Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Adventure...

Did Owner come back in time for tea Wonka??

YES.  And get this...........she brought back REAL fish and chips. Now sometimes, I have been known to turn my nose up at REAL food (sorry chicks.X) and prefer pretend.  Ruggles LOVES real chick but ME? I turn my nose up.  It is VICE VERSA with fish. I fell on my portion of fish like a cat possessed.  Bertie eats everything real pretend and fantasy but Ruggles?  He REFUSED his massive helping of real cod in preference to some pretend sardine. End of and massive fish fact up.  PS guess who ended up with Rugglesis portion.  MMMMM. x

Here we are!  This is Bertie Bubb AFTER eating all his day's ration of biscuits early.  Before elevenses.  it is all Owner's fault though.  In her defence, she says the container of said biscuits, standing guard on Bertie's feeding trough mat, has been known to tip itself over so that all the biscuits can be devoured!  WHO? I says to Owner would do that??? !!X

What about, you all pester me up, Owner's adventure did she actually have one??  YES.  She came back all serious and mysterious about it.  I AM GOING TO BITE THE BULLET Wonka, she tells me.  Personally, I think this is taking things to extremes and her teeth are not up to it, but later on she did explain she was talking metaphorically (I know.  very proud of this.x) and says she is going to advertise her new course of Life Coaching.  Blimey I says, full of admiration (as I always am for my bestest Owner in the entire universe alright round here.) next stop the world!! QUITE SO Wonka, she went back.  of course it will cost lots of £s to start it off and we are poverty stricken BUT need to invest in this new opportunity.  I am heading for the wishing well NOW!x

In other less exciting and adventurous news it has stopped drizzling and the sun is out! last night we were entertained by a big row between Tracee and Robert in Corrie.  WHO WON Wonka? you all want to know.....folks, Tracee always wins out...in Enders Fil fell off the wagon 2 mins after clambering on it and Lou (his daughter and we cannot recall where from folks...x) is not the daughter he fort she was. NO.  Tonight it is Crème De La Crème!! all those tasty deserts and Owner said enough about the contestants!!! only joking folks (0 out of 10 for that one.x) Now perhaps it is a day to sit back and reflect, brush up on your dreams and wash your fur round.....OR go out and have another fine adventure! Big Love Wonka X