Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Scrap Heaps ahoy!!

THERE IS MORE THAN ONE BRIGHT SIDE to being shoved to one side, ignored, left to it, disregarded and treated as DEFUNCT. (new word. jury out.X)

What is that Wonka? you all wonder up from your various scrap heaps.  it means, whilst you are laying around catching the latest sport news, or good film, or wotnot, YOU ARE resting up in between jobs.  As you know, I never stop.....BUT Owner, despite her millions of experience and that, just gets an occasional call to arms.  'Are you available?' goes the good agency this morning.
'POSSIBLY.' she says with one eye on the snooker, and the other on a sketch she is doing and if she had a third eye, that would be on the latest story. 'WHERE IS IT?'  The placement turned out to be a million miles alright 50 mile trip there and back taking an hour or more out of Owner's life not to mention the car with no name.
She mumbled on about pay rises (muffled laughter in the background.x) and the weather (rolling round on the floor.x)
No one, not even me, was surprised when she settled back with the snook. end of and scrap heap fact up.X

There we are!! She is as comfy as you like EXCEPT, last night our beloved hero Ronnie, lost to the Hawk who is Bazzer Hawkins. NO we do not like him, it is only the second round, come on a minute!! This has upset a lot of Owner's tv viewing but I may distract her with some Masterchef folks.X
In other pretty exciting news, there is this:  SOMEONE HAS ASKED ME TO TELL ALL ABOUT MY SNOOKER OBSESSION Wonka!! she says she will drone on, I mean write it all down (I know.x) and email it off!! I do hope Owner, I says up, there is a small opportunity to mention me?? IF I CAN, she says up.I mean.  More on this breaking news folks, as I get it!!  The other news is that someone DOES want to book Owner for some invigilation work!! Thank you thank you kind person I say!! This means a few biscuits and such like can be purchased with real money instead of the good old credit card!X
Finally, it is snowing again and all sorts, and it will take me ALL my powers to get Owner to take some nice fresh air.  There is hope though, as I have drawn her attention to the dwindling supply of ginger nuts. These are her fave biscuits and the rations must be kept up.  YES she is still fairly positive in the face of zero hours and pounds, but the mood setting as you know folks can swing off at a moment's notice.  In the meantime there is crème de la crème to cling to, and tmro there is Masterchef and they are all going on a ship, to cook up a storm!! alright make a meal for the crew on a ship then.  that's the Royal Navy for you folks.We shall cuddle up to this and anything else oh yes there is Enders.......x
Keep wrapped up even more folks, and be like Owner and be kind to the binmen.  WHAT YOU MEAN Wonka?  she only went and put a pink post it note ON our green bin saying: VERY HEAVY, SORRY! and it is very heavy due to the millions of cat concrete I mean litter inside it folks.  DID THE BINMEN see it? you all shout at me wanting to know - they saw it, they smiled at it, and said bin was thrust into the machine and emptied!  Do have a good bin day folks, Big Love Wonka X