there in the Wold wherever you are to go steady.  Big Love Wonka x

Friday, 10 January 2014

Planning It Fridee

Wonka here.  All those weather warnings and malarkey (Owner says that is a word and I like it)well it must be all going to visit another country or county because it is not coming to us.  The usual blue sky and dazzling sunlight here.  Owner jogged up and got ready without any phone calls to distract her either offering or cancelling work.  We like it that even stevens way!  As it happens Owner had plans for the day.  Are you going out for a long weekend but saying you will be back soon, I said to Owner.  I am going out on a DAY TRIP and will return for your teatime and ruggles is is. THANKGOODNESS I said.  Turns out it was true and Owner really did go and visit Daughter and grandson and come home again.

Fresh para to try and upload a photoshoot of The Louvre this time.  By the way, the good photo of the shop window turned into a sparkly one the last time we saw it! All the little lights going on and off. OOH went Owner.  Now this here this tiny photo that we cannot make any bigger (thank you blog!) was taken as we walked under the archway into the giant square of The Louvre.  Owner said to imagine a giant courtyard.  YES.  With beauty buildings lined up at the top bottom and both sides.  YES.  Then make an archway through one of the side buildings. YES.  As you walk through you can see at the sides down into the Louvre museum.  YES.  so that photo is from the Greek stroke Roman bit.  When you are in the square bit, then the Pyramid entrance is in the middle.  YES,  I said to Owner, I feel like I've been there.  We Love it.

final para maybe.  Owner reports fairly sensible visit lightened up by present giving.  All gifts from the magic city went down well especially the Mona Lisa and Chat fridge magnets.  (yes, je suis un Chat).  There was talk of planning and actions too.  Did you include yourself Owner I said.  (bearing in mind we could still starve)   I have a small plan on the go she went.  She also mentioned a web but not a spider one.  I love a spider me, and even though Owner afraid of them (they are called spidders to help her cope! Yes!) she has been known to save them from my paws of death!  I said what about the plan to feed me Owner!  Only joking!  Then did good Ruggles appear in the good back yard just as Owner tramping out to the shed with more supplies.  he chomped on his chick and whiskas before rushing off on his rounds. We love him and his stumpy tail.

Real final para.  Now last night we had to watch nice casualtee hospital drama on catch up and it was full of fun as you know.  people burnt and escaping from buldings and then packing it in with partners.  We loved it.  Tonight we hope to watch corrie x 2 and temptrous (spelling!)Tina has left in a taxi! In Enders the one we didn't like and cannot just recall her name but Max threw her out, well she left in one of his cars!  and Owner has only mentioned once that this time last week she was in her hotel room overlooking the Grands Boulevard.  I only came back because of you she said.  I LOVE YOU OWNER I said back.  Now it is the weekend yet again, so do go steady out there wherever you are in the Wold.  Big Love Wonka x 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Duvet day thursdee

Wonka here.  Got up whilst still very very dark out there plus steady drizzle.  Do we have to Owner I said as it is very snuggly and warm where we are.  YES she goes.   so there we were all on track, I had breakfast served up pronto, played nicely with my catnip toy, checked out the litter tray and all prepared for my nice quiet peaceful day whilst Owner out slaving away.  Then it happened.  The phone rang two minutes before departure to cancel the good day's work.  but listen folks, the unheard of has taken place in this house.  Owner is accepting of change and said may use today as a duvet day.  We love it.

Fresh para to try and upload a small video that Owner took by mistake once up the Eiffel Tower.  She did get massive panic attack as frightened of heights but managed to cope.  VERY PROUD! Needless to say we are having trouble with uploading a video!   We have tried and tried and tried.  It will not have our little video. WOE said Owner. 
Instead we have other photoshoots:
This miniscule photo is of the Notre Dame cathredal folks and we wish it was bigger but it isn't.   The photo we mean. 

