Sunday, 30 June 2013

Super Sundee

Wonka here.   Went hot for goodness sake and thankfully Owner had remembered to turn heating right down.  as it was I had to rest up and stay still all day.  Owner out with family celebrating birthdays and such said had lovely time and thanks to this gorgeous cheesecake with strawbs and massive topping cannot manage to eat anything else.  yet.  We, I mean me and Baba held out till returned.  Baba had been left to own devices outside after lengthy tussle by Owner as to whether to or not. (leave outside).  Owner tends to swing from immense anxiety to immense laid backness sometimes in a matter of minutes.  Baba survived being left outside and was none the wiser.  By the way I do notice who is looking at this blog thing and sure I've been spied on by someone in montynegro or thereabouts.  on my map thing it is nestling by the Adriatic sea and is called the pearl of the med!! even more, it is on the top ten holiday spots.  Well I never.  just watching a marvellous programme all about clever business and hope to learn something (Timpsons no less) - will pass on to Owner tout suite.  Big love wonka  xx