Tuesday, 23 July 2013

thrillin Tuesdee!

Wonka here.  More thrills and spills and that's just Owner for you!  keeps moving furniture about and I have lost my watering hole. Am I complaining?  Of course not, too busy checking out for spiders in all the dusty corners.  Owner says preparing for the turmoil of the electricians (don't ask).  I will have to hide under the bed I dare say.  I might come out we'll see.  In the meantime, a poignant day as Owner has collected the ashes of Baba.  When Owner announced had Baba I did wonder.....after small debate with self, Owner has transported the little box (has name on and a bunch of pretend lilies, cost a small fortune but mustn't say) out to the shed as this is where Baba loved to reside.  Again, I do not want to  draw attention to his simple state, but fancy preferring the draughty old shed to the baking hot comfort of this dwelling.  Anyhow, I know you will want to see more on the Royal Babe who has now made a star appearance.
Owner has been transfixed and nearly let me starve whilst waiting for the happy couple to come out of the now famous doors of the hospital.  we are star struck and always will be.  to come down to earth is hard but watching enders and Luther will do the trick, in the meantime harmony and peace to all.  big love Wonka xx