Friday, 8 April 2016

Library Day Ahoy!

Yes, Owner is stepping out and amongst other important jobs (more cat food, more cement I mean litter and so on.x) says she is
GOING TO THE LIBRARY. This is because she has finally run out of a book to read, and has re read nearly all the books in the Narnia cupboard. ALSO, even with her glasses on, she thinks she has. Yes.x
There we are!! a little glimpse into the Narnia cupboard where Bertie Bubb lives, down below on his pilly.  AND YES! That is the precious and magical wishing well that I am always flinging a coin into!  Owner has banged her head on those shelves many a time......x
In other more exciting news she is revving up to pop that advert in the local paper folks.  WILL IT COST A FORTUNE Wonka? you all shout up anxious for our dwindling £s.  OF COURSE IT WILL! But, Owner is placing all her trust (?) in the power of the universe to balance the books!  I have already warned against calling into any other shops in town and coming out of them with a non essential.  I WILL TRY Wonka, she has promised me. X
Yogi, that strange and tabby stray has been round this morning, and Ruggles spent an hour checking and following. It may be a girl or not, and is busy looking enchanting whilst having a eye on Rugglesis breakfast. I have as per, warned Owner not to form a bond with it and to shoo it straight off out of it.  HAS SHE LISTENED Wonka? you all say to me adoringly...........I know.X
Last night we were like contact glue to Masterchef and fell in love with Jacob who is a creative cook.  This means he is a bit messy but big on flavoursome food. AND it looks the biz.  Owner thinks he is a contender for the title alongside Jules and Juanita and all the other fab cooks.  Tonight it is Corrie and horrid thingy who is the bride to be of wotsit has warned Sofee to stay away from whatever her name is.  More bullying! In Enders someone hates Ronnie and we could take our pick from practically the entire community BUT who is it really?? Now the sun is up and Owner has put the monster in the middle of the dining room READY to plug in at a second's notice.  I must be ready to leap upstairs folks!! Do have a perfect Fridee to yourselves folks, and keep an eye out for the Weekend!!
Big love Wonka X