Thursday, 20 June 2013

All change Thursday

Wonka here.  up at decent time I thought with no messing and Owner seemed to wake up happy (?).  Then we heard the news.  Owner very shaken and emotionally stirred by death of one of my heroes and I have watched every single episode in the boxset Sopranos occasionally marvelling at the lack of any feline activity.  It is traditional for mafia bosses to adore us that's all.  Still it clouded the day and we hope he is on way to heaven (where Golly is).  Apart from that change in the order there was the change in residence for aged parent.  This took up most of Owner's day although again I cannot comprehend where the stress and anxiety comes from?  Just a few bits to move and learn a whole organisation's names and roles in a couple of hours.  I mean.  Must go as Baba who I've managed to ignore is yodelling to go out and that is not going to happen.  Must I bear it.  Big love Wonka x