Saturday, 4 October 2014

World Animal Day Satdee

Wonka here.  Yes it is just one day out of the year but really we need to love us animals ALL THE TIME!!   Owner has done a little cartoon to celebrate this good day and here it is:
There we are!  me and Owner are looking at the good laptop and all those pesky animals.  If everyone just stopped in their tracks goes Owner (on her soapbox) and gave all these beauty animals some thought and care - it would be a better Wold!  We are all on this tiny old planet all jostling around with each other and I am going to try all day long to be kinder to Bertie.  it will be hard, but I must try.  THANKYOU Wonka, goes Owner.  ~De rien I replied showing off my French.  I love it.  (Je t'adore!!)
Fresh and loving para.  what else you all wonder has Owner been up to., (list) 1.  She aroldited the handle on the antique teapot.  It is stuck fast with some tape and when she fell back in laden with stationery (I know) she goes WHAT IS THAT SMELL??  It is the aroldite I whispered back, nearly drugged up with it.  2.  she has spent time on the phone with daughter and I heard them laughing.  this is nothing short of a miracle.  3.  visited aged sibling and aged parent and come back sane.  also part of the same family miracle that is working today..  MUM PAID ME A COMPLIMENT goes Owner.  Blimey I replies, what was it??  She only told Owner she looked beautiful....I shall never hear the end of it now.  I love it.
Final gossip ridden para.  Now the stationery shop was meant to be two sketch pads and instead came to a massive amount of money.  What else I chirped up, did you HAVE to buy??  Hours later when I had watched it all coming out of this mary poppins carrier, I mentioned me and Bertie were starving and Rug was outside on the step.  And when Owner popped to the luxury shed, Tinkers popped out of it.  I know.  We all love it.
Real final love animals para.  now last night, Owner tries out the 'forever pillows' and says she felt like her head was too high up.  That will teach you I says, to buy the first pillow you look at but she didn't hear me above changing them back to the old pillows.  They will do she shouts down the stairs to me, for visitors.  What I murmured back, so they get cricked necks and moan up instead of you.  Luckily she was too busy mucking around with duvet covers and pilly cases to hear any of it. I love it de trop. (??)
Absolute and final wold animal day final para.   Also to do with last night there was double Corrie and is it me or is Madeh turning into a sort my fair lady gone wrong??  Now she is helping Tim who is saddled I mean living with Sally, to get over his phobia of not being able to read or write.  Two minutes ago she was stealing off thingy and living on the streets.  Dev is not interested in either of the ladies it turns out and is not in lerve.  Yes Owner is still thinking about the waiter and the one before that.  Who, you all wonder up, is the lucky (hmm) one before the waiter??  Owner says this is a real and fully paid up unrequited love and is a fully paid up secret.  personally I reckon it is one of those professionals she bumps into now and then.  She always falls for them.  Now on Enders as we thought Shirlee is a gun crazed and rejected (back to lerve stories) woman who has gone mad (this is debatable says Owner) and shot Fil.  And to round off this night of entertainment was the JUDGES HOUSES.  In this, there is a boy band with no name.  Owner quite rightly says they have pinched this name off of her car.  AND NO ONE she shouts up, IS IN A COMPETITION to name my car.  I did say if she offered a pack load of money they might do.  Once again she is too entranced with the telly tonight to hear me.  it is a whammified evening of Strictly and more JUDGES houses.   There are no animals in it so far, but Andrea from Rome who we love, loves pugs.  Now as it is the weekend and right into it, do go steady out there in the wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x