Saturday, 30 April 2016

Making Do!

Are you on an ECONOMY drive Wonka?  Ever since Owner took this gung ho attitude towards our dwindling £s I HAVE STRESSED the need to 'make do and mend.'

A million years ago, when Owner was a brownie (first step on the road to Girl Guides, EXCEPT when you drop out.......x) she likes to tell me how she learnt to darn a sock. DARN A SOCK! you all shout up in admiration. Yes.  I have suggested that she tries to keep all our old things going instead of flinging off to the shop and buying a new one.  ~And I said this folks, just as she was closing the good front door to go to the shops....X

There we are!  Owner only mended a failed earring folks!! Blow me down, if she didn't glue the tiny, weensy, so small you need a magnifying glass to see it, earring top, back onto the teensy, weensy, minute post that was holding it on.  Impressed?? I'LL SAY!!  And she's wearing them today to see how well that glue will work.  I only hope Owner, I says up, in a whisper really, that your best ear doesn't react to that glue.  She might not have heard me though, above unpacking all the shopping (essentials. tick.X)

Have you mended anything else Wonka?  NON, De Rien.  NIMIC.

The thing is, with grandson on his way to eat us out of everything in the fridge and cupboards, and then to say he is hungry, there won't be a lot of time for making or doing. OR mending.  The snooker is at that drastic time of the semis, and our fave commentator John Virgo is full of it.  WHERE'S THE BLUE GOING!! he says up, to make a nice change (from the white) and even the entire audience joined in for the OOOOOOOOHHHHH when it just missed the pocket! How exciting it is folks. Do we have a fave to win it though?  Owner thinks the jester from Leicester who is Mark Selby could win it......he is not a fave though.  Not since he pinched the title in 2014, the year Owner made it to the Crucible and missed Ronnie playing.  YES she is still droning on about that. End of and big snooker news up.X

Tonight, who knows folks, we might watch Brits got massive talent, AND casualtee.  if Reetah stops being a silly billy and tells someone about her stalker, we might watch it says Owner.  IF she tries to sort it out all on her own, I think Owner's nerve might fail. and swing to over the top setting!!  Now do enjoy your Satdees, and be like me, a little polish up here and a little brush up there, good as new folks!!! Big Love Wonka X

Friday, 29 April 2016

Snooker Barmy!


What Wonka? you all mumble at me glad it is Fridee but NOT glad it is freezing cold in April.

Owner's little sketches and wotnot are all on the Guardian site for the world to wonder up at!!!  And with a little help from Owner I am popping a link on so anyone can see them.  YES I am in a couple of them plus a very old friend of ours Mr BeauJangles, a grand grey beauty of a cat who used to visit.x

This is the link folks!  Owner was so excited and I have to admit folks that seeing all those little tributes MOSTLY to our hero Ronnieosullivan was a proud moment.  And Owner even remembered our tea time! Big snooker barmy moment up! and it nearly makes up for Ronnie going out early.  nearly.X

Is anything else happening aside for snooker Wonka you all pester me to know.  Owner says she may be developing another cold.
I HAD TO DO A PLAYTIME she croaked to me yesterdee.  How long for Owner I says with interest it being smack on my supper time.  AN HOUR she drones back.  I have suggested: turning up the heating which is fairly hot anyway (small tick.x) lots of hot drinks (small tick as does this anyway.x) and not staying out too long at the shops (Big Tick.x).x

There we are!! It is going to be snooker all the way even with Grandson due to arrive tomorrow folks! X
Last night we cheered our faves on in masterchef and watched John in the kitchen mustering his troops. HELLO he shouted up when none of them spoke to him after a big instruction.  HELLOAH!! yes chef! they all finally chimed in.  Jane is still our big fave along with Billy.  He is creative and messy and we like that.x
Tonight we shall continue to boo and hiss at Feelan in good Corrie..  Eileen is the only one nearly, who likes him.  Jason has gone funny but will anyone notice?  Steve is back from somewhere abroad without a tan and now it feels like he was never gone. I didn't think Owner should watch Enders last night what with her croaky throat and nerve.  it is impossible to predict what happened BUT Staycee is still wonky, Fil is still drunk and fallen out with change there says Owner.  End of and soapy suds up.X
It has gone freezing and it is raining or sleeting.  Despite this I am encouraging Owner to get some fresh air.  you think better when you are up and doing Owner I told her.  I don't think she heard me above putting the rocket on for a nice hot drink.  Now continue to put up a good fight, it is Fridee and all to play for.  Big Love Wonka X

Wednesday, 27 April 2016


DO YOU MEAN US Wonka?  You are my top and bestest folk but NO I do not mean you, I do not mean Owner's little folk (at skool) I mean folk music.  When Owner finally drifted home yesterdee from her stint with a bunch of angelic five year olds, she ended up AT LAST in the kitchen and dished out our tea......later when she was making hers, she reported that there was a FOLK MUSIC medley thingy on the radio and that Ruggles seemed to be enjoying it.

It's official, Ruggles likes folk music.  Whether he prefers the likes of Joan Armatrading or Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan we cannot say BUT owner says it is clear he was enjoying it.x

There he is! This is from the time that ruggles discovered the radio and sat on it.  There is a mirror on top of the good radio and Ruggles does look in it, and seems shocked by what he sees (according to Owner).  I did say not half as shocking as when you look in the mirror Owner but luckily she didn't hear me above listening to the folk music.X
DID OWNER GET THROUGH HER DAY? you folk all want to know if she needed her pack of tissues or what.  She only needed a tissue to wipe her eyes which were running in the gale force wind whilst out in the playground with the said bunch of five year olds.  And one girl noted they were a pack of 'Frozen' tissues (Let It GOOOO!!).  Owner floated back through the door lugging some essentials with her and I can report up, she did fine.  There is today to get through and I have told her to be good.  What else can I say??X
We cuddled up to Masterchef and loved every windblown minute on the Royal Navy ship HMS Northumberland.  Jane is through, our fave.  End of and cheffing fact up.X
Today we are looking forward to more of the same and if Owner's nerves hold up, then some Enders.  I CANNOT STAND FIL, she droned to me, but as he is just one of many, I said DE RIEN folks.  Now do enjoy your thursdees and it is very nearly Fridee.  Whiskers ahoy! Big Love Wonka X
PS Owner thinks that her big break on the snooker story will not happen. WHY? or POURQUOI PAS I says up to her.  She says she just thinks it will be side lined.  well I still love your snooker story I says to her (it being smack on tea time) and they are the losers! I know how to make Owner feel better, and let's face it folks, my biscuit troughs and treats are paramount! (excellent use of word.X)

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Hamster Wheel!

