Saturday, 29 June 2013

spectacular Satdee

Wonka here.  finally got up at ten.  goodness me and if it hadn't been for Owner kindly waking at 5 and thinking forward (how I hate that phrase) and putting out a few morsels me and Baba would have starved!  Then a phone call has Owner in a flurry of activity and things are done at three times normal speed.  xcept hair that took usual faff.  Off Owner goes and it turns out, down to the bay to watch a) a tornado, b) the red arrows and c) a Lancaster bomber a spitfire and a hurricane.  Blimey.  Even the photos came out.  
~Also much to our surprise it was a sunny warmish day.  Oh and that Laura Robson (?) managed to stay on target tennis wise.  Owner of course moaning on about feeling ugly and old, back hurts etc but mainly upbeat and ready for a tiny bit of square eyes.  Me?  thanks for asking, basking in the sun on the sill at the front so I can spy on neighbours - we await new ones you see.  Big Love wonka x