Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Brave Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Owner describes weather today as 'bitter'.  Still rose up and on with it and guess what folks?  I'll do a tiny list as haven't done one for ages.  1.  Owner did dream guess what, and it was about Baba who as we all know is in heaven with Golly, but in the dream he was run over.  What is all this dead animals being alive and then dying again said Owner.  Is it about rebirth Owner I said? or said Owner (wait for it) reincarnation?  Whatever it is it is a CYCLE of events said Owner.  2.  Owner was right about the glasses or I was because did get another shout to go back.  3.  She is on with porridge for breakfast and I ate all of mine. (straightforward cat food.  that lamb one.)

Fresh para.   It is dustbin day thought you would want to know that and Owner remembered to put it out.  WELL DONE Owner!  now to round off the trip of a lifetime for Owner there follows a small photoshoot of the place de concorde which has a big needle in it.there are four such needles stroke obilisks (Owner would not spell it for me) one of them is in Cairo, one of them is on the London embankment one of them is there in Paris and the other one is in New York.  All the more reason to go to New York said Owner.What is that funny bike thing you say?  there are lots of these said Owner to peddle people around the city.  The view is straight ahead to the Champs Elysee she goes.  it was so pretty, with market stalls all down the side and twinkling because it was still Christmas time.  Over to the left and not in the photoshoot so don't try and see it folks! is the Eiffel Tower. That tiny building at the top of the photo is the arc de triumph (spelling Owner?).  Unless Owner feels it is necessary to offer up more photoshoots this might be the last of Paris for a while folks and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  We love it.

Final para possibly.  Brave you say?  why so.  Dentist folks that is why so..and Owner is awarding her dentist a gold star.  I cried in the chair she goes, when he said those two words.  ROOT CANAL.  but she took hold of her remaining courage of the day and said to get on with it.  Did it hurt Owner I said when I knew the answer because if Owner had been trotting back through the door crying folks that would be me up those stairs and under the bed in a jiffy bag.  He was brilliant she goes.  We love him.

Real final para.  Now whilst all that was going on at the so good he is off the scale dentist, I did glance out back and think I saw Tinkers.  Owner is in agreement because on her second daily trot out to the shed she said all the food is gone except the biscuits.  They do leave those biscuits til last.  of course I have managed a few minutes peace and quiet as soon as Owner out of the way and pecked at a few different pouches plus some real chick.  Ruggles is in a daily routine of rushing in, rushing his food and rushing back out.  We love him. Tonight Owner is going to reflect on her fortunes (says) and in between this may watch increasingly silly Enders with practically all of them in love with the wrong one and having affairs with them behind the backs of the good ones.  Nasty bully boy Phil doesn't love anyone and is in a new stroke old liaison with Sharon.   Next up is Holby city that nice hospital drama with new babies and new parents and cuddly doctors.  Tomorrow folks is another trip to another dental place it is miles away and Owner says best not to think about it so we haven't.  Do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are.  Big Love Wonka x