Surely Wonka, you have not made room for a hamster??
NO! it is Owner who is lucky enough to get another shout for work folks - after turning the first one down I did think we were in for a good spell of scrap heaping BUT all my wishes thrown into the good wishing well are paying off AND owner is off the heap and onto the Hamster Wheel OR the wicked world of work.  End of and happy result up.X
It does mean getting up at the crack of dawn but that is NOTHING or De rien for me folks as I like to rise about 5 am, and would not dream of leaving Owner to slumber on....X
There we are!! Off she goes!! and I can settle back and enjoy a few well earned zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. OH!! x
In other more appealing news, that nice chap who has contacted Owner for her snooker story is pleased with what she coughed up. DID IT MENTION ME Owner? I pleaded up, not to forget mousey.  YOU ARE IN MOST OF THE CARTOONS Wonka she reassured me up....AND MOUSEY.  I love you Owner and wotsisname too.X
Last night when Owner wasn't preparing for her shout at a good local primary Skool, she watched more of Benoit.  WHO? you all shout at me thinking he is a stranger but NON Benoit is one of the crème de la crème judges alongside orange Claire and Cherish.  It sounds like Cherish and she looks like a Cherish. Some of them are making a greek dish. it is Tomas who hails from Liverpool via Slovakia. We like his team, which usually means they come last.X
Finally, Owner has announced a visit from Grandson and that solves the mystery of strange bedding popping up, and a lot of cleaning.  I don't like change and have warned Bertie to stay in his igloo for the duration.   When I get chance I will warn Ruggles under the kitchen door, of pending visitors.  He takes years to warm to new folks and will have Owner's nerve on the edge.X
Now do go on to enjoy your Wednesdee folks it is half way through the good week, and who knows the cold weather could turn into spring any time soon! Til it does, continue to wear your woollies and turn up the heat!  Big Love Wonka X

Scrap Heaps ahoy!!

THERE IS MORE THAN ONE BRIGHT SIDE to being shoved to one side, ignored, left to it, disregarded and treated as DEFUNCT. (new word. jury out.X)

What is that Wonka? you all wonder up from your various scrap heaps.  it means, whilst you are laying around catching the latest sport news, or good film, or wotnot, YOU ARE resting up in between jobs.  As you know, I never stop.....BUT Owner, despite her millions of experience and that, just gets an occasional call to arms.  'Are you available?' goes the good agency this morning.
'POSSIBLY.' she says with one eye on the snooker, and the other on a sketch she is doing and if she had a third eye, that would be on the latest story. 'WHERE IS IT?'  The placement turned out to be a million miles alright 50 mile trip there and back taking an hour or more out of Owner's life not to mention the car with no name.
She mumbled on about pay rises (muffled laughter in the background.x) and the weather (rolling round on the floor.x)
No one, not even me, was surprised when she settled back with the snook. end of and scrap heap fact up.X

There we are!! She is as comfy as you like EXCEPT, last night our beloved hero Ronnie, lost to the Hawk who is Bazzer Hawkins. NO we do not like him, it is only the second round, come on a minute!! This has upset a lot of Owner's tv viewing but I may distract her with some Masterchef folks.X
In other pretty exciting news, there is this:  SOMEONE HAS ASKED ME TO TELL ALL ABOUT MY SNOOKER OBSESSION Wonka!! she says she will drone on, I mean write it all down (I know.x) and email it off!! I do hope Owner, I says up, there is a small opportunity to mention me?? IF I CAN, she says up.I mean.  More on this breaking news folks, as I get it!!  The other news is that someone DOES want to book Owner for some invigilation work!! Thank you thank you kind person I say!! This means a few biscuits and such like can be purchased with real money instead of the good old credit card!X
Finally, it is snowing again and all sorts, and it will take me ALL my powers to get Owner to take some nice fresh air.  There is hope though, as I have drawn her attention to the dwindling supply of ginger nuts. These are her fave biscuits and the rations must be kept up.  YES she is still fairly positive in the face of zero hours and pounds, but the mood setting as you know folks can swing off at a moment's notice.  In the meantime there is crème de la crème to cling to, and tmro there is Masterchef and they are all going on a ship, to cook up a storm!! alright make a meal for the crew on a ship then.  that's the Royal Navy for you folks.We shall cuddle up to this and anything else oh yes there is Enders.......x
Keep wrapped up even more folks, and be like Owner and be kind to the binmen.  WHAT YOU MEAN Wonka?  she only went and put a pink post it note ON our green bin saying: VERY HEAVY, SORRY! and it is very heavy due to the millions of cat concrete I mean litter inside it folks.  DID THE BINMEN see it? you all shout at me wanting to know - they saw it, they smiled at it, and said bin was thrust into the machine and emptied!  Do have a good bin day folks, Big Love Wonka X

Monday, 25 April 2016

New Look!

Listen up Folks!  Owner has just sat and read in the bestest magazine supplement alright it is in this house, what the new hair fashion is.................READY FOR THIS FOLKS?? she was very excited about it and I did say is it a good distraction from you being on the scrap heap Owner, but she didn't hear me about shouting about the NEW LOOK.

Get this!  it is all about your hair being messed up (Tick.x)) clamped down with a million inappropriate and out of fashion hair grips (Twice Tick.x) and then finished off with millions of hair product (Giant Tick.x)  Without knowing it, Owner has been a fashion leader with her hair!!! Alright, it has been hard sometimes to stick a grip in it with it being so short, BUT come on, the hair product thing wins out. I love it.X
There we are! Not to mention what happens when Owner steps outside on those rare occasions.....a nice bit of rain....or snow even!! And a good roasting with the hairdryer.  No wonder she is in fashion folks! NO, Owner cannot hear me she is busy washing it.  her hair.  End of and big hair fact up!X
With the weather turning colder than winter outside I may have trouble shoving Owner off down to the shops.  I have said things like we need more food but so far she has shrugged this off, saying things like:
'I THINK WE CAN SPIN IT OUT TIL THE MORROW good Wonka.....' she has gone a bit Shakespearean what with his good anniversary and wotnot.  I nearly shouted back NOT ON YOUR NELLY Owner, but it wasn't Shakespearean so I didn't. Alas, alack and lack a day.X
Last night we hugged up to The Durrells and Mrs Durrell had a purple frock on with feathers on the shoulders.  it looked a treat and Owner may do a sketch of it.  It's not as if you don't have time Owner, I says to her but luckily she missed it whilst laughing at said frock.  Tonight there is the plentiful soap dramas PLUS Masterchef drama PLUS snooker drama.  How to fit it all in will require Owner's best decision making....and seeing as how she has plenty of time for this..........IF YOU KEEP SAYING THAT Wonka, says Owner finally listening up, I WILL GET A CALL.  she means folks, that I may put the Jonah on it. ME?? Now my best advice folks, is DO NOT go outside unless essential (like Owner has to.x) and if you do pop you best scarf and hat and gloves on.
Fur up, and face this good Mundee folks! Big Love Wonka X

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Horsey Horsey

Now you will all be singing that well known song,
'Horsey Horsey don't you stop!'  OR you will be shouting 'A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!'

