Sunday, 30 June 2013

Super Sundee

Wonka here.   Went hot for goodness sake and thankfully Owner had remembered to turn heating right down.  as it was I had to rest up and stay still all day.  Owner out with family celebrating birthdays and such said had lovely time and thanks to this gorgeous cheesecake with strawbs and massive topping cannot manage to eat anything else.  yet.  We, I mean me and Baba held out till returned.  Baba had been left to own devices outside after lengthy tussle by Owner as to whether to or not. (leave outside).  Owner tends to swing from immense anxiety to immense laid backness sometimes in a matter of minutes.  Baba survived being left outside and was none the wiser.  By the way I do notice who is looking at this blog thing and sure I've been spied on by someone in montynegro or thereabouts.  on my map thing it is nestling by the Adriatic sea and is called the pearl of the med!! even more, it is on the top ten holiday spots.  Well I never.  just watching a marvellous programme all about clever business and hope to learn something (Timpsons no less) - will pass on to Owner tout suite.  Big love wonka  xx

Saturday, 29 June 2013

spectacular Satdee

Wonka here.  finally got up at ten.  goodness me and if it hadn't been for Owner kindly waking at 5 and thinking forward (how I hate that phrase) and putting out a few morsels me and Baba would have starved!  Then a phone call has Owner in a flurry of activity and things are done at three times normal speed.  xcept hair that took usual faff.  Off Owner goes and it turns out, down to the bay to watch a) a tornado, b) the red arrows and c) a Lancaster bomber a spitfire and a hurricane.  Blimey.  Even the photos came out.  
~Also much to our surprise it was a sunny warmish day.  Oh and that Laura Robson (?) managed to stay on target tennis wise.  Owner of course moaning on about feeling ugly and old, back hurts etc but mainly upbeat and ready for a tiny bit of square eyes.  Me?  thanks for asking, basking in the sun on the sill at the front so I can spy on neighbours - we await new ones you see.  Big Love wonka x

Friday, 28 June 2013

thankthelord Fridee

Wonka here.  Yes end of week and no one too sad.  Owner managed to get up without too much fuss and seemed in good temper.  Please make it last.  Baba still trotting outside in rain or shine but actually mostly rain, straight into kennel and sleeping.  I may have had the odd 40 winks and snuggled down on Owner's best coverlet.  Arrived back saying had lost scarf and brooch whilst out.  Seemed remarkably calm so did wonder if running a fever or something?  Turns out hand of god reached down and found lost scarf and put it somewhere so Owner could find - not so the brooch. Owner being deeply philosophical and says feels like still has it even though gone and maybe pinned to another blouse.  Hmm.  Is Owner finally taking own advice (or mine?).. on the subject of tennis have to own up to giving a miss today.  Had heart wrenched by weepy storyline on enders (lauren finally leaving) and now on with corrie (Roy goes funny).  weekend here and bring on.  Big love Wonka x

Thursday, 27 June 2013

nearly Fridee thursdee

Wonka here.  we all slept in and Owner mystified that alarm failed.  I say it was turned off whilst Owner snoozed on.  needless to say when day starts in a hurry things go wrong just as fast.  don't fear we were fed and watered (Baba still on best fish) but in the main left to it.  I managed a couple of naps and may have chased Baba for a bit of exercise.  Owner arrived home talking of giving up work forever and was it just the locality, the students, the this the that?  No I said, it's you (and hid under the bed).   Once the dust settled we put the tennis on and it's that nice jocovitch chappie seems to be hitting the ball alright and that will do til enders comes on.  Hoping for a calm few days and I know you will want to know my eye dried up and haven't hardly sneezed all day.  big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

worrywart wednesdee

Wonka here.  late report due to one mishap after another.  I know I shouldn't have lashed out when Owner stroking me nicely whilst under the bed.  Me I mean - the only time Owner under bed is when needs to clear up 5 years worth of dust and mites etc.  Anyhow, instead of purring and being a nice cat for some reason I gave Owner a nasty clawing on the wrist.  doesn't help when they get stuck you know?  Owner says may forgive me in time and even though I have washed it round I noted tension and frosty looks.  To follow this up, all I needed to do was develop a sneezing frenzy (not quite up to Baba's standards) and show a runny eye.  then wash it with a pathetic look.  This worked and Owner went into a full on worry bordering on stress and anxiety attack.  Apparently culminating in a row with aged parent about nothing.  tell me about it!  I've got to get on with Baba day in day out.  Just following a bit of tennis as Federer worth a gander.  Then it's more fun with those darlings at 9pm.  Surely this time one of those fractious Barbie dolls will go?  Big love wonka x

