Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wonka's Wednesdee

Wonka here.  this dear folks is our new story!!  Here is a little old look at the Halloween story......
There it is!!  the next #wonka story, published today!! I allowed Owner to put some of her illustrations in it too!  It is called 'A Tall Story' and once more I am reading it.  No it is not a story you have ever heard before, it is original and dare I say it without Owner hearing me, but I am giving it a good review!  Lordy.  and yes, I do love it.
Fresh full of Wonka's Halloween story para:  you will of course dear folks want to read this fresh off the blinking press story....
This dear folks is a free story like all in The Wonka series of stories - and this is numero 11. You can click onto 'The Wonka Stories' and link in to all the others!!!  Of course we are very excited and WE LOVE IT.
What else Wonka para.  What a fabulous visit we had with Owner's pals from Cornwall and did they enjoy it in #florios??  Owner reports thus:  I had Risotto al funghi which is mushrooms in cream and it was TO DIE FOR.  Followed by a fruits of the forrest cheesecake thingy wotsit.  There was a very noisy table nearby and we had to listen to all their stories but it did not matter as we were loving the food the service and DID NOT CARE.  Personally I think the bottle of pinot thing white wine helped, oh and the bottle of red when they all fell back home.  ~the pink bag was on display and there will be a photoshoot of this.  THEY WILL ALL WANT ONE moans Owner who likes to be different.  As long as I says we don't reveal the good department store where you tracked it down, captured it and bought it, it will be OK to share it with the Wold.  ALRIGHT she says back.  I love it.
Final Wonka's best wednesdee para.  So the visit was a success, the food was brill, the buying of bags made it even more brill and now Owner is exhausted.  Guess what?  YES for once you are spot on.  did the phone ring early doors with a shout for some work.  naturally this must happen when Owner is feeling tired old and ugly.  And her brain is only functioning on SILLY setting.  This means the most simple task appears unsolvable and only to be cracked by a pure out and out genius.  These genii (plural??  sorry people who know how to spell it) are in short supply in schools we all know that so Owner had to stagger through it by smiling and more smiling.  Did you manage I goes when she crawled back in later.  I LOVE IT THERE she reports.  The friends have now flung off to Hull and will visit Hull Fair soon, and Owner is coming back to earth and all is peaceful in this house.  Rug has been and knows they have gone.  For all he knew they were Vikings settling into the house as invited in by Owner who as usual had ignored my misgivings.  Tinkers is still darting around and snugging in the igloo and Bertie did us proud a couple of times by his visits to the tray.  GOODNESS went Owner rushing for the odour neutralising spray which I can tell you all now does not go near Bertie's offerings.  Tonight if Owner can stay awake with all the excitement of publishing our Halloween Story we will be glued to Corrie and the continuing saga of WHO DUNNIT.  Will ken put two and two together?  Will Tracee still marry her murdering Rob and as for Carling black eyebrows, she is in a new flat for all her troubles.    Do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x