Owner says that is from the play Richard III and he was left stranded in the field at Bosworth. AND she droned to me, he was the last King to die on a battlefield, slaughtered by Henry Tudor VII (yes and he was Henry VIII's dad.x). End of and Big Plantagenet fact up.X

There we are!!  As promised (we did!x) here is our fave horse and it is Neddy from #joeschristmas.  Owner was reminded of this by little Prince George on his own rocker!! XX
In other horsey horsey news, we have watched the London Marathon and there is not ONE horse in sight. Plenty of runners though and lots of £s raised for good charities.  Owner said she tried running once and it didn't agree.  Personally I like a bit of dashing about up and down the stairs but mostly down the hallway after a tinkly ball.  ~Bertie has been known to run into his igloo and Ruggles sometimes goes mad and runs out back.
Owner says it has gone freezing and we had a sprinkle of snow and I told her to wipe her glasses.... tonight we have our beloved Durrells we love that family in Corfu and if Owner can stay awake who knows what else we might go square eyed with.  YES there is the snooker and our hero Ronnie is on the table avec Bazzer Hawkins.  Owner has been on a slight cleaning jive BUT the monster has stayed in the cupboard.  So far.  Now do go on to have a sporty horsey horsey Sundee to yourselves folks, keep you whiskers bristling and wrap up warm!! big Love Wonka X

Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Bard!

DO YOU MEAN SHAKESPEARE Wonka? you bet I do folks!!
and if I suddenly break into a sonnet or wotnot, that is why!!

Owner has rediscovered The Tempest.  This was my Dad's fave, she droned to me earlier.  None of us, in this household pretend to understand it, it is all about an Island (tick x) some magic (tick x) a bit of love interest (I know.x) and some larger than life characters.  LIKE WHO Wonka? you all now want to know. Prospero is quite large and he is central to the plot (ver proud.) WHO ELSE you all shout at me now.  Erm there is his daughter Miranda, a chap called Caliban and a spirit called Ariel. They are all on a magic isle where Prospero was banished to as Duke of Milan and usurped (love that word) by his bruv, Antonio. End of and Huge Tempest facts up.x

THANKS Wonka you all say to me, all in full understanding of the story now. No one in the real world understands this story because it is about enchantment and slavery!  We love it.x

There we are!!! a few choice quotes from WillyamShakespeare!! do you have a fave quote Wonka you all pester me like mad to know?  From Hamlet you know:
"The cat will mew, the dog will have its day."
Just been poking around and lost all of this good diary.  I did a big MEW about it and I'm alright now. Owner says to take it in my stride.  End of.X
In other exciting news it is St George's day. AND little prince William only went and met Barack Obama and Michelle.  he sat on his rocking horse too.... which was their present to him.  We especially love a rocking horse and Neddy is in all our #joeschristmas stories folks....X
Before this page went and vanished into wherever the good diary pages go to, I was telling you all about last night on the telly.  and tonight on the telly AND the snooker. WAS IT INTERESTING Wonka you all shout at me, fed up now with all this losing stuff.  some of it was.  Feelan, in good Corrie is back on with all his nasty scheming ways with only Saint TODD to see through him and Sofee is suffering from unrequited love (shakespeare invented it.x) for thingy.  In Enders Tamwan and wotsit have finished their merrygoround of are they going to Italy/the world/staying in the SQUARE and heaving off out of it. I know.X
Today, I am looking forward to a 'little sleep' to round off my day once Owner packs off out of it, and maybe a tiny check on Bertie who is so far back in his igloo I can barely make him out.  Ruggles is testing out the sunshine and will hurl himself back in if the temp drops.  end of and Ruggles fact up!.  Do enjoy this glorious day folks and parting is such sweet sorrow SO Big love from ME Wonka, until tomorrow!! X

Friday, 22 April 2016

Brush Up!

DO YOU MEAN THE BRUSH OFF Wonka? NON!!  A brush off is when someone ignores you, leaves you to it OR just does not listen to you.  A brush up is when Owner attacks, yes attacks me or Bertie Bubb with the cat brush.  for a groom.  I have been known to tackle the brush and Owner back, and Bertie has been known to run back into his igloo.

Mostly, we like it.  Ruggles has had to put up with Owner twisting out his clumps of fur by hand, and once gently  I SAID gently nipped Owner's hand as if to say ALRIGHT THAT IS ENOUGH NOW.  Did she stop Wonka? you all ask on the edge of your settees and wotnot.  Of Course not!! X

There we are!  All in hand folks!! X
Now today is another special day folks, it is Earth Day!! and Owner has now planted up some nice new geraniums to smell up the windowbox out back.  Lots of things are growing DESPITE Owner's pruning.  she has no known knowledge of pruning even after watching that nice Monty Don on his gardening weekly prog. So it is a miracle folks that the only rose bush we have, is sprouting some new shoots. IF AND WHEN it shoves out a blossom, we will take a photee!! big and earthy fact up.X

Yesterdee was all about our Queenie, on a walkabout, in a car ride AND lighting beacons to celebrate being a wonderful 90 years old.  Owner sat and watched an entire prog all about it and came out the other side with big square eyes.  We loved it!  Today, it is Fridee and although no one in the entire world alright round here wants Owner to do any PAID work, she has been hard at it with the latest story.  IT IS MY STORY folks and Owner is kindly typing it up for me AND doing a few pictures. It is a spooky tale, and even I think it's scary! End of and exciting new story fact up!!X

Later on it is our usual Fridee night marathon juggling one soap against another against good masterchef. YES WE CAN.  and finally, that nice President Obama and Michelle are visiting our little kingdom and may be visiting some royal babes (little George and Charlotte.x) for a good end to this very extra royal week folks. Owner is entranced with the snooker, Bertie is deep in his igloo, Ruggles is perched on his bench out back and ME? thanks for asking, bathing in a good patch of sunlight! Remember to give your fur a good brush! and bear up with the tangles!Big Love Wonka X

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Big Birthdays!

IS IT A ROYAL BIRTHDAY Wonka? You know it is! You are teasing me folks!  The whole world knows that we are lucky enough in this little old isle, to have a Queen working away for our country at 90!

