Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Bed Settee Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Just when you think everything is how it is going to be for ever, like the blanket box is there and the trunk is here and those dishes are kept there and can't be moved.  Well, Owner has gone into a frenzy of moving things round.  it is deeply unsettling for a cat and next time I want fair warning!!  Besides that, there was an awful lot of dust and I'm ashamed to say fur lurking about.  I want to blame it all on Bertie and I'm going to!  I love it.

Fresh giant nest stroke settee para.  As you will recall there was much excitement in this house when Owner bit the bullet and finally got us a new nest.  Do I like it, she would keep on saying....Do I want it here?  or there?  Of course it is in the self same place as when it landed and the nice man from the shop did that demonstration.  What demonstration? you all gasp up imagining a small acrobatic display right here in our good living room.  It was thus:  how to make your beauty new nest I mean settee into a bed.  and he did it folks in seconds.  You just do this!  and press that! and use the flat of your hand! and hey billio there it was, a bed far better than the pit upstairs that I have to lay on nightly.  Now it is the day for Owner to put the bed up all on her own!!  I AM TRIALING IT she goes to me.  I love it.

More settees para.  Well of course I helped!  what do you take me for!  the minute she struggled and set it up, this delux matress sprang out all comfy and new smelling, so I immediately TESTED IT OUT!!  I even, in my excitement gave it a tiny scratch!! VERDICT:  I love it goes Owner, all proud of herself for fumbling about with the right bit of metal and reading instructions that said PULL THIS.  Me?  never been so snuggled.  I love it.

Bed settees are us para.  Now yesterdee if you all cast your minds back was a bit of a wet and windy day and Owner was in danger of slipping onto Black mood setting. What saved her you all gasp up?  Well I think we broke even, and it was little things like Tinkers nestling in the Igloo that brought Owner back to life, so that dear folks is our cartoon offering.
There she is!!  hiding in that luxury cat igloo in the delux shed whilst it is pouring down and windy.  To the left is the tomato triffid and it is still producing little red things!!!  And can you see that tiny box through the window of the shed to your right?  that is beloved Baba's ashes.  We love it.
Final bed settee is magic para.  So we are all set (according to Owner) for our next visiting.  Even more exciting is the possibility of seeing her new amour (the waiter good folks) who is completely unaware of this happening.  If they all troop off to the fave restaurant that is.  Steady on Owner I goes to her.  I CAN DREAM she goes back.   And of course she does dream we all know that and sometimes dear folks out there, they come true.  Now whilst we are on dreams and prayers (well I am), does the phone ring and it is that hand of employment god reaching down again.  Lord love us!!  Owner has a shout for tomorrow.  OOOH we are saved!  So tonight will be all the more relaxed for it....what am I saying folks, Owner is already in a flurry of preparation!  I do pray we are not up in the dark and cold again Owner I started up but she didn't hear me above finding an outfit for tmro.  Now Ruggles is in the kitchen on the linen box, and Tinkers was in the shed.  Oh and Owner reports there is a ginner on the block.  a ginner, good folks, is our name for a ginger coloured cat!! we love it.
Real final settled down settee para.  so tonight we are in for a spell of Enders which has gone rather dark and Owner says did they have to?  what with murders and shootings and such like it is getting rather like those violent box sets we love and adore.  But we would not I repeat not, buy an Enders boxset.  then it is good Holbee city and possibly an early night if I can get Owner to stop fooling around with (List) 1.  I am just going to do this Wonka 2.  I might just clear out that cupboard Wonka 3. I think I will have one last cup of tea Wonka.  I rest my paws and everything!! Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it and especially if your hopes are pinned on Lerve (that is love of course it is) and wicked work.  big Love Wonka x