Thursday, 30 January 2014

Topping Thursdee

Wonka here.  Owner reports a fair sleep with Ok dreams which cannot for life of her recall.  We are subject to yet another dull overcast and dark day folks but I hasten to add from my vantage point on windowsills and kitchen surfaces and sideboards (funny name that for a long cupboard) NO RAIN.  Nor any cats on windowledges. 

Fresh and earlydoors para.  Once again off Owner goes to earn some money to feed me with and the rest.  Says she is revving up to self publishing the seventh Wonka story.  OOH I goes.  it will be conversations with Wonka part three and I will give you the paws up when it happens.  Now for today's good photoshoot.Now this one folks you can see is not me. NO.  it is of a good vase of hyacinths.  they were very smelly and such a lovely blue colour that Owner loath (says is a word) to throw out.  We loved them.

Fresh and flower scented para.  So once more Owner with the little people and reports that the Siberian conditions experienced (blimey) yesterdee seem to have lifted and it was ever so slightly warmer.  is that just you getting used to it Owner I pointed out.  COULD BE she goes back.  She has stopped worrying about how she looks in her ear muffs now and I am still not commenting.  We are as you know thanks to this good blog approaching if not already in it, the Year of the Horse (thank you China!).  So please get ready for those things out of the blue!  Owner has already had one no two.  The first one she is keeping a secret until tmro and the second one nearly doesn't count as it happens a lot!  and that one is the good and five star Dentist who we love most of the time, has cancelled today's appt with Owner as they have gone home sick.  Owner said remained calm about this and remade about five thousand other appts all dependent on the one that got cancelled.  As I say folks she has stayed calm and not a dot of anxiety anywhere.  I think it was all used up yesterdee.

Now tonight, after feeding whoever is lurking out there in the good yard and shoring up the luxury shed we shall watch Enders.   There have been reports from the good RSPCA that the poor storyline about that nice bulldog girlie dog being used to breed lots of puppies and all are up in arms!  She belongs to this new strange family running the queen vic in the square and the one where Shirley and sister Whirley are living too.  it is all very annoying and we mustn't take it seriously (says Owner).  Will they stop it with this breeding story I said.  THEY WILL have to says Owner.  We love our pets here we do.  Now apart from Enders and its lowdown storylines we have nothing else to tempt us for now.  Who knows there may be a nice programme or film, but Owner is up early for her secret happening so does not mind.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold wherever you are folks.  Big Love Wonka x