SO, it's a big Happi birthday to you Your Maj! x and herewith is one of Owner's little tributes.
There we are!! Owner saw a photo of the Queen as a little girl with her arm round her Dad (George VI..x) and wanted to do a cartoon thingy wotsit of it.  'I LIKE IT' she droned to me, 'BECAUSE SHE LOVED HER DAD SO MUCH.  What else the Queen loves, is her corgi dogs (Tick - I know it's dogs but it is animals. X) and horses (Tick, more animals. X) so they are in the picture too. We are very proud in this household, to have such a lady in charge of our monarchy.  End of and royal fact up. X
What else, you all want to know is happening.  As you know, Owner is back on the scrap heap and able to enjoy wall to wall snooker championships. And, a bit of writing and wotnot.  Me?thanks for asking, hard at it really what with sniffing under the kitchen door at Ruggles, sniffing round the Narnia cupboard at Bertie (in his igloo so hard to reach..x) and generally getting under Owner's feet.  I have made a to-do list for Owner though, and asked for some geraniums for the window box outside my best dining room window.  I do like to gaze out at some flowers, and I don't think it's too much to ask (of the credit card folks. we love it.X). End of lists and to-do's.X
Last night we clung onto Masterchef and watched Jacob being voted out.  We liked him and wish him millions. BUT, our new best fave is Natasha.  She is laid back and presented Marcus scaring I mean Wareing with a Trifle.  HE LUVED IT!!! all went hysterical when they found out he was their judge and specially when he said he was FAIR BUT FIRM. I did say to Owner that many have said this about her but she wasn't listening above laughing hysterically.
Tonight there is more, PLUS a big prog all about Queenie for us to cuddle up to.  So far in folks, it is a good hair day (TICK x) a good birthday day (TICK x) and I suggest....a day to BE OUTSIDE IN!!
(Owner.....x)...Have a very happy day to yourselves folks and treat yourselves to a little of what you fancy!  Big Love Wonka X

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

What Is Love?

Blimey Wonka! That's a bit deep you folks all tell me up!!

Love in any language across this good world (Amour, Lyublyu, Liebe, and ..............Amor) means............YES WONKA?? are now all very interested and hanging on my every word up.  This question folks, was the very topic Owner was faced with, when she covered her first lesson on Mundee.  with some Year 10s. yes.  BUT you remember she came home in one shred?  This is because the students actually came up with some really good answers. What is Owner's answer you all want to know..............this cartoon is one of the answers folks.
Yes! There we are!  you know Owner is very prone to that thing called Love At First Sight....and it can be applied to anything folks, alive dead animal veg or min.  in this instance, it was a baby pink mac by John Rocha.  We love John R, he is right on, ver fashionable and ALL his clothes are expensive (Tick. only for clothes you understand.) finished properly (Tick.x) suit Owner (giant massive Tick.x).  The time to watch out for is if Owner falls in love with a kitten (conversations part six tells of this story....x) OR for a real live human being.  Then we are IN FOR IT.X
What, I says to Owner, was the best answer from those good - ish year 10s.  'You only know what love is when you lose it' - (like this one) 'Love is loving doing something' (Owner liked this one the best as she loves writing...x) and Love is a chemical reaction in the brain!! OOHH. Me? thanks for asking, I think Love is when I hear the car with no name pull up (sharply) in the good street outside and I watch out the window for my bestest Owner in the whole and entire world alright this town then, to totter over, laden down with essentials, and say HALLO PIPPIN (one of millions of nicknames.  I know.x) through the best double glazing. NO, I don't care what the neighbours are saying. End of and big Love definition up.X
In other loving news, it is a glorious day and I have urged Owner to go out in it.  Nobody wants her (for werk) and I could do with the house to myself really.  Bertie has emerged twice from his igloo since feeding time, and laid in the cat litter tray for what seemed liked hours.  LEAVE HIM! shouted Owner at me - I was simply looking at him from the comfort of my Zen box folks! Ruggles has been out AND played with the two tinkly balls that are hiding in the kitchen.  he is good at batting them and made Owner laugh. NO I am not jealous not a bit of it why would I be, NO.x
Tonight, it is good masterchef and good Corrie with Nick going funny in the head.  Carling brown eyebrows hasn't noticed as yet and we wonder what kind of a partner she will be or is even. In Enders it was the usual merryground of Tam thingy going to Italy with his ex girlfriend, then the World, then stopping at home with his Dad who thinks he is over the hill at 54. (I did shout at the telly, Owner thinks you are OK....x).  Tomorrow our good Queenie hits 90 and there will be massive celebrations and such like.  Watch out for our dedications folks it is not everyday it happens!!  Big Love Wonka X

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Mr Blue Sky

THERE IS NOTHING OR EI MITAAN (eek that is nothing in Finnish and we are sorry if it isn't.x) nicer than to wake up on this good tuesdee morn to a lot of BLUE SKY.

WHAT ELSE THOUGH Wonka? you all moan up fed up already with the treadmill that is your lives.  There is the world championship snooker to wake up for, there is all the drama of our hero Ronnie LOCKING himself into his dressing room after he won his first round match AND not coming out to play with the media.  Owner is all for doing this, and says she could have done with locking herself in a cupboard at any of the local Skools and NOT coming back out until the bell went.  She is not famous though so there is no point in her doing it.  End of and famous fact up.X

There we are!! We do not know if he stayed the night in there or wot and maybe just maybe, the sight of a beauty blue sky and sun up there changed his mind.  WE LOVE HIM, whether he is in a locked room or no. X
In other less dramatic news, Owner returned from the dread Skool looking remarkably calm and cool.  And this continued throughout the good evening folks, with the only drama being the choice of WHAT TO WATCH as good masterchef clashed with good Corrie.  Owner said no one that is PERSONNE would want to hear what she did.  BUT I'll tell you good folks anyway as it was my idea.  We used flicking from channel to channel to good advantage AND catch up.  Enders did not clash with anything except Owner's nerve.  I DON'T CARE she sneered, whether TAM thingy goes to Italy with wotsit! OR if Fil is still off the booze.  Tonight it is Enders again, and I will keep a close eye folks......X
So far in, on this good Mr Blue Sky day, the good agency has failed to ring and unsettle the entire household.  This means Owner will go into a zombie like state with the snooker which is on ALL day. she may do some actual writing and work and she may try to groom Bertie.  HIS FUR needs a good brush out, she tells me.  How she is to brush him, deep in his igloo I know not folks. Me? thanks for asking, ready to pop upstairs to my huge nest that doubles as a resting place for Owner now and then.  The sun is beating in through the poor double glazing and a fresh pilly case for me to avoid laying on too.  Ruggles will be on guard shortly out back, waiting for Yogi, as patient as you like.  do have a blue sky Tuesdee yourselves folks, and if you fancy a lock in, YOU have one!! Big Love Wonka X

Monday, 18 April 2016

Fools Rush In!

NOW WHAT Wonka?  For a Mundee morning my Owner is still remarkably calm folks.  She has said YES to the Skool that sends a shiver down her spine and has not cried into her hanky yet.

