Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Winning Wednesdee

Wonka here.  well Folks I am pleased to announce a good day achieved with Owner keeping temper, sleeping fairly sound after a bitty start.  What you say is a bitty start?  it means being nicely tired, putting your book down saying night night wonka a few times, saying your prayers if you say them then the minute your head touches the pillow you are wide awake.  This aside (get me) Owner went on to sleep through, rather like me.  The weather?  it has gone very mild here and our hearts must go out to those who are water logged and sodden and those who are somehow coping with freezing conditions.  All the more reason to cheer you on with our tales (no pun intended but actually I like it).

Fresh para and this blog willing I am going to produce today's Paris trail photoshoot.  yesterdee you had the start of the trail and it will continue on.
First up is the view from the balcony of good hotel onto the Grands Boulevard!! And yes there were pigeons flapping across. 
this next one is all a blur!! but Owner says it gives you a flavour of the Paris street at night.  OH I said.  next up is a photo of the same street, grands boulevard in focus.  Yes.
Now tomorrow Owner has found a little video taken from the Eiffel tower which she says if she doesn't go mad (always on the cards) she will get me to put it on here.  IT IS BREATHTAKING she said.  Don't forget Owner I said, that all the good folks out there in the Wold might not see it that way.  More fools them she did mutter.

Another para.  Now whilst Owner was out and I was getting that much needed rest, she did visit aged sibling and parent bringing them up to date and reminding of holiday out of this world.  did they get your postcards to remind them I said.  One of them did, said Owner.  Now due to Owner getting a much needed shout for some work tomorrow (thank you god of work as I feared we might starve) we have to prepare.  Well I don't except to look forward to a lot of peace and quiet folks!  I love it.

Final para I think.  Rug is due to call for his chicken and extras and I am on look out duty so must finish up.  Telly wise we are on with Enders and blow me down if they haven't put another new stroke old person in it who has been appearing in another soap all about a school that we don't watch.  She is called Jane in Enders and was a headmistress in the other one.  It is on tonight and we will try to keep abreast of all these new stroke old stroke forgetmenot people.  by the way that baby did finally get born in the hospital soap that we do watch.  At last.  So it's also Corrie x 1 and not overly confusing as temptrous Tina is still bothering with newly married recovering alcoholic Peter and Hayley is still dying.  Yes.  Now do go steady out there in the world folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x