Thursday, 16 October 2014

Catching up Thursdee

Wonka here.  YES we have caught up on sleeping, eating (OH NO)shopping, sketching, painting and somehow Owner staved off a nap.  It would not have been a nap Wonka she mumbled to me, it would have been another SLEEP.  Owner reports her 'sleepy' time is between around 1 30 to 4 pm.  That, I ventured (like it) is most of the afternoon.  I KNOW, she yawned back at me.  Me?  thanks for asking, I have managed a few naps and snoozes but unlike Owner, this can come over me at any time of day or night.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  I love it.

Catching up para: time for you to nearly glimpse that new baby pink bag.  BUT sound of klaxon going off, before that you must glimpse the old pink bag.  If it is pink, Owner will at the least consider it, at the most purchase it.   There is an addition to her wardrobe today when really she went off on a mission to buy things for aged parent.  To make matters worse, it is a baby pink jumper that is definitely a non essential item (for maybe the next ten to fifteen years) with a highland terrier on the front.  with a pink bow.  Of course I mustn't be offended or say things like WASN'T THERE A CAT??? as I haven't had my tea and I am starving.  here follows a cartoon of said bag:
Here it is!!  It looks like a pink sack you all shout up.  it is that sort of a bag that when you put him down he crumples up.  It has two pink straps to it and if you wanted to you could clip on this pink shoulder strap.  to round him off inside is that silky lime green lining.  OH and it weighs a ton.  The dangly at the right hand side is a keyring of wonkaandmousey that no one took the slightest interest in except us.  We love it and we love it lots.  At the top on the sideboard is an engaging painting of me, then Tinkerbelle who is the little wooden cat carved lovingly by Owner's Dad (in wood carving heaven) and that funny scribbly thing down the side that is pine cone.  yes. As Owner is still dithering about 'swapping' bags, we are showing off the newby baby pink bag tomorrow.  More and more, she is coming round to the fact that her new bag is the one to take out and the old bag,  must join the bag collection.  We love it.
Catching up some more and finally para.  weatherwise that is catching up to, moving from grey grim drizzly murky and cold to some sunny shine!!  This is motivating and may even wake Owner up.  She has gone into a dreamy state and we still haven't had our tea.  Tinkers who was cuddling down in the luxury shed igloo, is sporting a new orange collar.  Ruggles, is yet to pop round and Bertie Bub has wandered out a couple of times to my knowledge.  Last night we watched Corrie X 1 which was full of courtroom drama and Peetah thinks he is saved.  And saved by Carling black eyebrows who has fallen out with bruv and murderer Rob and linked back in to her more usual confrontational, tell the truth and be smart about it, self.  Roy on the other hand is being confrontational when he should get back into his caff.  The four yobbish chaps making fun of him and kicking footballs were no match for thingy (where is our memory today?  she was partnered up with born again thingy the builder who has gone off somewhere - oh and ginger top Gary is her son.)  anyhow, she stood up to them all nicely.  Tonight there is nothing on except Enders but Owner has a plan.  WE WILL CATCH UP she droned, WITH THE APPRENTICE.  Oh right I says back.  We usually follow this and have our faves. Tomorrow is Fridee and Owner finally reports she has put in a request to that good early morning show run by Chris Evans. WHAT I ventured up, have you requested?  I asked for a song from the musical Carousel as I love it. If he plays it, it is called IF I LOVED YOU, sung by Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae.  Why she has asked for this when she cried all the way through it is beyond me but again, I cannot moan up as I desperately need my tea time.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  Big Love Wonka x