This last one which for some unknown reason is bigger...WHAT IS HAPPENING said Owner, but we may as well ask the wall (I think Owner did ask the wall) this photo is of a beauty little shop window in this little arcade where Owner went on to spend a fortune.  Can we afford it I said.  NOT A CHANCE she goes.  I'm pretty sure unless a miracle happens we will starve folks.  At least we will enjoy going there said Owner.  Now Owner did also have a photo of some Paris Blue Sky.  Do you want to see it folks?  Oh alright then.  and we think that little dot thing is not a smudge on your screen it is Paris bird.  I love it.

Now final final para.  Owner is keeping spirits up and has watched the last two episodes of #breakingbad.  She is now grieving the loss of the best boxset ever.  I must try hard to cheer her on and all I know is on is blessed Enders.  Hopefully some of the ones we do not like have really gone this time instead of getting back with the ones who hate them.  Max is one such person who has got rid of his girlfriend many a time only to see her come bounding back.  We love it.  Ruggles is due for his daily chick and treble portions of best whiskas pouches.  he may stop for a small cuddle.  or not.  Me? thanks for asking.  Enjoyed a fairly peaceful day despite Owner rocking around the place.  She has been calm and controlled and not an anxiety attack in sight.  There is talk of snow and such and we do want everyone out there in the world (or Wold) to go steady wherever you are.  big Love wonka x

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Winning Wednesdee

Wonka here.  well Folks I am pleased to announce a good day achieved with Owner keeping temper, sleeping fairly sound after a bitty start.  What you say is a bitty start?  it means being nicely tired, putting your book down saying night night wonka a few times, saying your prayers if you say them then the minute your head touches the pillow you are wide awake.  This aside (get me) Owner went on to sleep through, rather like me.  The weather?  it has gone very mild here and our hearts must go out to those who are water logged and sodden and those who are somehow coping with freezing conditions.  All the more reason to cheer you on with our tales (no pun intended but actually I like it).

Fresh para and this blog willing I am going to produce today's Paris trail photoshoot.  yesterdee you had the start of the trail and it will continue on.
First up is the view from the balcony of good hotel onto the Grands Boulevard!! And yes there were pigeons flapping across. 
this next one is all a blur!! but Owner says it gives you a flavour of the Paris street at night.  OH I said.  next up is a photo of the same street, grands boulevard in focus.  Yes.
Now tomorrow Owner has found a little video taken from the Eiffel tower which she says if she doesn't go mad (always on the cards) she will get me to put it on here.  IT IS BREATHTAKING she said.  Don't forget Owner I said, that all the good folks out there in the Wold might not see it that way.  More fools them she did mutter.

Another para.  Now whilst Owner was out and I was getting that much needed rest, she did visit aged sibling and parent bringing them up to date and reminding of holiday out of this world.  did they get your postcards to remind them I said.  One of them did, said Owner.  Now due to Owner getting a much needed shout for some work tomorrow (thank you god of work as I feared we might starve) we have to prepare.  Well I don't except to look forward to a lot of peace and quiet folks!  I love it.

Final para I think.  Rug is due to call for his chicken and extras and I am on look out duty so must finish up.  Telly wise we are on with Enders and blow me down if they haven't put another new stroke old person in it who has been appearing in another soap all about a school that we don't watch.  She is called Jane in Enders and was a headmistress in the other one.  It is on tonight and we will try to keep abreast of all these new stroke old stroke forgetmenot people.  by the way that baby did finally get born in the hospital soap that we do watch.  At last.  So it's also Corrie x 1 and not overly confusing as temptrous Tina is still bothering with newly married recovering alcoholic Peter and Hayley is still dying.  Yes.  Now do go steady out there in the world folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A little bit more for Tuesdee!

Just a little photoshoot to finish off with then - Owner took this one specially for me and it is of Paris Pigeons.  They were having a bath just round the corner from Notre Dame.  I love them!

Big extra love Wonka x

Extra Extra for Tuesdee!!!

At last you say there is a few meagre photoshoots.  Mostly of what happened on the Eurostar to Paris!  At least Owner is calm now and you know that is my priority.  Let that be a lesson to all impatient folk out there.  Give it half a minute and a little simple straightforward action and good things fall into place.

