Thursday, 23 January 2014

Thorough Thursdee

Wonka here.  Hallo to all of you good folks out there and here is our weather warning:  keeps on raining, keeps on being nippy, does seem to brighten up towards end of day when light fading anyway and you think why did it not do this earlier.  We love it.

Fresh para.  I am being very thorough today and sorting out a nice photoshoot without any mucking about or moaning.  Well not much.  We have had Swanny carving and Badger carving.  Do we want a cat carving??This is Owner's fave, and is called Tinkerbelle!!  think it a boy though not sure, and wherever he is in the room he will be looking at you.  Yes he does like a few bracelets round him and who is that in the photoframe next to him!!  It's me!  So that is another good carving by Owner's Dad and we love it.

Fresh para.  Now here follows a Ruggles report.  Two whole nights he has passed us by!  Then Owner who checks that good back door out the glass every other minute does spy him!  RUG she shouts.   So he pops in devours his chick on the plate so fast Owner hasn't time to say how's your father and then does paw at the door to go out.  he has gone across that busy motorway come street and Owner said the usual prayer to St Francis to keep him safe.

Final fresh para.  Me?  thanks for asking I have had a little rest a lot to eat and thankfully Owner has topped up one of my favourite catnip toys with more catnip.  I can recommend this to any of you cats out there who are bored or lonely.  You can roll on it, bite it (the toy) toss it round in the air and just love it really.  Mine is a little blue fish with a secret envelope thingy so you can refill it.  Now Owner has yet again been out to work with the little people and a soggy skipping rope.  Was it good Owner I said when she fell back through the good front door.  THEY ALL LOVE SKIPPING she goes.  Now on top of this did she fit in a visit to aged parent and had to sort out a few things whilst there.  Well Done I goes!  Did aged parent appreciate your care and attention to detail? VERY MUCH went Owner.  So we cannot complain about today and we are not going to.  There is a lot of complaining going on in the Wold about this that and the other and Owner said we need more doing and less talking.  Now we did watch good Corrie last night and poor newly widowed Roy lamenting the loss of his Hayley.  And nice off the rails Nick is trying to patch up his marriage but it would not patch.  We love it.  Tonight Owner has said there is nothing on except Enders which as you know is annoying us with the storyline of drunken and non drunken  people in cars driving like maniacs and with any luck driving out of the series (Owner said and I agree).  Now it is nearly Fridee where we are and the end of a busy but alright week.  So go steady out there in the World wherever you are in it folks,  Big Love Wonka x