Wednesday, 1 January 2014

*****New Year's Day!! Wednesdee*****

Wonka here.  Now howdy all of you out there in the new year!  We are all in it now.  YES.  We did see in this new year 2014 and as Owner likes to report, she did make a cup of rosy lee in 2013 and did drink it in 2014.  Oh and she was tuned into Tone.  That's good tony Blackburn folks who guarded radio 2 into the new year.  We love him.

Fresh para.  Today it went rainy and dark but did that deter Owner?  not a jot.  She set off on a mission to PC underworld.  or is it PC Wold?   I'm going to buy a tablet she goes.  Have you made a decision Owner I enquired?  HAVE I! she goes.  Now it is even now charging up and Owner has the good 'quick guide' at the ready.  it will be read whilst sipping a sherry so this should help Owner get it started.  And if all else fails I'll be under that bed before anyone can say Jack Robinson.  Or Janet Robinson if we want to be fair and square. Now I know the tablet is very interesting but despite that you will want today's photoshoot. What is it you say?  it is a sketch of me, by Owner when I was a mere kitten.  In keeping with the Sound of music and it's songs which go 'whiskas on kitteeeeeeenze!'  here it is:
One of Owner's names for me is sherbet dibdab.  yes I know.  I love it.  Hard to believe but I was a bit smaller once.  Merry new year from me, and my wish is that you all remember the kitten in you!
Fresh and final para.  so owner walked yes walked to the shop which was open and consulted (ooooh) with a nice saleperson (male) about a tablet.  and has come back a bit wet but what exercise to walk I said and no having to park the car with no name.  Is it a resolution I said to walk everywhere now?  NOT ON YOUR NELLY she said.  It is small and has a red back and a red case and we Love it!  Now rug has been for teatime very earlydoors and got told off for being wet.  There is shelter as you know in the delux shed.  he had three and a half platefuls and demanded to go back out in the gloom, so Owner let him.  Me?  thanks for asking.  I've had a nice first day of the good new year relaxing, pecking at a bit of food and keeping an eye on a cheeky seagull out front.  Tonight we will be watching good Corrie and that tempting Tina and newly wed Peter are surely set for truble! In Enders there are so many storylines and now sister Ronnie has tapped someone too hard with a bottle.  Are they still breathing we will find out.  We love it.  Now on this new day do go steady all of you out there in the world wherever you are.  Big love Wonka x