WHY? you all gasp up in astonishment, did she agree to go back to the very Skool which sends her over the edge............ IT IS ONLY FOR AN AFTERNOON the good agency wheedled and pleaded with her. OH ALRIGHT she goes.  At least it will keep us in our expensive cat biscuits for 2 mins I said up, to cheer her up and onwards!! I had better power dress Wonka, she says back to me, trudging upstairs to pick out her most powerful outfit.  IS IT THE DEEP PINK CARDI you all shout up anxiously.  I think that will be exactly the right power cardi to pop on folks......X
There we are!!! Owner is good at all round entertainment.  ARE YOU PREPARED Owner? I shouted up the stairs....but she couldn't hear me above printing out a quiz for the rabble to do IF no lesson plan AND selecting a DVD.  HOW ABOUT 'one flew over the cuckoos nest' with that nice Jack Nicholson? Just a thought, and I do love birds as you know folks.  End of and Skool facts up.XX
Ruggles rushed out briefly, ran up the step ladders to peer in at me (I hissed and made a funny miaowing noise.x) from the outside windy sill. And Owner, who made loving noises back and said things like 'IT's ME Ruggles!!'.  Then he remembered he lived in the kitchen and ran down the steps and in the good back door.  I mean.  ~Bertie had a bit of a day yesterdee on an expensive senior pouch of food that DIDNOT agree.  he is now back on expensive Sheba and seems the biz.X
Last night went by in a Durrell dream as we love them.  Tonight we must stick to Corrie and the christening of the new babe, Enders and whoever is going to be clubbed over the head next, and goodnight Vienna....that is Owner falling upstairs and into her pit folks.  I have warned her to take a full pack of tissues and sweets to the poor Skool.  personally I feel for those young students having to put up with my Owner all afternoon but NO I haven't said this out loud.  DO have a fun Mundee yourselves folks, and if you are faced with a situation, then bristle your whiskers and big your tail up! it works for me! Big Love Wonka X


Sunday, 17 April 2016

Friends are Us!

WHO IS being friendly then Wonka? you all wonder up.  it is Sundee and you might not be up yet OR if you are on the other good side of the world it could be creeping up to evening or lunch or tea. EVEN SO, it is all to play for.  it is Ruggles, who has managed to make a new friend folks simply by darting around the back and following up on strange scents and that.  IS IT ANOTHER CAT you all quite rightly suspect and say up. NON!!
There he is!!  Ruggles on the good back door step, and there gazing back at him in adoration is a little person! called Harry!! and, get this, Ruggles let Harry stroke his head.  Me?  I would have run a mile folks, and peeked from under the bed.  it has taken me two years to make friends with our bestest hairdresser in the known world alright round here then.X
Now folks, Owner keeps singing up 'YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME!'  Little Harry was whisked off by his Granny, but he returned several times in the hope of seeing his new pal.  Ruggles has taken it all in his stride and even let Yogi in to eat all his breakfast. I know.X
In other less riveting news (good use of word.X) Owner dreamt of the red arrows in formation and according to her dream book this is a portent (x) of financial gain. PLEASE I prayed up, let this be true. Then, she has switched the good tv on and guess what? YES, it is the snooker! all day long on good Beeb 2.  There is nothing (de rien and so forth) more likely to pop Owner in a good mood setting than that.  She may wander down to the shops to capture some essentials later, and then folks, I can have a proper check on Bertie Bub.  he has been put on a new pouch of SENIOR food but the same biscuits.  HAS HE LOST ANY WEIGHT yet Wonka? you all want to know.  If he has, he is disguising this very well folks.  End of and Bubster fact up.X
Tonight we will lap up the Durrells on their beauty isle of Corfu plus watch Brits got Talent all over again.  DID YOU WATCH THAT other thing on Beeb one and the answer is MAIS OUI.  it was alright and Owner laughed once or twice.  In Casualtee, both Reetah (Owner does not like) and Connie got on Owner's nerve especially Reetah.  no end of saying things like 'do you recognise traits of your own personality' and 'does she remind you of anyone?' made Owner stop moaning on.  I mean.  Do go on to have a friendly day to yourselves folks, maybe taking a chance on a new small person like Ruggles did OR letting someone in to eat your breakfast.(x)  Big Love Wonka X

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Snooker is US!!

ARE YOU A BIG SNOOKER FAN Wonka? you all ask up.

You betcha!!!  those coloured balls all whizzing round the green baize and SOMETIMES going in a pocket.  What is not to love?
Owner will be rushing home to switch it on (if she ever gets recalled for some werk.  I know.X) and droning on about WHO IS MILKINS (he popped up last year and goodness me won his match easily. and then vanished off.x) and CAN RONNIE (that is good Ronnie O Sullivan our hero and bestest.x) DO IT AGAIN and win the whole dang thing.  I tell you folks, that is us for two whole blissful weeks and Owner on setting TEN of the mood swingometer.  End of and big snooker fact up.X
There we are!! That will be our fave John Virgo saying those immortal words once more.X
Have you finished going on about it Wonka you say to me slightly fed up as NOT ALL OF YOU love Snooker like we do.  ALRIGHT then.  In other equally good news, Peggy our pal and distant cousin has managed to stop being ill and has even nipped her Owner's hand.  That is MY Owner's daughter no less.  Owner said to her, if she is well enough to do that, she is well.  I mean.  The minute Owner zoomed off yesterdee to see to all and sundry did the big box arrive.  AND the windows were cleaned.  I tell you I had to run upstairs and hide nearly every hour!!  And inside the big box when a good neighbour brought it round was................(big roll on those drums....x) CRISPS.  They are free because Owner, who never wins anything not ever, won them in a Twitter competition.  I know.
WHO MADE THEM Wonka?  they are Irish (Tick) and home grown (Tick) Gluten Free (Tick) and by KEOGHS.  it may be pronounced COUGHS we don't know but that is our word up since Owner had one.X
Now last night was good and we watched back to back soaps with Todd stepping up in Corrie to be a good bloke who is good with babies and good at stopping bullies from bullying.  he is our new fave.X  Ben has come out of the wardrobe or something very like that and is in love with his new bloke well not that new but still.X and in Masterchef our new fave is Jane who has been cooking for her family for what seems like a lifetime with no recognition UNTIL now.X  Tonight we are torn between good Michael Mcintyre and Brits got oodles of Talent.  I know. XX
Ruggles has been out, popped up the stepladder and gazed lovingly in at Owner through the poor double glazed window in the dining room.  HE SEEMS CONFUSED said Owner making loving noises through said glass.  There is no answer to that I says up from my sunny spot crushed up against the skirting. Bertie isn't sure if his rations have been further reduced in a last ditch effort to shift some weight and I'm saying ZILCH.  De RIEN. NIMIC.x
I insist you try a little snooker as it so very soothing if you are frazzled.  IF you are not frazzled, still watch it! Big Love Wonka X

Friday, 15 April 2016

Our Idol

YES we have an idol NOT a pop idol but a real genuine saving person to look up to.

WHO IS IT Wonka?? you all gasp up in admiration.....