Why you say are we looking at pictures of Owner getting sloshed?  Just to put you in the mood of the trip I would reply.  Me?  safe and snug I was with no inkling of Owner's drinking habits.  Last photo coming up for today then:

Owner said all four of them got on the metro late Fridee night (yes they were well sloshed I would say) rounded a corner off the good metro saying to themselves where is this Eiffel tower and they came round a corner and gasped in awe.  There it was sparkling in the night they thought they were dreaming.

Now just to leave you good folks with a new year's thought or lesson so far in (and it's only Jan 7th).  There is always another way.  Or, said Owner, an alternative path to get what you want.  OOH I said.  and PS Ruggles our alternative stray, is fine and dandy and full up on treble portions.  he loved Owner's daughter and only growled quietly alongside purring.  We love him.x

Back to it Tuesdee!!

Wonka here.  Did we sleep in YES WE DID.  And even though Owner left a note to self about it being dustbin day the first thing she thought when woke up was...........and I quote...not 'how lovely to be back with beloved Wonka, not 'I wonder if Wonka is starving BUT Oh, I must put the dustbin out.  I insisted on an extra tummy tickle for that.

Fresh para.  Now yesterdee you may (or may not if not looking properly or concentrating) have spotted a word not spelt right.  I have to own up it was Owner's fault not mine.  I said to Owner is surely spelt SURLY or like that and she didn't help.  Yes she was tired out but that is no excuse.  Pardon messieurs and mesdames!! (alright I tried!)  Owner says cannot stop saying things in French like Je pense, and Je sais or more likely to be je ne sais pas quoi.  Mais oui, and not to forget I am a chat.  Now for the next few weeks and I think it may see January out, our photoshoots will be all about the grand trip.  so first up is the start of the trip:

All is not lost but for now there is no photoshoot.  We have tried and tried and tried again with it and Owner on point of shouting and me? thanks for asking, I am about to run under the bed.  It will not work the upload thing.  I am begging Owner not to lose patience.  Owner I said, we can always do another photoshoot blog when it is back to normal.  shoot being the operative word (oooh).  Now tonight apart from having to calm Owner down we shall watch a thing or two on the box.  it will be Enders as that is so silly now it is very calming and Owner can vent her wrath by shouting at it.  Then there is the good hospital drama and at the risk of repeating past thoughts we think that baby may arrive.  Surely (!!) it is time.  Now I do want to say sorry to all about lack of good photos but we have pleaded with the people in charge to sort it out.  YES WE HAVE shouted Owner.  Please do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are and especially if 1.  you need a holiday 2.  you are freezing and cold and 3.  you are losing patience with something.  We love it!  Big Love Wonka x

Monday, 6 January 2014

Amazing Mundee!

Wonka here.  folks you will want to know one thing and one thing only,  am I alright?  surly the first thing, and second, what about Owner??  Straight away I can bring you up to scratch (sorry, could not resist!!).  Owner has returned from long weekend in PARIS.... insisted on feeding me four different types of food my fave good as it looks plus a bowl of chicken.  Did you have the time of your life Owner I went?  YES I DID! she goes.

Fresh down to earth para.  She has a million photos and a million happy memories and says she nearly stayed in Paris because she loves it there.  Saw a job for a server in a little cafĂ© and nearly applied for it.  WHAT ABOUT ME I went?  You can come too, she goes.  In your dreams Owner but suffice (new word) to say she has come back all fired up and rarin to go.  In the meantime and until Owner sifts through the thrillion photos of everything (including some Paris birds for me.  Pigeons, she said) here is a little sketch of me because I am still very very important and Owner did miss me.

