Friday, 8 April 2016

Fish n Chip Outing!

YES I KNOW!!! hopefully Owner won't be selfish and remember to bring back some of that fish for ME, Bertie and not Ruggles because he refuses to eat fresh fish.  ~End of.X

What are you wearing Owner? I says helpfully and in the knowledge that in the dark and interesting wardrobe (built in BUT not posh.x) upstairs there are millions of nice outfits she could be wearing.

I HAVE TO BE PREPARED FOR ALL WEATHERS she droned to me last night, going through all said outfits.  I didn't quite hear at first because I was busy down below exploring the new box that has turned up.  I gave it a good sniff round and accidentally knocked it down, SORRY Owner!! Stop it Wonka! she tells me, but she did manage to put together an ensemble. WHAT IS THAT Wonka you all shout at me, muddled up now.  It is several items of clothing that she MIGHT POP on for her fish n chip outing today!!X

There we are!!! that fishy on a dishy folks!X

In other more exciting news, Owner managed a good night's sleep and woke up to that nice alarm AND me.  She is not used to getting up at this time and wonders how she will cope next week when she has to climb back on the hamster wheel AKA the wicked world of agency working.  NOT Owner if you get your act together and the Life Coaching swings into being, I said nicely (just before breakfast.x)....Fridee is DDay for the advert being popped in the local paper and now she is fretting (like that word) about the website.  IT LOOKS LIKE A CHILD put it together she moaned to me.  NO I did not reply folks!  personally I think it has Owner's stamp all over it.  it is dramatic (tick) artistic (tick) and straight and to the point. (tick).  I love it. x

Finally, we clung onto Masterchef and were not disappointed.  John n Gregg fell in love with Juanita who can cook oh yes. And in Corrie, guess wot!  Robert has forgiven Tracee no he said not forgiven but let off this ONE LAST TIME and they are back together.  We cannot wait for the next giant fall out folks!  Now do go on to have a sunny side up kind of a day just like Owner.  Big Love Wonka X