Saturday, 13 July 2013

sober satdee

Wonka here.   what can I say?  Owner got up and doing but says feels the pain of losing beloved Baba.  Me?  no more fresh fish, possibly some chicken if Owner remembers I like it too, and no more checking on Baba.  Actually I thought I glimpsed him in the next room and heard my biscuits rattle..... yes alright I really miss him too.  Ruggles will get more love and attention now being the stray with the yard pass and all, and we spotted the usurper last night trying to go in the shed (which is Ruggle's domain).  the usurper, who Owner has foolishly named Tinkerbelle, is a pleasant blend of marmalade and brown and white.  It mustn't I repeat mustn't be fed.  Owner went out and came back relatively calm hasn't shouted at me once even when I lashed out by accident this morning.  I usually do that when Owner makes bed too near to me!  Oh no, they singing 'bring him home' at that coronation thingy in back garden buck palace, I preferred Granada had more swing.  this too sad and Owner might get maudlin.  it's ok, soon be our beloved Dale inittowinit and then the security blanket of Cazualtee.  Must check on Owner.  big love Wonka x