Monday, 20 January 2014

Manic Mundee

Wonka here.  Things moved so fast once Owner up and at em, that I began to feel dizzy folks! You will want to know straight off did she sleep did she dream and if so what did it mean!! (poet me).  Slept like a top she says to me, did dream of a lot of foreign small change like euros.  thinks this means lots of small changes that doesn't usually happen.  OH YES I said.  it wasn't raining, the sky was clear (as it was in the night says Owner crystal clear and stars sharp in the heavens) and the yard was lit up by the waning moon.  More poetry folks!

Fresh para.  manic you say.  OH YES.  Owner said if could have split herself in half today no end to what she could have achieved.  Thankfully this did not happen as she moved fast enough without splitting.  ~Both good agencies rang up with offers of work so that prayer to the god of employment folks has paid right off let me say.  And that was without a wish in the wishing well (song there somewhere and Owner thinks it is Wet Wet Wet).  Owner then on horn of dilemma and had to cancel a trip to the dentist.  OH NO.  Oh yes!  She made a million phone calls about aged parent to sort out the care thingy then flung off out to first job.  This was looking after a lot of little people and there was skipping.    Now before anymore ado a photoshoot.who is that you say?  folks this is our hero of the hour, day, year, life - it is the legendary Ronnie O'Sullivan and of course he was on fire and did win The Masters 2014.  His good son and daughter were there to see him do it.  Very proud and we love him.

final para we think.  Due to all this hopping about by Owner who did follow up the work by a visit to aged parent and a shake up of care thingys there, we need to have a quiet eve.  Oh and there is a full days work tmro (Thank you God!) plus the place with little people who want to skip all dinner hour want Owner back too.  You are in demand Owner!  I love you!  I love you said Owner straight back.  Now Ruggles, who we also love along with Ronnie O, did pop for his chick last night late on and darted off into the dark night.  I am full up at the moment but might want a snack anytime really.  it is good Corrie tonight and we think Hayley will down that fatal mix watched over by good Roy her best hubbie.  To cheer us up we then watch Enders in between and naughty alcoholic Lauren has done it this time and that's without a drink!  We love it.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are and especially if you seem to be meeting yourself coming back.  Owner says the latest message is that things are doubling up, making one opportunity two opportunities etc.  Choose wisely.  Big Love Wonka x