and tonight folks is what some call twelf (spelling!) night so we can still pop on a Christmas sketch of me at Christmas.   We loved it.
Final para it really is as Owner says we need to catch up and re bond and things.  You see folks I really missed Owner despite all the wonderful arrangements and good cat sitters ( professional and everything) and good daughters what spoil me there is no one no, no one like beloved Owner.  She goes, until I knew (quote) that you were alright via daughter,, I could not enjoy myself and go and see the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Champs Elysee and the Place de Concorde.  Is that a fact Owner I went? I LOVE PARIS goes Owner but I did want to give you a cuddle.  Oh.  I said.  Now, since Owner came back there is a lot to do.  Unpacking and washing and coming back down to earth.  I have had a lot of cuddles and I even gave a piteous cheeping noise when she rolled back in.  Tonight Owner is re orientating herself (big word) and may sleep like a log.  While that is going on, we may watch Corrie times two on catch up to help us with that re orientating thing.  it really does help.  Owner says the Eiffel Tower was all lit up and twinkling and shining light all over Paris like some wonderful starship.  She Loved it, I love it, and You would love it.  In the meantime and until tomorrow, which is demain says Owner (I am a Chat), and lots of good photoshoots, go steady out there in the world wherever you are in it. Big Love Wonka x

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Fantastic Thursdee!

~Wonka here.  Now as I have been saying to any folk out there in the wold who are listening - well Owner is off to realise a dream and her fantastic day starts today.  me? thanks for asking, well I am well cat-ered for you know, what with good feline services and my aunty.  (that's Owner's best daughter to you).  so please notez bien:

Wonka and Owner are having a brief respite stroke holiday! but will return Mundee 6th Jan!!!!  Until then I leave you with a sketch from Owner, which I have admired all morning.
Hope you like it folks.Can you see me and Aunty holding up the fort whilst Owner gads off?  She says there will lots of good photoshoots and I said GO STEADY on the vino Owner.  I MAY DO she goes.
So there we are and aunty promised to help me have a fairly fantastic time myself what with plenty of attention, plenty of food and love what more could a good cat wish for??!  And ruggles is top of the list too.  Me? Jealous??? Never!! or should I say JAMAIS!!! 
 now do go steady out there in the World wherever you are folks.  Big Love Wonka x
And if you get bored don't forget our Wonka Stories on #wonka  xx

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

*****New Year's Day!! Wednesdee*****

Wonka here.  Now howdy all of you out there in the new year!  We are all in it now.  YES.  We did see in this new year 2014 and as Owner likes to report, she did make a cup of rosy lee in 2013 and did drink it in 2014.  Oh and she was tuned into Tone.  That's good tony Blackburn folks who guarded radio 2 into the new year.  We love him.

Fresh para.  Today it went rainy and dark but did that deter Owner?  not a jot.  She set off on a mission to PC underworld.  or is it PC Wold?   I'm going to buy a tablet she goes.  Have you made a decision Owner I enquired?  HAVE I! she goes.  Now it is even now charging up and Owner has the good 'quick guide' at the ready.  it will be read whilst sipping a sherry so this should help Owner get it started.  And if all else fails I'll be under that bed before anyone can say Jack Robinson.  Or Janet Robinson if we want to be fair and square. Now I know the tablet is very interesting but despite that you will want today's photoshoot. What is it you say?  it is a sketch of me, by Owner when I was a mere kitten.  In keeping with the Sound of music and it's songs which go 'whiskas on kitteeeeeeenze!'  here it is:
One of Owner's names for me is sherbet dibdab.  yes I know.  I love it.  Hard to believe but I was a bit smaller once.  Merry new year from me, and my wish is that you all remember the kitten in you!
Fresh and final para.  so owner walked yes walked to the shop which was open and consulted (ooooh) with a nice saleperson (male) about a tablet.  and has come back a bit wet but what exercise to walk I said and no having to park the car with no name.  Is it a resolution I said to walk everywhere now?  NOT ON YOUR NELLY she said.  It is small and has a red back and a red case and we Love it!  Now rug has been for teatime very earlydoors and got told off for being wet.  There is shelter as you know in the delux shed.  he had three and a half platefuls and demanded to go back out in the gloom, so Owner let him.  Me?  thanks for asking.  I've had a nice first day of the good new year relaxing, pecking at a bit of food and keeping an eye on a cheeky seagull out front.  Tonight we will be watching good Corrie and that tempting Tina and newly wed Peter are surely set for truble! In Enders there are so many storylines and now sister Ronnie has tapped someone too hard with a bottle.  Are they still breathing we will find out.  We love it.  Now on this new day do go steady all of you out there in the world wherever you are.  Big love Wonka x