Monday, 29 July 2013

new glasses Mondee

Wonka here.  Now of course it's not me that needs glasses!! my vision is 20 20 or whatever it is, no Owner trots off and returns with not one but two pairs of the things.  Fleeced again I wondered (ready to hid under the bed)?? but Owner insists needs them.  One pair for saving from peering at the computer screen (right up to it) and the other for peering into the distance when driving, oh and being able to continue driving with a full beam in your face.  Problem?  Glad you asked, well for starters both pairs are identical.  Owner says this is because by the time (a long time) had picked a pair of frames that didn't reduce to looking old, really old, or old and ugly, shop might have closed.  Easier to pick the same frames.  Price?  (ready to hide under the bed again).  owner very blas√© about this and that only means one thing.  They were very very very expensive and to talk about it makes it worse.  Told Owner looks gorgeous in them.  both of them.  Going to put a little tag on the computer ones so don't muddle with the car ones.  that can also be used to the TV. (oh no). Anyhow, at least Owner fairly cool and calm and only made one mistake with the shopping (taking it back tmro).  Now I know you'll want to know how I am in all of this day.  I am fine, and trying to sleep and nap as much as I can in between eating a few bits and bobs.  Gone off most of my cat food and Owner at wits end over variety.  It's alright as Ruggles eats all my left overs so I don't know what the fuss is about.  Tonight we will watch soaps back to back as Owner finds soothing even when nasty David (corrie) is mean to all his relatives (rings horrid bells) and even when Whitstable or Witney or somebody in Enders is being boring about horrid dead criminal boyfriends.  We love it.  Must go,
Big love Wonka xx  (I promise  photo of the miracle growing Buddlea for tomro)