Surely you know by now folks, there is only one person we look to and send our prayers up to.....St Francis.  He is our idol and hero.  AND we have had to pray lots for pals Peggy and Luke.  Both fell ill with cat flu BUT are on the mend.  This, is partly due to all the trips to the good vets but ALSO due to prayers going up and coming back answered!  We love him.X

There we are! And he is surrounded by his fave creatures....and Peggy and ME.X

In other interesting news, Owner had a good time with aged parent for her birthday tea, and reports the cakey was a success AND she blew out all the candles. OOOHH.  Today, Owner is to go out for a visit and check on said Peggy.  She has offered to catsit for a couple of hours. Don't frighten her, by thundering up too close, or talking too much at her, I says to Owner who wasn't listening above talking to Bertie (in his Narnia) and then telling Ruggles what a darling he is.  I mean.x

We are still snuggling up tight to Gordon in his inter the wild adventures with different celebs.  WHO HAS BEEN YOUR FAVE Wonka? you all pester up and want to know.  Alistair Campbell is close to it, as he was promised wildlife and got some voles instead and then Ed Byrne as was quite funny. We do love Gordon though as he seems (alarm! big word coming up!x) impervious to the cold. (there I did it.x).  All he wears is a thin check shirt.  I know.x

Now we have passed through a big week what with Owner booking rooms to run her Life Coaching biz and the good agency totally ignoring her millions of life experience and skills.  DO THEY REALISE what they are missing you all rightfully wonder up.  I am quite sure folks, that they do.  On the mood setting swingometer, Owner is on about five - this could increase by next week and I am keeping a close eye on the situation, from under the bed ONLY JOKING!!x

Do have a lovely day up folks, as it is Fridee and all to play for.  If you have an idol (other than me!!) then take a leaf out of their book.  St Francis, he loved all of us great and small and gets a mention in all our stories, specially our Christmas Story.  Big Love Wonka X

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Happy Birthday to You!

TO WHO Wonka? you all cheep up and say to me.  If it is your birfdee today then you share it with Owner's Aged Parent.

Owner checked with her, on the last Big Day Out, for fish n chips you recall, how old she was. HOW OLD ARE YOU MUM? she quizzed.  Aged parent considered this for a while and said when she was born, which is a good start for working our how old you are.  Then there was another pause of about five mins.  WHAT YEAR IS IT pursued Owner (nice use of word.X). and blow me down if Aged Parent didn't remember it straight off. Twenty Sixteen! Owner has put her out of her misery that she wasn't in, and warned her she will be Eighty Five. yes.  And, get this, Owner has even put in a request with that Christophe Evans on the good Radio 2, to give her Mum a shout out.  End of and birfdee fact up.

There we are!! this is from another birfdee but Owner said to pop it on as it is all Pink (tick) and Pretty (X) and full of light and joy. (Sob.x) Hankies away folks!X
In other enlightening news (I know.x) Owner dragged herself away from the doldrums and a low mood setting (about 4 -5 folks.x) yesterdee and only went a booked a room for her new workshop thing.  BLINKING HECK I says up or something very like that.  she was so proud of herself for doing it, she gave ME and Bertie an extra helping.  I do love it when Owner gets past herself as it is only then I can cash in on more biscuits and more fodder in general. Ruggles is spoilt day and night folks and I do listen up behind the good kitchen door and hear the word 'Angel Cat' and 'rugglestop we love you' all the time.  Jealous? MOI? not a bit of it...x
Finally folks, it did stop raining for a moment or two and whilst Owner is out having a Birfdee tea with the Aged, I can enjoy a well earnt snoop out of the bay.  There is always something happening in the street for me to glare I mean look at, and my beloved seagulls are always at it on the rooftops.  Tonight we will clingfilm to Masterchef and John n Gregg who we luv, and Enders what we don't.  And if you are having a big birfdee then get that fur brushed, put your best purr on and enjoy!!  Big Love Wonka 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

In Da Box!

LITTLE BOXES ............or big boxes medium sized, all boxes.
if you are feeling out of sorts, getting into a box will revive you!
Even Owner agrees with me on this one, although I did say are you too big for a box Owner.
NO Wonka! she goes back to me - no one is too big or too successful to enjoy some time out in a box.  personally folks, I cannot imagine my life without my beloved AMAzen box.  and on that happy box note:
There we are!!  A good box solves all your trubs.  End of.X
IS OWNER IN A BOX Wonka? you all ask up excitedly!  Not just now folks, although she may be in one in her head!  NO ONE that is NO ONE is calling her up for any werk.  IT IS HARD Wonka, she droned to me, TO STAY POSITIVE in the face of such grinding rejection.  I did say don't be so dramatic Owner, but she didn't hear me above rifling through a bunch of paperwork and moaning.  I remain HUGELY optimistic and as long as that biscuit trough stays level................X
Yesterday it insisted on that fine drizzle ALL day.  I enjoyed looking at it through the bay window and instructed Owner to take some newspaper for the wet car seat (from the good sun roof.  I know.x) and to wear the coat with the hood.  I didn't hear her reply through the best double glazing though.  last night we were crème de la creming!  our fave judge is the Frenchy one called Benoit or something very like it. all the teams (three.x) were swearing away in English so we could figure it out and making giant pastry thingies.  Owner made do with some cream crackers. yum, I says to her.x
Tonight we can look forward to Corrie X 1 and the bullying must stop! Those horrid girls are setting on Sarah's daughter, thingy, and Owner is not keen.  Stand up them! she shouts at the telly.  What makes folk tackle and set on others I wondered to myself, and then decided to check on Bertie bubb and Ruggles. Now do go on to have a care free, and in Da Box day to yourselves good folks, and do put a spring in your paws!! Big Love Wonka.
PS update on my little pal Peggy who has come down with the dread cold - she is on all the medication there is and we love her.x

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Skool's Back!

YES it's true because I have been observing from my fave windysill perch in the bay, LOTS of childer trudging past en route to Skool.
The Easter Hols are officially OVER WITH.

WHAT OF Owner ? you all whisper up, scared of getting on the wrong side.............. NO ONE has sought her out to cover anything, or assist with anything or generally just stand around at any known skool alright just the local ones.  Does this mean Wonka, you all say trembling in your socks....does this mean she is on the SCRAP HEAP??  amazingly, Owner is still clinging to that old saying
it ain't over til it's over AND listening to it on the good Radio.
she has other more important things on her mind LIKE the new bizniz Life Coaching....and her new health ridden diet.X
There we are!! Even the old mobile has refused to go on said Scrap Heap!  WHY? I says to Owner, gently and kindly, it being a close call to my next snack, WHY are you still clinging onto the old mobile?  I cannot see it off yet Wonka, she says gripping it tightly, AND it can carry on as an Alarm.  So now folks, in case it does refuse to alarm and snooze, Owner has to set the new mobile ten mins on from the old one as a BACK UP.  This folks, sums up our life. End of and mobile fact up. X
In other more exciting news Owner has had to look up Finland on the map.  it seems to nestle next to Sweden TICK and those pesky Russians TICK (we love everyone well nearly everyone.x) also Owner keeps reading about Fin baby boxes. NO I don't understand it either I mean I have my Amazen box as you know and of course would recommend this to all Baby Fins!! Bless them all.  big love and wotnot to ALL babies wherever you are laying.x
Finally, what will Owner do with all this spare time.  She must not go on a worry wart, and to avoid this (a bit like Dave and his tax thingies.x) I have suggested she spend time on an advert for the new Biz, looking after ME, writing some more to the new Spooky tale (OOOOH.x) the new Duffel OR some illustrations to any of them.  and maybe a small essential shop.x
We are worrying about something, both of us, and that is Peggy.  WHO IS THAT Wonka?  Peggy lives with Luke (and Tess the dog) over at Daughter's home and has managed to catch the cold that Luke had.  Once more prayers have been cast up, texts have been sent, and St Francis must stop whatever he is doing and have a word.  here is Peggy in case you all forgot..............
There she is!  Very funny and furry which is all you want in a feline really.X
Now tonight we will huddle up to crème de la crème! Lawks it is very good fun and we do love a frenchyfied Judge he is Magnifique!  Can we cope with Enders though? Ben has found out that his girlfriend (ex now we think) was lying through her teef! also, that Billy Mitchell (ooh those Mitchells.x) cannot sing his way out of a soap bar.  After the pastry show tonight, there is an informative, educational, intelligent prog on all about the EEEWE and I have begged Owner not to watch it.  she is determined to give the 'just five mins' though.  Are we in or are we out folks?  in this household we are ALL IN...Bertie would vote to stay and so would Ruggles.  We might be a dysfunctional union in this house, BUT we like it like that. End of and EEEWE fact up.x
Be like Owner and use your time to create! OR be like me and stay cool and calm in the Zen...........big Love Wonka X

