Thursday, 30 October 2014

Tinkerbooley Thursdee

Wonka here.  you guessed it.  It would be hard not to. HAVE I TO LET HER IN? goes Owner at some point this good morning.  What, I wonder if I had said NO No and no some more....but I didn't say a word and in trots Tinkers.  As it happens, I quite like tinkers except for that annoying bell.  yes, I have sniffed Tinkers, and watched her carefully.  At the minute she is outside on the steps. Bertie, was hard over in his Narnia cupboard and missed all the action.  Does he know he is a cat pondered Owner.  Meaning?  I challenged up from the side of my amazon box.  I have been guarding this, as last time a cat stepped in here (Mr Beaujangles) it laid in my box.  I am not having it again.  But it was alright, as Tinkers found a catnip mousey and played with that.  I quite love it.

Tinkers para.  In between entertaining Tinkers for a short while this morn Owner got on with it.  WHAT you all shout up impatient for news! she has gone and dressed the little side window specially for tomorrow that's what!  Our Halloween Window.  There is the little stick on ghost that lights up and there is Ratty with his red eyes.  There is a new little skull and crossbones and a little chest full of the sort of sweets our good dentist (when we had a good dentist) would scream at.  AAARGH he would say.  Owner has even provided a witches hat for her Dad's carved wooden cat.  it is, to borrow a phrase from owner, PAR EXCELLENCE! and we love it.  There will be photoshoots tmro good folks out there all wondering what it looks like! We love it.

Full of furry purry tinkers para.  There is a small cartoon of Tinkers for your interest good folks:

There she is splayed out on the luxury carpet! and there I am squashed up top.  I thought I was very well behaved and even Owner said VERY GOOD WONKA!  I love it.

Final Tinkerbelle ahoy para.  it is not all doom and gloom Owner kept muttering throughout the day but personally, I am living the dream so cannot comment on that.  yesterdee was all soapboxes and looking tired but today, is another story and episode in Owner's good existence.  First off she is cracking on with our new Christmas Story!  Very excited she is about it.  There is not one story on the go but two!!  The other thing she is revving up to which I have to admit is unsettling for me, just me and nobody else but me, is she is going on about GOING AWAY again.  you know I have masses of aunties but it is not the same.  Bertie will not notice in his dreamy sleep eat sleep furry life but I will notice.  IT'S NOT DECIDED YET she goes, but I know Owner.  this is how she works up to a final decision.  first it is.  MMM I don't know, then it is MAYBE I COULD then it is I AM GOING before it all goes backwards again.  Unsettling?  We invented that word.  Now Rug is steady as you like on the linen basket and tinkers is under the bench.  Have they swapped you all chirp up?  it seem so.  I love it.  Musical steps, benches and sheds.

Final Tinkerboolley para.  last night we managed to take in Corrie x 1 and not good Tracee tries to marry murdering Rob but has Carling black eyebrows dubbed him in?  Fridee will reveal!  then we made it through Supervet who I am a big fan of and so is Owner and we rounded off our night's entertainment with The Apprentice.  Owner predicted firing all three and that is just what Lord Sugah did.  One of our faves, Steven did not do himself a favour and kept rambling on.  YOU'RE FIRED goes Lord Sugah.  One down.  There is nothing on DE RIEN tonight until I find us something. Now it is time for my tea, Bertie's tea and Owner's tea.  Do go steady out there in the Wold good folsk wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x