Sunday, 12 January 2014

Certain Sundee

Wonka here.  Once more dear folks did we slumber on way past our getting up time.  colder out there when Owner peaked out the window said saw frost.  What about my breakfast I said back.  By the way she goes I had another interesting dream.  About I goes?  Said she was with this well know pop star OOH I said, and things got very friendly.  In another bit she makes a break for it with an animal, under a wire fence with keys in her pocket for the van up on the hill waiting.  Said a woman helped her under the wire and had some more keys.  Was the animal me I said.  NO said Owner, it was a small dog.

Fresh para to avoid anymore dream talk.  Now as you know we are still wading through our Paris Photoshoots but bear with it.  Here follows two Egyptian photoshoots.Owner thinks this one is Amon Ra or something very similar.  NO OFFENCE to the Egyptian King stroke god!  We are still in The Louvre folks.  You had to walk through a giant brick cave like tunnel thing says Owner and then you were up against all these Egyptian gods and statues and artifacts.  BLIMEY I said.This little chappie was a lot bigger than this tiny picture makes out.  Owner says this is HORUS and he is a famous God from the dynastic period.  Thinks.  OH I went.  also folks you might be interested to know that the first three letters of this falcon God's name, is still in use today, hence HORACE.  (and Horatio said Owner.  I said Owner, how many Horatios do you know? PASS she goes).  So there we are folks and this is a closer look at the glass pyramid where you get in to it all.  That shrouded thing you can see in the middle of the pyramid is a shrouded thing says Owner.  What you mean a sculpted shrouded figure Owner?  YES she reports it a giant statue covered in a shroud and is a monument to all figures.  OH I goes.

Fresh and fina para I think.  Now today Owner did go out and finally plucked up courage to look under the bonnet of the new stroke second hand car with no name.  unlike beloved skylark Owner has several handbooks to guide her through every single aspect of the car and its innards. With this guide she successfully (I say!) topped up with screenwash.  What about the water, oil and tyre pressures I said.  Next time she goes.   Alongside this I am proud to announce that Owner has nearly completed the next #wonka story. It is called Conversations with Wonka part three.  Already I love it and as soon as it is published on, I will let all you good folks know.  There is also to be a Wonka's Easter Story.  OOOOHHH.   Now yesterdee did good Ruggles pop three times for fodder.  and Owner reports he went a bit funny on the second visit.  It is a tiny kitchen and no doubt he felt trapped and at risk I said.  Whatever, she goes.  We await his presence tonight.

Last night we were very entertained by The Voice that nice newish upmarket talent show with kylie as a judge.  Owner much prefers Kylie to Jessie J as she is the right side of girlie, says.  We both in love with the presenter who is Marlin, Marion or Marvin late of JLS.  Tonight we must make do with dancing on ice or falling and slipping on it, which we were looking forward to until they dished up all the old winners to win it.  COP OUT said Owner.  We half love it.  Now do go steady out there folks wherever you are in the Wold.  Big Love Wonka x