Monday, 25 April 2016

New Look!

Listen up Folks!  Owner has just sat and read in the bestest magazine supplement alright it is in this house, what the new hair fashion is.................READY FOR THIS FOLKS?? she was very excited about it and I did say is it a good distraction from you being on the scrap heap Owner, but she didn't hear me about shouting about the NEW LOOK.

Get this!  it is all about your hair being messed up (Tick.x)) clamped down with a million inappropriate and out of fashion hair grips (Twice Tick.x) and then finished off with millions of hair product (Giant Tick.x)  Without knowing it, Owner has been a fashion leader with her hair!!! Alright, it has been hard sometimes to stick a grip in it with it being so short, BUT come on, the hair product thing wins out. I love it.X
There we are! Not to mention what happens when Owner steps outside on those rare occasions.....a nice bit of rain....or snow even!! And a good roasting with the hairdryer.  No wonder she is in fashion folks! NO, Owner cannot hear me she is busy washing it.  her hair.  End of and big hair fact up!X
With the weather turning colder than winter outside I may have trouble shoving Owner off down to the shops.  I have said things like we need more food but so far she has shrugged this off, saying things like:
'I THINK WE CAN SPIN IT OUT TIL THE MORROW good Wonka.....' she has gone a bit Shakespearean what with his good anniversary and wotnot.  I nearly shouted back NOT ON YOUR NELLY Owner, but it wasn't Shakespearean so I didn't. Alas, alack and lack a day.X
Last night we hugged up to The Durrells and Mrs Durrell had a purple frock on with feathers on the shoulders.  it looked a treat and Owner may do a sketch of it.  It's not as if you don't have time Owner, I says to her but luckily she missed it whilst laughing at said frock.  Tonight there is the plentiful soap dramas PLUS Masterchef drama PLUS snooker drama.  How to fit it all in will require Owner's best decision making....and seeing as how she has plenty of time for this..........IF YOU KEEP SAYING THAT Wonka, says Owner finally listening up, I WILL GET A CALL.  she means folks, that I may put the Jonah on it. ME?? Now my best advice folks, is DO NOT go outside unless essential (like Owner has to.x) and if you do pop you best scarf and hat and gloves on.
Fur up, and face this good Mundee folks! Big Love Wonka X