Monday, 1 July 2013

mundane mundee

Wonka here.  fairly straightforward day.  Gulp.  Even though Owner in possession of last series of the boxset we all fell in love with earlier this year (saved us from deep and dark night of the soul) not had to watch.  This means Owner on the level or at least not linking in to feelings of despair.  Me?  nice day really, had usual 5 or 6 offerings of biscuits to choose from, ate some of Baba's fish and generally chilled out.  And Baba allowed Ruggles to sit on the bench in the backyard whilst himself laying on the cold concrete.  As far as I know (and I know everything), more fun and games at SW19 or wherever it all be.  Serena out and so too that nice Laura.   Owner on about hair or was it heir hunters?  Must go.  Big love Wonka x