Monday, 11 April 2016

Mellow Yellow!

That's right folks, it is our theme tune for this good Mundee - and YES it is a song by Donovon.  If Owner's memory is to be trusted that is.  WHY ARE YOU SO UPBEAT Wonka? you all trudge around mumbling to me.

As Owner reports, she woke up feeling alright. And if Owner is alright, it has a snowball effect on ME Bertie Bubb and Ruggles. Not to mention the outside world folks, which is always trying to get in.  And because we have not had any uplifting cartoons on here lately I am insisting on one of ME fronting one of our fab stories.

There we are! The second in the Duffel series and it is free and fun to read on folks.  Also, Owner is half way through the third one!  and this one is set in Paris and sees Duffel visit all the main attractions If only Owner would get a shift on and pop it on smashwords for you all to read..... in the meantime there are plenty more on there. Start your Mundee right and Read Wonka! x
We all want good moods to last and stay but you try capturing one of them! I have recommended (to my bestest Owner) a new approach health wise.  OH YES Wonka? you all sit up and sound interested.  I have said to CUT down on caffeine. Tick - drink more water with just a SOUPCON of fruit juice in it TICK - and pack it in with large meals.  alright Owner doesn't eat large meals but the new way forward is 5 yes FIVE smaller meals spread through the day.  HOW? she goes to me, will I do that if I'm working?  The answer folks is in the question is it not (get me.)x
If, I says to her, you crack on with your new Life Coaching workshops you can eat at will!!! whenever you say you can!! how motivating is that folks??  I bet you are all now putting together the business plan you started ten years' back.  GO FOR IT!.x
Now last night we were loving and in love with The Durrells.  it is quite mad and just up our strasa. Tonight there is the usual double helping of Corrie and all these romantic trysts not to mention the fall out between Tim and Sally our fave couplet. alright we love the vicar and sean or shaun too.  Enders is focussing hard on thingy and Ben's relationship which you couldn't make up HANG ON they have!!! Now do go on to have a fantasic Mondee and dust off those old furry dreams while you at it. big purrs and Big Love Wonka X

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Durrells Day!

Who is that Wonka? you all wake up from your Sundee snoozes and ask me.  The Durrells is our new fave Sundee night prog.  It is all about the MUM, and her brood all on the idyllic (get me!x) island or town or PLACE of Corfu.  they are all eccentric TICK, interesting TICK creative HUGE TICK and we are in love.X

There we are! and that is the youngest Durrell who loves all creatures and that is a sort of a lizard on a tree.  there are more bruvs and one sister too AND they want their mum to fall in love with a Corfu ian.  YES. X
Last night we hugged up to the grand finale of The Voce and KEVIN went and sang his way to winning it.!!  Owner went on to watch Casualtee but was suffering.  WHAT WITH Wonka you all take a sudden interest and want to know...........with unrequited love? indigestion? the storyline and Connie and thingy??? NONE OF THOSE - she suddenly developed a massive (she says it was) ulcer thing on her gum.  YES it was painful and guess what.....NOT A PAINKILLER IN SIGHT except on the telly there were stacks of them.  Owner went through every known bag (lots) and strange places in case she had an aspirin BUT NO.  She had to make do with a hot water bottle pressed to her cheek.  I did say her nice GP (she loves him.x) would be impressed but she didn't hear me above the bottle. (hot water one.X) I know.X
In other less painful news, the thing on her gum has gone.  it's marvellous what the body does in the night Owner I said up to her first thing when I was waking her up.  I KNOW AND I AM GRATEFUL she droned.  Today has been eventful as she has finally cancelled her old mobile that she was clinging to for sentimental reasons only.  I did advise her to stop it, and save some £s and blow me down stairs, she has done.X
We have caught up with Brits got massive amounts of talent and the impressionist was FAB.  Owner laughed out loud which is very unsettling as it doesn't happen overmuch.  I have checked she is ready for LOTS of work next week OR launching her Life Coaching Biz.  Everyone else is busy launching this that and the other Owner, I said to her, to make her feel one of the crowd. I KNOW Wonka, she goes to me, BUT I'M different.  you're telling me..........only joking Owner!!  Now enjoy your Sundee evening and have a different and exciting week ahead! Fur Up!! Big Love Wonka X

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Brothers in Arms

WHAT YOU ON ABOUT Wonka?  it is still can it still be raining moaned Owner when she got up, at the stroke of seven, our new getting up time.  And it does seem to have been raining for months on end folks.  This isn't helping the over pruned rose out back, it seemed to stop growing entirely after Owner went at it a few weeks back.  I FEAR I'VE GONE TOO FAR she told me up.  Surely not you Owner? I said back (it was cuddling up to a snack time for me.x) anyhow, this does not answer your question folks. We are all related and connected, and have bruvs and sisters all over the globe. ME? thanks for asking, and my bruverly feline is Luke, just a town or two away -
There he is!! atop the old rocking horse (like Neddy, in the Joe's Christmas stories on

IS HE ALRIGHT Wonka? you all ask up worried now.  Daughter has reported, to Owner, that Luke is sneezing. Owner sent a dissertation back via text about what to do.  I mean, I have suffered, as you know folks, with this kind of symptom, and was shipped off to the vets before I could get up a proper temperature!!!