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dustbin day Tuesday

Wonka here.  main excitement was making sure Baba not nerve wracked by dustbins being put out.  He wasn't.  I'm sure this is evidence of a complete lack of nerves in his tadpole like body and too many in Owner's.  guilty of appropriating (? long word even for me) all else with own excessive feelings and wotnot.  Me?  cast to the back of the queue as ever.  Infact I rushed upstairs for a nap and Owner followed! fortunately I did have enough room to stretch out.  After the dreadful news of my hero Rafa 'going out early' don't want to watch any more tennis.  Magnificent in defeat my Rafa.  might watch bits of to see famous and the like in the crowd.  tonight's offerings are enders with more drunken lauren and wicked lucy and Holby if nothing else.  Owner says must go out for milk.  What now?  big love wonka x

Monday, 24 June 2013

Mundee Mundee

Wonka here.  well what a day really, Owner in and out like a whirling dervish but managed to feed us in between (and change our luxury loo - I blame it on Baba).  Also, Landlady sighted weeding the wall.  I know how ridiculous is that and Owner thinks it's a ruse and they are spying instead. Reminded not to speak harshly and to bow and scrape in case we are all packed off into the unknown.  Owner said smiled falsely and that was best could manage.  Other news is that Baba been fairly good and yodelling diminished.  Was in kennel at same time as Ruggles but all peaceful out there. No it's not stopped raining.  Have to watch corrie despite bad boy david storyline and enders despite bad girl Lauren (Laura? does it make any diff?) storyline.  Tired out now, Big love Wonka x

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday Sunday

Wonka here.  slow start to day and frankly it stayed slow.  Owner wanted to go back to bed mid morning on about duvet day.  What?  I was up and doing and needless to say Baba couldn't wait to go out and trot the few yards into the dog kennel.  Had to be rescued when thunder and lightning as Owner frightened he was frightened.  I ask you.  some light relief when Owner finally went out to visit aged parent and came back remarkably sane.  tonight there is nothing on and after the excitement of the Voice and dark horses winning (whinnying?) I fear Owner may sink into a Sunday eve gloom bordering on anxiety attack about what the week might hold.  if I have my way, more chicken, and more tasty biscuits as we are running low.  Big love Wonka x

Saturday, 22 June 2013

sunshine and lots of rain Satdee

Wonka here.  busy busy busy and that's just Baba -he been in out in out in out made Owner went dizzy on the step and I begged not to fall.  We would all starve.  Erm usual June weather really, freezing cold and heating on.  Owner says blow the expense but anxiety levels are high.  Again Owner sighing and on about not enough money to live on..what about us?  I could start an appeal for me Baba, Ruggles but not the new stray Usurper thingy.  As it is I sit in the front bay window looking appealing and Baba?  the cat does nothing.  anyhow, the voice grand finale on tonight and bookies say that weird singing female one to win it.  I say the nice lad who does country and will vote accordingly.  Must go, big love Wonka x

Friday, 21 June 2013

Full on Fridee

Wonka here.  end of week and Owner once again showing signs of  weakness trying to lay in past the alarm etc.  Obviously I jumped on feet a few times to startle into getting up.   Baba is becoming increasingly annoying and on my last nerve ending.  The yodelling has stepped up.  This wasn't a problem when Owner whisked to vets he was barely talking then and near to death's door (their prognosis not ours).  Must stand tall.  Owner noticed some tufts of white fur on the shed door that do not belong to Ruggles, the stray with the lifetime pass into yard.  Is this the usurper Owner has foolishly named?  I say foolish as this is sometimes followed by a fostering stroke adoption and we cannot cope with more.  double dose of Corrie with a wedge of enders to keep us going here.  Myst dash.  Big love Wonka x

Thursday, 20 June 2013

All change Thursday

Wonka here.  up at decent time I thought with no messing and Owner seemed to wake up happy (?).  Then we heard the news.  Owner very shaken and emotionally stirred by death of one of my heroes and I have watched every single episode in the boxset Sopranos occasionally marvelling at the lack of any feline activity.  It is traditional for mafia bosses to adore us that's all.  Still it clouded the day and we hope he is on way to heaven (where Golly is).  Apart from that change in the order there was the change in residence for aged parent.  This took up most of Owner's day although again I cannot comprehend where the stress and anxiety comes from?  Just a few bits to move and learn a whole organisation's names and roles in a couple of hours.  I mean.  Must go as Baba who I've managed to ignore is yodelling to go out and that is not going to happen.  Must I bear it.  Big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

mid week happenings

Wonka here.  Jumped on Owner's foot as slept through endless snoozing and drew blood on third toe along.  Owner surprisingly forgiving and I did come out from under bed.   Baba demanding from the off and apparently Owner debated long and hard in well known supermarket whether to buy real chicken or not.  It ended up as or not.   Turned out really warm as predicted and I basked on top of the sideboard and the basket with all useful things in it.  Apprentice on and Owner will be watching for that really irritating one to be a 'your fired'.  and don't bother with the grammar I know.  Have to check on Baba who is outside and last seen eyeing up the new usurper.  big love wonka x

