Monday, 4 April 2016

Diva Dreams!

Owner woke up (finally folks.  this sleeping in lark is very taxing....taxing is the NEW in word.x) AND tells me up

I DREAMT OF Diva!!  Owner loves to dream of Diva who used to be her angel dog and of course is the heroine of the Diva Stories!!

Owner says this is the good link to get you there and I only hope with her limited technical know how, she is right.  In the dream, Owner droned to me, ~Diva was leading the way..............OH I said, full of interest it being smack on breakfast and I was starving.  I had spent a good half an hour patrolling the bed and gently dabbing at Owner's face with a weensy claw. 
And here is, Owner's best cartoon on it:

There she is!! woofing away like she used to with her excited puppy dog bark.  Owner thinks it is a sign and I'm all for signs I like them.  End of and Diva fact up.X
In other equally enthralling news, it is still drizzling. It has rained enough now we all know that and IT IS NOT April showers, IT IS drizzle.  Despite this, Owner is motivated to go out on an adventure.  As long as you are back for tea I says up....she may not have heard me above shooing the new stray on the block, that is called Yogi, off out of it. NO! she goes to him or her.  Nicely though folks, and she did tell Yogi all about the luxury shed because I watched it all happen from the sideboard.  She scooped Ruggles back inside and out of danger!  You are not to be attacked! says Owner all protective.X
Last night we unexpectedly loved a new series called The Durrells.  it is all about a mad family (tick.x) who go and live in Corfu (tick.x) and struggle to get by (huge tick.x)  IT IS PERFECT droned Owner to me, for a Sundee night when you don't need to get anxious about anything, especially not MUNDEE.  Now tonight there is good Corrie and no end of storylines to cling to.  In Enders, thingy has told his daughter who he said he didn't blame for Ollie BUT he does really, to go on a long holiday. yes and Fil is still off the booze.  I know.  do go on to enjoy your Mundees folks, and if you have a dream prodding you and leading you somewhere.  THEN FOLLOW IT!!! Big love Wonka X