Here is Luke again!! twice for good measure said Owner proudly. He was a bit younger then and is now in his twilight years folks.  After the lengthy instructions sent by Owner to reassure and guide daughter, there is be a lengthy silence I think, whilst daughter digests it all.  As you know, I did meet up with Luke several years back, on a little holiday with Golly.  Golly, who was good and brave and what a cat, he is a saint now, loved everyone and greeted Luke (and Demi and Morag - both with St Francis now.X) with great affection. Me?  I hid behind a curtain for the duration of the holiday only popping out to hiss and growl. BUT he is my brother in arms, like the song goes, and I'm sending him A LOT of positive purring.X
In other less bruvverly news, we loved our tv last night and even got through Enders without Owner losing it.  it seemed to centre on Ronnee and her stalker, who is hooded up and lurking, and Staycee who is still not right. yes.  Tonight, there is the Grand Finale of the Voce.  Rickee is bound to win with either Kev or Jolan who can sing the pants off of anything.  Owner says Casualtee may be building up to a better storyline than last week when Connie and thingy nearly died then recovered in two seconds.  Brits got loadsa talent is back and clashes nicely with everything. Surely Owner can fit it all in you all shout up?  I am a slave, folks, to a bit of good entertainment, so yes it shall be watched, so we can go OOHH and AHHH to the acts and those pesky judges.
Finally, it is the Grand National horsey race and we have said a BIG prayer to St Francis for all of them.  Balthazar King, our fave from last year is retiring and Owner says she hopes this isn't another way of saying goodnight Vienna. Many clouds who won it last year is in it to win it, again.  We love you and hope you get round alright!x  do enjoy your soggy or sunny Satdees wherever you are folks, and remember we are all connected up! Big Love Wonka X

Friday, 8 April 2016

Library Day Ahoy!

Yes, Owner is stepping out and amongst other important jobs (more cat food, more cement I mean litter and so on.x) says she is
GOING TO THE LIBRARY. This is because she has finally run out of a book to read, and has re read nearly all the books in the Narnia cupboard. ALSO, even with her glasses on, she thinks she has. Yes.x
There we are!! a little glimpse into the Narnia cupboard where Bertie Bubb lives, down below on his pilly.  AND YES! That is the precious and magical wishing well that I am always flinging a coin into!  Owner has banged her head on those shelves many a time......x
In other more exciting news she is revving up to pop that advert in the local paper folks.  WILL IT COST A FORTUNE Wonka? you all shout up anxious for our dwindling £s.  OF COURSE IT WILL! But, Owner is placing all her trust (?) in the power of the universe to balance the books!  I have already warned against calling into any other shops in town and coming out of them with a non essential.  I WILL TRY Wonka, she has promised me. X
Yogi, that strange and tabby stray has been round this morning, and Ruggles spent an hour checking and following. It may be a girl or not, and is busy looking enchanting whilst having a eye on Rugglesis breakfast. I have as per, warned Owner not to form a bond with it and to shoo it straight off out of it.  HAS SHE LISTENED Wonka? you all say to me adoringly...........I know.X
Last night we were like contact glue to Masterchef and fell in love with Jacob who is a creative cook.  This means he is a bit messy but big on flavoursome food. AND it looks the biz.  Owner thinks he is a contender for the title alongside Jules and Juanita and all the other fab cooks.  Tonight it is Corrie and horrid thingy who is the bride to be of wotsit has warned Sofee to stay away from whatever her name is.  More bullying! In Enders someone hates Ronnie and we could take our pick from practically the entire community BUT who is it really?? Now the sun is up and Owner has put the monster in the middle of the dining room READY to plug in at a second's notice.  I must be ready to leap upstairs folks!! Do have a perfect Fridee to yourselves folks, and keep an eye out for the Weekend!!
Big love Wonka X

Fish n Chip Outing!

YES I KNOW!!! hopefully Owner won't be selfish and remember to bring back some of that fish for ME, Bertie and not Ruggles because he refuses to eat fresh fish.  ~End of.X

What are you wearing Owner? I says helpfully and in the knowledge that in the dark and interesting wardrobe (built in BUT not posh.x) upstairs there are millions of nice outfits she could be wearing.

I HAVE TO BE PREPARED FOR ALL WEATHERS she droned to me last night, going through all said outfits.  I didn't quite hear at first because I was busy down below exploring the new box that has turned up.  I gave it a good sniff round and accidentally knocked it down, SORRY Owner!! Stop it Wonka! she tells me, but she did manage to put together an ensemble. WHAT IS THAT Wonka you all shout at me, muddled up now.  It is several items of clothing that she MIGHT POP on for her fish n chip outing today!!X

There we are!!! that fishy on a dishy folks!X

In other more exciting news, Owner managed a good night's sleep and woke up to that nice alarm AND me.  She is not used to getting up at this time and wonders how she will cope next week when she has to climb back on the hamster wheel AKA the wicked world of agency working.  NOT Owner if you get your act together and the Life Coaching swings into being, I said nicely (just before breakfast.x)....Fridee is DDay for the advert being popped in the local paper and now she is fretting (like that word) about the website.  IT LOOKS LIKE A CHILD put it together she moaned to me.  NO I did not reply folks!  personally I think it has Owner's stamp all over it.  it is dramatic (tick) artistic (tick) and straight and to the point. (tick).  I love it. x

Finally, we clung onto Masterchef and were not disappointed.  John n Gregg fell in love with Juanita who can cook oh yes. And in Corrie, guess wot!  Robert has forgiven Tracee no he said not forgiven but let off this ONE LAST TIME and they are back together.  We cannot wait for the next giant fall out folks!  Now do go on to have a sunny side up kind of a day just like Owner.  Big Love Wonka X

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Day Dreams

Surely not Wonka..... NO not me, I am too busy checking on Bertie and playing paw under the door with Ruggles and leaping around generally to day dream, NO I MEANT OWNER is.

I AM NOT day dreaming Wonka, she tells me up when I gently prodded her up this good morning.  but she is folks! She has day dreamed over breakfast (that is after she has seen to ME and the others) day dreamed over her new advert (for the Life Coaching folks.x) and she has day dreamed over her TO DO list.  I saw her put a tick next to two items that to my mind folks ARE INCOMPLETE.  end of and dreamy facts up. X

There we are folks!! and Owner reckons that in this dream ridden state IDEAS are born.  I know.X
Owner reports she is and I quote 'revving up for tomorrow Wonka!'.  POTOMU KAK? you all shout up at least some of you do if you are rusky Russians OR Weil OR parce que or something very like it.  ME?  I would say why are you revving up Owner and she said, ready for the family reunion tomorrow.  This is her, aged parent AND sibling AND daughter and grandson.  It takes months to organise and is over before you can say fish and chips!!x
In other less dreamy news, we still love crème de la crème and the boys won it from the RAF.  They made a big chocolate thingy and won out with their trifle. In Enders Lou is taking on the mantle of the teenager from hell and all are in her sway. yes.  then Owner insisted on watched Obama from the Whitehouse and is fully up to speed with americy politics. Me? thanks for asking and I am a big fan of his EVEN though he has a dog (not seen) and no sign of any felines. LOTS of famous Americans love us cats so end of.X
Bertie and Ruggles continue to hog the limelight just by doing nothing DE RIEN and I have to put up with it.  Owner pounced on me yesterdee with some frontline INCASE I am sheltering any creatures AS IF!!  in the meantime, have a good daydream or two folks as you never know when they might grow into a fully formed idea!!  Big Love Wonka X