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Thoughtful Tuesday

Wonka here.  Owner refusing to get up this morning so had to pounce on feet extra hard.  Moaning on about being tired when doing practically nothing.  I mean, I'm on and off the sideboard, boxing Baba into a corner, playing with the pack of three balls with bells in (less the one owner trod on) and generally up and doing.  Baba let out for all of ten minutes before had to be grabbed back in as dustbin day.  Neurotic doesn't even start to go there.  new strange cat trying to usurp Ruggles, who is, the stray cat.  Owner talking of early night and the sooner Holby City ends the better I say I cannot compare to beloved casualtee.  Feel drawn to settee now.  Big love Wonka x

Monday, 17 June 2013

Ever loving Monday

Wonka here.  Full on day really, getting Owner up, reminding that plants need watering, sniffing Baba several times (not chasing), eating bits and bobs.  Observed Ruggles, that's the outside stray cat with a pass into the back yard, settled into the kennel this morn.  The kennel was purchased with him in mind, but then Baba took over.  Me?  back of the queue as ever,  Must go, watching corrie and not keen on Dev being hoodwinked by evil Karl.  Real life he would know! Big love Wonka x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Super Sundey

Wonka here.  Well surprisingly nice day weatherwise and visitor wise.  Owner even figured out how to make me even more famous by linking things.  not before time eh.  apparently there are other cats out there talking away and trying to be famous too.  Not overkeen on this but I always say talent rises to the top.  Baba been fussed round like he's the last cat in existence and I had to really put myself out to get noticed.  Luckily one of the visitors noticed and paid me a bit of attention.  Owner worn out now with all that  social interaction and if not careful will go into downward spiral.  About hair and work.  Tired now and must go.  big love Wonka x

Friday, 14 June 2013

Fun loving Friday

Wonka here, just to bring you news of a decent day!  Owner in a fairly positive mood and even Baba has eaten ordinary cat food that didn' t cost a packet.  Me? I suffer in silence and just hope for a sprinkling of biscuits here and there.  Corrie is on and reaching new heights of melodrama with storyline on Dev and wicked Karl.  I love a good murder especially if over the top.  Owner says to expect visitors on Sunday so I dare say Baba will act up and look pathetic.  I mean.  Must dash, Big Love Wonka x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

Started off well and all downhill after that.  never heard Owner curse so much in one phone call mind you it was to beloved daughter.  Baba managed to hold off with just about everything up or down today.  has partaken of fish, chicken and a morsel of good old fashioned cat food.  I have been so good I've surprised myself really, didn't know I had it in me.  Taken to sniffing Baba rather than chasing.  Just watching Horizon all about us felines, but I must say I am a fan of Springwatch specially now they are showing varieties of Sea Gull my all time favourite bird.  Must go.  Big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Mid week special

Wonka here.  Owner hardly talking says too tired.  Again.  I mean what is so tiring about getting up feeding us and mucking about feeding Baba with special food, going out all day and then coming back and starting it all over again?  Even talking about it wears me down.  Baba continuing on special diet due to horrid incident on Monday when entire breakfast coughed up.  he has moved into the bathroom and Owner says this is ideal for when he is next pat and mick also near to the luxury cat tray (door fell off as soon as got home from shop).  Got to go as the Apprentice on and we all hoping that the fiery one with the pink lipstick gets the heave ho.  Big Love Wonka x

Monday, 10 June 2013

Blue Monday

Baba sickly today and this is what greeted Owner on return from fraught day at work.  Says had enough.  I thought of hiding under bed but why?  not anything to do with me, I'm busy keeping all in check.  Listened to radio, chomped a few biscuits and watched the seagulls from the right side of the double glazing.  Stress?  what stress.  must go as Owner watching the Fall and will need to peer in wardrobes, dark corners and where my nest is, under the bed.  Big love Wonka x

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday lovely Sunday

Owner up at decent time so not starving.  Baba outside again and asleep on top of ladders.  the difference between that and sleeping inside?  I ask you......noticed a new cat with collar and bell investigating the back yard and maybe stealing rugrat's food....that's the stray who has a pass into the yard. Also, a blue collar and bell was discovered by Owner without a cat inside it.  I mean.  It's just open house here.  Must go as feel nap coming on.  Big love Wonka

Saturday, 8 June 2013

things about Saturday

I am nearly famous now so thought I should be blogging.  This is to let those humans out there know all me really with bits and bobs on my Owner.  She does not want to be famous and if it wasn't for me would be truly obscure.  Back to my blog then.  Had to wait for breakfast whilst Owner slumbered on.  Said was tired as soon as got up.  Tell me about it!   Tried to rest up on bed but Owner insisted on changing so gave up and chased Baba instead.  He's the other cat by the way.  Having to watch Brit got Talent now.   decent day all told and hopeful for tomorrow.  Big love Wonka x search for Wonka!