Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sundee Sundee

Wonka here.  Howdy folks out there wherever you are on this good planet.  Some of you I'm sure will have gone visiting today and I'm talking relatives.  Owner fairly bounded out on about an eye test.  it will be costly then I warned.  Owner also said was popping to see Daughter.  That could be costly too I warned.  But no! listen up, although the new glasses (X 2) did cost a few bob Owner fine with this as says looks the business in them and at least this has distracted from hair.  And came back from Daughter's in good mood (smiling and nice to me) as had a beaut pair of new sandals that could not fit daughter but fit Owner.  I tried to lay in the shoe box but stopped.  So all in all a good Sundee all round and just because there is nothing on (there is but Owner not watching the zombie thing on 4 and has given up with white queens on 1) we may watch the next violent sweary episode on the boxset.  swearing and drugs but not a heck of a lot of the other.  Ruggles was waiting on the doorstep to be fed and eventually I was too.  harmony rules.  Big love Wonka x