Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Reading Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Drizzle and more drizzle to start us off with but Owner set to and kept to schedule.  What schedule is that you want to know?  The schedule of popping on and off trains to get to a dental clinic.  It is miles away that's all you need to know and I saw her off in the dark and dingy morning and I thought good luck Owner.  She took her tablet but not the sort you knock back with a drink of water it is a new toy that everyone has got now to connect up on the train.  I said did it work Owner and she said the wifi thing was OUT OF RANGE.  Just as well you took a book then I said.

Fresh para.  Now I did warn my reader out there that Paris photoshoots had to end and they have.  I have changed my mind about the new photoshoot and here it is. and it is just a small selection of Owner's books from the Narnia cupboard under the stairs.  That funny little thing that looks like it is triangle on a stick is a wishing well and we do use it.  Owner says it works if you throw in a bit of silver.  There is only one rule you must not ask for money.  SHAME I said.  Now on the bookfront Owner came home bursting with knowledge about Richard the Lionheart.  Said he was a Plantagenet King.  And folks you will be pleased to know he darted around France a lot.  With his brothers when he wasn't scrapping with them.  Owner says they were called 'the Devil's brood' and he had a famous beauty Queen for a mum.  Eleonor of Aquitaine. (sorry Queen if not spelt name right blame Owner).

Fresh para folks but just to note that all those Kings and that seemed to like Europe and have palaces there and a bit of land thrown in.  Of course they also killed a number of good folk on their travels.. The ways of the world says Owner who is all historyed out now. The minute Owner returned I was immediately fed and had my luxury litter tray changed and the minute it was I went in it.  We are just on with the snooker as it is my hero Ronnie on the table.  We love him.

Final para as Owner says time I had a lay down (?).  last night we made do with Enders and such like and looks like tonight's viewing is near enough the same.  The light  on the horizon said Owner is Corrie x 1.  At the moment we are sorry for Sean who is love with someone who is playing games with his affections.  We all know this is wrong.  We love it.  Owner will probably call it a night early as tired out with travelling and teeth.   Says is still dreaming of things that suggest trying other ways to get what we want.  OOOH I said.  Now do go steady out there only reader wherever you are in the Wold.  Big love Wonka x