Tuesday, 14 October 2014

New Bags Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Well a late night was had all golly gosh, with Owner and friends all partaking of the vino and fish and chips.  According to Owner it all does go together.  yes.  Me? thanks for asking, well I kept a good look out for them on our busy street stroke motorway checking all the time for parking spaces.  As you all know dear folk out there parking up with plenty of time to spare and possibly in your own good garages, well on this street you need all your wits for a pacy park.  and it all came to pass!!  I love it.

New bags ahoy para:  here all too soon is our good cartoon for a friendly arrival (yesterdee) and not a new bag in sight. 
There we are!!  I am perched on the trunk perusing (like it) the street for our friends and Owner is still at it with the dustpan and brush.  There are no car parking spaces available at this point.  but owner had put in a request to the universe and god of parking and low and behold did a space open up!!  We love it.
Real new bag para.  Now what you all gasp up, what is this about a new bag??  Owner's friend is to blame, trotting in with a new bag.  It was black, it had two beauty fat handles and three yes three zip compartments.  I LIKE THAT goes Owner straight away.  You can imagine my reaction, but I was too polite in front of my visitors to say, please don't buy another bag as (list) 1.  you have a stack of them in the Narnia cupboard 2.  I like the one you are using and so does everyone else 3. we cannot afford it. end of.  Instead of all that wisdom and good advice what happened next?  Owner goes out today with friends and after trips down to South Bay and North Bay do they end up in a big and well known store gazing at bags.  When she fell back in later smiling and happy if bankrupting us for all time,  I could not spoil her happy new bag mood setting.  Instead I sat nicely on the table while she transferred the millions of things from the old bag, into the new baby pink, with two fat gorgeous handles and just one zipper but a quilted design going on new bag.  IT IS VERY ME she goes to me and her friend sitting with us at the table.  I love it.
New baby pink bag final para.  Tonight they are all to trip trap along to Florios, that nice Italian ristorante!  What you all want to know is she wearing??  This could change dear folks at any minute so is it worth me telling you?  At the minute it is a baby pink top.  Yes she is mad about pink always has been,  Ruggles who is not mad about anything, took umbrage at the visitors and insisted on rushing out to the shed.  Tinkers is cuddling up in the igloo and Bertie is fast over in the Narnia cupboard.  We are all loving our visiting and apart from a pending anxiety attack about no jobs or money we are all fine and dandy.  It is, as I like to say, de rien.  We have caught up nicely with Corrie and dastardly Rob has pulled a blinder by bonding with Simon who is Peetah's best and only son.  He has assured him that Peetah did not murder Teenah.  this is a good twist and we love it.  Could it we all wonder, be the demise of Rob and the releasing of innocent Peetah.  All to play for.  Now do go steady out there in the Wold good folks wherever you are in it.  big Love Wonka x